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The 2014 MTV VMAs: The Best & Worst Dressed
While we were trying to make the most of our Bank Holiday without getting drenched, there was an entirely different kind of storm going down over in LA. The 2014 MTV VMAs saw music's biggest names walk the red carpet on Sunday night...
What To Wear If You Have Short Legs: Style Rules To Grow Your Stems
If you weren't blessed with mile long legs and can't imagine living in heels there's no need to panic. Just because you have short legs doesn't mean everyone has to know! If you know what to wear, you can instantly add a few inches to your bottom half...
What To Wear If You're Pear-Shaped - The Style Secrets Every Pear Shaped Girl NEEDS To Know
If only the world were a perfect place where we all looked like Jennifer Lawrence. *Sighs* Since it's not, we're forced to face our imperfections on a daily basis. For pear-shaped girls the struggle comes with finding pieces that perfectly complement their amazing hips...
What To Wear On A First Date: Style Secrets Every Woman Should Know
By a show of hands, who here HATES first dates? Pretty much everyone, right? Thought so. It's usually a hot, steaming pile of awkward that you want to end before it even begins. Not only are you tasked with wowing 'em with your charm and wit, you have to NAIL your outfit...
Brit Girl Fashion: The Style Rules To Live By
Ask anyone to define British style and they’ll no doubt give you answers like cray, eccentric and throw-on. Brit girl fashion has always been acclaimed for its fun and fearless approach and in true homage to that we’re giving you a fast track lesson in how to dress like Britain's fashion finest...
What To Wear To Meet The Parents: Rules For The Perfect Outfit
First impressions are EVERYTHING. Especially when you're meeting his family. One hemline too short and you'll forever be remembered as that girl. So instead of driving yourself completely insane trying to pick the perfect outfit...
What To Wear If You Have Small Breasts - The Style Secrets You NEED To Know
Being a woman with a small bust is both a gift and a curse. While you can get away with wearing clothes that women with bigger breasts can't, it does have its limitations. The key here is making the most of your fine figure and highlighting your best parts...
Teen Choice Awards 2014 : The Best & Worst Dressed
The Teen Choice Awards might be a celebration of the biggest stars in music and film but here at Sofeminine HQ we can't help but get majorly hyped about the outfits. From Taylor Swift's sexy separates to Kendall Jenner's H-O-T white jumpsuit...
What To Wear If You Have Small Breasts - The Style Secrets You NEED To Know
Being a woman with a small bust is both a gift and a curse. While you can get away with wearing clothes that women with bigger breasts can't, it does have its limitations. The key here is making the most of your fine figure and highlighting its best parts...
Are Pool Masks About To Become A Thing? Let's Hope Not
The fashion industry is always looking for new ways to shock, surprise, and appall us. And you know what? They're damn good at it. Because here we were on this beautiful day, minding our business, when we came across pool masks...
Fashion Trends AW14: 10 Trends That Are About To Take Over Your Wardrobe
We're trying not to get ahead of ourselves, there's still sunny days and real tans ahead of us yet, but it's never too early to look at what style staples we'll be wearing next. Here's our shortlist of the 10 trends about to take over your wardrobe this AW14...
What to Wear If You're Apple Shaped - Style Secrets You NEED To Know
Women are beautiful no matter what shape or size we come in. However, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy enhancing and showcasing our best assets. For the apple shaped woman, it's important to dress in a manner that balances out your figure...
What To Wear If You Have An Hourglass Figure - Style Secrets You NEED To Know
You women with an hourglass figure are usually the envy of all the land. You serve up an enviable dose of va-va-voom without batting an eyelash. While it's undeniable that you have rocking bodies, it doesn't mean you don't struggle with fashion dilemmas like the rest of us...
London Street Style July 2014
Check out the latest London street style edit for all your outfit inspiration!
What Every Girl Needs In Her Panty Draw. Period.
Three young women have come up with the only invention that matters. No, it's not a fancy tablet or a smarter smartphone - it's period panties. Yup, Radha and Miki Agrawal and Antonia Dunbar designed stain-resistant underwear that can combat even the heaviest flow...
Genius Or Just Plain Creepy? New Panties Come With A Vagina For Your Vagina
Calling all girls who were too cool for school and missed anatomy class; it's time to REJOICE! There are now nude briefs emblazoned with a very detailed diagram of your vagina. Yes, you read that correctly...
J.Crew's Triple-Zero Is A Big SCREW YOU To Body Image
Tiny women have a hard time searching for clothes and we're not allowed to complain about it because, well, the obvious - and I get that. However, every petite girl knows shopping for jeans, shorts and skirts is a serious struggle...
What To Wear If You're Petite: The Fashion Rules Every Petite Girl NEEDS To Know
That feeling of desperately wanting an article of clothing and realizing it doesn't quite fit the way you need it to? Seriously the worst. So petite girls, believe us, we completely empathise with your plight...
Michelle Keegan Reveals Diet Secrets As She Debuts Her First Ever Lipsy Collection
Guys love her. Girls wanna be her. Life doesn’t get much better when you’re as fashionable (and super lovely) as Michelle Keegan. Post Corrie and fresh onto the style scene, she’s been busy making her fashion debut as Lipsy’s brand ambassador and take it from us, this collection…Not...
The Hottest Celebrity Glasses: 35 Frames You Need To Be Wearing
How to look HAWT in glasses - as shown by celebs.
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