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What If Kanye West Tweets Were Motivational Posters
For anyone who seeks wisdom from the Louis Vuitton Don, here are the wisest words Yeezy has given us in under 140 characters...
21 Things That Always Happen After A Girls Night Out
You've had a great night, but now it has come to an end. Cue the taxis, the greasy food and the lost friends. Here's what we all know to be true post-girls night partying...
Guess Who Came Out On Top? The Definitive Ranking Of The Men Of Sex And The City
In honour of Jack Berger reenacting the infamous post-it breakup at Sundance this week, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and rank the famous men of Sex and the City on a highly scientific worst-to-best scale...
30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch is having a busy time at the moment, what with his many, many nominated awards, his new, lovely fiance Sophie Hunter and of course, the tiny little Cumberbaby on the way! We can't...
10 Of The Cutest Animals You Should Follow On Instagram
You know when you're having a really crappy day and no matter how much your girlfriends try to tell you to chin up nothing seems to be working? Well the only thing that helps in a situation like this is pictures of puppies, kittens and cute furry creatures you didn't even know existed...
Kristen Wiig And Melissa McCarthy Lead The All-Female Cast For The 'Ghostbusters' Reboot
Ghostbusters is one of the most classic comedies of the 80's. So this reboot from the minds of the SNL cast is going to be AMAZING. Why? Because this movie is going to have an ALL female cast. PLOT TWIST...
16 Things People With An Unusual Name Know To Be True
Having an unusual name can be great in many ways. You are unique, you're easy to find on social media, and everyone tends to remember your name (once they've FINALLY worked out how to pronounce it). However, life can be hard on those whose names are a little different...
Adult Jokes From Kids Movies That You Probably Never Noticed
When we're younger, we always found it a little odd when our parents would snort at the movie we were watching. What were they laughing at? Nothing funny had happened, had it? Turns out there was more going on with our favourite movies than we ever imagined...
10 Couples We Adore That Are Actually Really Bad Examples Of Love
There are certain couples that we grew up watching on TV and in movies that we absolutely adored. After all, young girls always grow up watching these "will they or won't they" couples hoping that one day the impossible will happen: the girl actually does get the guy...
17 Signs You’re A Total TV Addict
Do you spend more time glued to your sofa than the cast of Gogglebox? Does keeping up-to-date with your favourite shows require careful planning and attention to detail? If so, you may well be addicted to the screen...
17 Struggles Everyone Who Doesn’t Like Chocolate Will Understand
That sugary, creamy substance may have most of the world drooling, but you're no fool. Chocolate will NEVER be your friend, even though this means life is a daily struggle...
Competition: Win A Kate Spade Watch Worth £175
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, SoFeminine has teamed up with WatchShop.com to offer one of our lucky readers a beautiful heart-shaped timepiece from Kate Spade New York!
12 WhatsApp Experiences You’ve Probably Had
WhatsApp has launched a web-based version of the hugely popular phone app, meaning that you can now chat in the same conversations you've been having on your phone, but on your desktop. *Cough* MSN anyone...
50 Thoughts Every Singleton Has Around Valentine’s Day
It's the same for everyone. Valentine's Day rolls around, and it's the one day a year that none of us singletons are quite emotionally stable (unless you literally couldn't give a sh*t, in which case, kudos!) For the rest of us, here's every thought us single gals have on the day of lurve...
10 Of The Most Pointless Celebrities You Probably Hate
Everyone should treat each other with courtesy, dignity and respect. But sometimes, just sometimes, there is that one person who is like a dog with a bone with the spotlight, who clings to fame in the most heinous...
18 Things Only The Middle Child Knows To Be True
It's tough for the kids stuck in the middle. You're not the revered first born, nor are you the precious baby, leaving you in a strange purgatory where you're constantly called by your siblings names and forgotten on a regular basis...
50 Thoughts Everyone Has After One Too Many
We've all been there. You've had a great night but accidentally just had that one shot more than you can handle. Chaos and eventually hilarious anecdotes ensue. But what's running through your head at the time...
10 Unusual Hobbies To Take Up In 2015
January is always THE time of year to reinvent yourself. So instead of making promises you don't keep or plans you never intend to follow through with, why not throw yourself into something completely unexpected...
The Cutest Toddler Pictures You've Ever Seen
Is there a single little girl who wasn't, at some point, determined to be a Disney princess? These little girls are living out our tiny dreams in this beautiful series of photographs by photographer Myranda Josephson...
A Car Dealership Is Facing The Internet’s Fury After Trying To Have A Pizza Delivery Guy Fired
The Internet can be a mean place, but on occasion something like this happens and totally restores your faith in its power to do good in the world. If we’ve learned anything from this story, it’s that there are some brilliant people on the web...
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What If Kanye West Tweets Were Motivational Posters
21 Things That Always Happen After A Girls Night Out
Guess Who Came Out On Top? The Definitive Ranking Of The Men Of Sex And The City
30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Benedict Cumberbatch
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