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Girls Are Going Clubbing Wearing Only Duct Tape And We Don't Know Where To Look
Just when you thought there was no trumping Kylie Jenner's most risqué night-out outfit, the Black Tape Project struts its way into our lives and we don't quite know what to make of it. In short, the...
This Blue Ikea Bag Jockstrap Will Haunt Your Dreams
Most of us have items from Ikea spread throughout our homes, so why not have it under our clothes too? This Ikea bag jockstrap is the latest thing making the rounds on Instagram and, while we feel like it has the potential to ruin our genitals beyond repair, we're still keen to try one...
Little Mix Style Evolution
Little Mix Style Evolution
You Can Pay £350 To Pretend You Went To Glastonbury With Nordstrom's Mud Jeans
Welcome to 2017: the year you don't need to buy festival tickets as fashion is bringing the mud to your front door. Nordstrom appear to be pitting themselves against Topshop in a bid to claim the who-can-design-the-most-ridiculous-jeans crown with their latest reinvention of classic denim...
ASOS Have Apparently Ripped Off A Fashion Designer's Leather Jacket
You'd think a fashion brand as big as ASOS would have enough new, innovative designs of their own without having to poach a small designer's work, but clearly not, if their latest leather jacket is anything to go by...
Ikea Have Responded To Balenciaga's Copycat Blue Tote Bag & It's Savage
If you reckon Balenciaga's bright blue leather tote looks familiar, then you're right as it looks very similar to a certain Swedish retailer famous for its moreish meatballs: Ikea. Ah I despair. But Ikea have seen the funny side and clapped back in the best way...
Topshop's Latest "Jeans" Are An Abomination To Trousers Everywhere
It seems that these days Topshop are on a mission to make us stress-cry every time we internet shop. The latest in a long line of sartorial faux pas is the "MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans", which are, in fact, not jeans at all, but a transparent plastic nightmare...
Urban Outfitters Were Caught Selling A Primark Shirt With A MASSIVE Hike In Price
The prices at Urban Outfitters are so high that we need a check up from the doctor just to step foot inside of the door. One look at those price tags and we're hyperventilating, because pretty much the only thing we can afford in there is a birthday card, and even then it's a stretch...
Half Jeans Are The Latest Fashion Trend We Don't Understand
Coachella is a breeding ground for up-and-coming fashion trends, and this year did not disappoint. Besides plenty of celebs opting for a nearly naked look, the standout 'fashun' statement from this year's festival is...
Jeans With A Window To Your Butt Are The Rear View We Never Wanted To Have
Ripped jeans are officially old news guys. Gone are the days of flashing your hairy knee caps, that kind of prudish behaviour just won't cut it anymore. No. Thanks to Vetements, we've got to make way for jeans with a window for your butt or else, risk being left behind forever...
Your Future H&M Outfit Could Be Made From Poo!
Nope, this is not a drill, your clothes really are just a few cow pats away from being eco-friendly on a whole new level. As part of their plan to be 100 per cent sustainable by 2040, H&M will start selling clothes made of cow's manure and we have so many questions...
These Heels For Babies Are Every Parent's Nightmare
'I just want my baby to be an inch taller in photos', said no mother ever. In the latest fashion faux-pas news, heels for babies have arrived and they're as heinous as they sound, if not worse. Unsurprisingly...
Jewellery For Your Teeth Is Coming Back In A Big Way
Remember way back in the 90s, when we were listening to the Spice Girls on repeat and sporting pencil-thin eyebrows? Ahh, those were the days. If, like me, you are missing pretty much everything about the 1990s...
Period Blood-stained Leggings Are Being Sold And There's Just No Need
The humble period seems to be this week's hot topic - first came the news that the tax we pay on tampons and other sanitary products is being used to fund an anti-abortion charity and now we bring you some menstrual-themed fashion...
We Are Very Confused About This ASOS Top
Another day, another sartorial trend for us to cringe at. This time it comes from old faithful ASOS, who have thrown up a few dodgy looks as of late. If you've ever wanted to combine cute and tough into one item of clothing then don't bother - ASOS have already done it for you...
Gucci's Trying To Make Sock Sandals Happen & They're 100% Not Going To Happen
For years we've been told there's a few things in fashion we should avoid at all costs. Wearing leggings as trousers is one, socks with sandals is another but now, according to Gucci, it's time we gave the all-in-one latex socks and heels a chance...
This Urban Outfitters Crop Top Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Our Boobs
As if flashing your non-existent abs wasn't daunting enough, someone at Urban Outfitters has now come up with a whole new fresh crop top hell by making it, well, small enough to fit a mouse or a barbie...
This Woman Was Sent Home From An Interview With Boots For Being Dressed 'Inappropriately'
A woman has been turned away from a shop-floor interview at Boots for being dressed inappropriately - the outfit in question? Shirt, skirt and tights. Sigh. Prepare to do some major eye rolling, folks...
You Can Now Buy Camel Toe Knickers And They'll Give You The Hump
While the dreaded camel toe is regarded as the ultimate fashion faux pas by many, the bigger the female bulge, the better according to the latest underwear trend sweeping across Asia. Just when you thought the shibue i...
Oscars 2017: The Best Dressed Stars From Last Night's Ceremony
Oscars 2017: The Best Dressed Stars From Last Night's Ceremony
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