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Richard Madden Predicts The Ending Of Game Of Thrones
Richard Madden AKA Robb Stark AKA the man who will forever be the King in the North in all of our hearts revealed to Sofeminine who he thinks will end up on the Iron Throne, and it might surprise you! Check out Richard's predictions for Game of Thrones...
Reasons You Should NEVER Go Out In Central London
We love London so much, but this doesn't mean we should like it's nightlife. Central London tricks you into thinking it's cool before you realise far too late that it is NOT the place to be. Here's why a night out in Soho is a HUGE no-no...
Hot Heroes: Our Favourite Fitties Saving The World
Superhero movies are becoming increasingly popular, and it's not hard to work out why. Classic good vs evil stories, brilliant super villains, amazing CGI effects. However, there is one thing that beats them all, and that is the dashingly wonderful leads...
Zayn Malik Has Officially Left One Direction
Zayn Malik has officially decided to leave One Direction. The decision was announced on the band's official Facebook page not long after the 22-year-old recently decided to take a break from the tour due to 'stress'...
Top TV: Why You Need To Be Watching HBO’s Girls Already
With it's fourth season finally available for digital download, we're still all about HBO's brilliant comedy, Girls. Created by Lena Dunham, the show follows the lives of four girls and they go through the often hilarious trials and tribulations of being a twenty-something in New York City...
Top TV: The Best Quotes From Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a huge hit, and for good reasons. Full of hilarious characters, brilliant one-liners and the musical stylings of one Tituss Andromedon, there's a reason that we have been quoting every single episode...
Game of Thrones TV Show Officially Going To Spoil The Books
Ah George RR Martin. We all love you deeply, and will never be able to thank you enough for bringing this world of sex, dragons and horrifically violent deaths into our lives, but we must not, we CANNOT wait for you any longer...
Dark Lord Funk: The Harry Potter Parody That Everyone Is Talking About
If we had to venture a guess at what tunes Voldemort enjoys listening to in his spare time, we would have gone for Gregorian chants rather than top 40 funk. However, it looks like the Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson jam is universally loved, even by darkest of wizards...
Cheapest Guy On The Planet Returns Condoms After Date Bails
Any girl who enjoys a good shopping spree knows that it is of life-or-death importance to keep receipts from your most recent purchases. Who knows if you're going to wake up in a few weeks and realise that tangerine coloured poncho was actually a horrendous idea...
21 Pictures To Make Your Day Instantly Happier
Today is the International Day of Happiness, which means that sadness is NOT allowed. So in order to get the laughs (and perhaps even happy tears) flowing, here are all the pictures to need to make your day that much brighter...
30 Of The Finest Man Buns In The World
Man Buns, much like the blue/black/white/gold dress debacle, have divided opinions worldwide. Some think they are the heavenly locks of Mount Olympus and are to be therefore worshipped like the Gods of old, whilst others think they deserve to brutally chopped off and never spoke of again...
Why The Hogwarts Express At Warner Bros. Studio Tour Is Every Potter Fan’s Dream Come True
Whether you have already been and spent three glorious hours looking at every detail of the Harry Potter universe or you are still saving up sickles to make the trip, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is an absolute must-see for all HP fans...
25 Songs To Enjoy During The Solar Eclipse
The biggest solar eclipse since 1999 will see the UK plunged into darkness this Friday morning. Since we'll all probably be keeping calm and carrying on, we'd better do it with an AMAZING playlist. Here are the top (and most appropriate) tunes to keep you entertained during the solar eclipse...
30 Disgusting People Who Have Ripped Off Willy Moon's Look
X Factor New Zealand judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon have been fired after bullying contestant Joe Irvine on live TV, claiming his suit and haircut was in direct imitation of Willy Moon’s look. Natalia Kills (her career) said: “I...
20 Of The BEST Feelings You Can Have In Your 20's
Ahh your 20's, a time filled with budget constraints, boozing and a parade of sub-par men. Our problems may seem petty, but I can assure you that to the twenty-something girl scraping to get by, they feel VERY real...
15 Things All Gingers Are Tired Of Hearing
If you were blessed enough to grow up with a head of stunning copper locks, you'll know that people are naturally curious about EVERYTHING. It's probably because redheads are all unicorns and therefore a natural curiosity to others, but here are all the things that get a little tiring...
Advice For Visiting Victoria Secret With Your Partner As Told By This Guy
For all the dutiful partners who agree to go shopping with us, we do understand what we're putting you through, especially when we drag you into lingerie shops. So we've got to say we kind of love this guy's advice for all other men visiting Victoria Secrets...
17 Pieces Of Merchandise That Took Things Too Far
All fandoms get a little carried away, fair enough. T-shirts, key-rings and even the odd baseball cap, we can understand. But what about the creations that even the biggest fan cringes at? What about the merchandise that has just NOTHING to do with the original content...
10 Ways To Treat Your Mum In London This Mother’s Day
All your Mum will really want this Mother's Day is to spend time with you (oh, and diamonds. Always diamonds).
The New Trailer For Pixar’s Inside Out Will Make You Wish It Was Here Already
We’re so ready to hang out with the emotions in Riley’s head. Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear sound AMAZING to hang out with!
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