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  16 Things We Hope Louis Walsh Says This Saturday On The X Factor


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The Definitive Ranking Of X-Men: Days of Future Past Hotness
X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released on Thursday, and yet we have only JUST realised that every single super-powered guy in this movie is...well...beautiful. How did we even miss that?! From vengeful hunks to Taylor Swift's ideal boyfriend, this movie has EVERYONE'S type...
Top Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7: Mockingbird
How are we on episode 7 already? How did this happen? When? Pretty soon it'll be episode 9 and we know all the sh*t will REALLY be hitting the fan. But before then there's plenty to be getting on with...
15 Reasons We Want Our Lives To Be Like A Period Drama
Period dramas are our favourite sort of movie. How could they not be? The old-fashioned customs, the intense, often forbidden love affairs, and, of course, the clothes. The clothes. The release of Belle...
All of the Gold Buttons Have Been Pressed! The Britain Got’s Talent 2014 Best Act Round-Up So Far…
The auditions are still going strong, but all the golden buzzers have been pressed, and we’ve seen some amazing acts go through so far! So if you’ve been watching the show religiously and want a recap of your favourites...
12 Celebrities That Make Plastic Surgery Look Like A REALLY Bad Idea
Plastic surgery seems to be an essential in La La Land, and we know countless rich and famous people who have gone under the knife. A tummy tuck here, lip plumping there, it seems on a par to putting makeup on in the morning! However, unfortunately for some, surgeries don't go quite as planned...
20 Film Endings SO Miserable They Make You Irrationally Angry
We know it's fiction, but have you ever seen a film that ended so, so sadly that you ended up going through every stage of grief before leaving the cinema? An ending that's so miserable you can't believe it...
The Good, The Bad and The Strange: 10 Celebrity Rebound Relationships
There are a few ways to get over a bad break-up: drown you sorrows in chocolate chip ice cream for a while, or move on to your next romance! And in the world of Hollywood, everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats to see who the next fling will be...
5 Of The Best Cannes Film Festival Movies Of All Time
Movie buffs everywhere celebrate! Today is the opening day of the Cannes Film Festival, possibly the most prestigious and certainly the most publicised film festival in the world. Since it’s invitation only and the rest of us can only wait to read all of the rave movie reviews...
Exclusive! Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Married In Secret? Actress Lets Slip She Has A 'Great Husband'
Angelina Jolie is playing Maleficent in the upcoming Disney film, so we spoke with the actress to ask how she manages acting alongside being a mother to six children, why she has always wanted to be a villain (over a princess?! What!) and if Brad Pitt is a real-life Prince Charming...
The Internet's Funniest Reactions To Solange's Attack On Jay-Z
Shocking footage of Beyonce’s sister Solange aggressively attacking Jay-Z in an elevator hit the Internet yesterday. Since it was surprising to say the least, it wasn't too long before the Internet had their say (let's face it - we had a field day with it)...
15 Celebrities Who Hate Being Famous
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Robert Pattinson truly hates being a celebrity. But unfortunately today is his 28th birthday (13th May), so dammit we WILL celebrate his fame! Anyway, he isn't the only fame-complainer...
Top 7 Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6: The Laws of Gods And Men
Game of Thrones. Why do you play with our emotions the way you do? You know we hate it, and since Tyrion's trial is curiously reminiscent of Ned's arrest back in season 1 (corruption, false promises, a fan favourite on the way to the chopping block etc)...
Why We Can't WAIT For The Inbetweeners 2
The first trailer for The Inbetweeners 2 has finally made it online, and despite it only being a minute long, it already looks amazing. Will, Jay, Simon and Neil have gone to Australia and we couldn't be more excited...
Celebrities Who Look So Identical They Could Be Twins
Celebrity land is by-and-large full of beautiful and talented people, but once upon a time, we thought they were all unique as well. It looks like we were mistaken! Now we've seen these celebrities with their doppelgangers, we're not so sure...
Why In The Flesh Is The Best Programme You’re Probably NOT Watching
Season 2 of the BAFTA winning British zombie series In The Flesh premiered on BBC this week, bringing us back to the world of the deceased Kieren Walker and his zombie-related angst. Since the show has been critically praised and fans will turn rabid to anyone who disses it...
34 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Watching The Notebook
It's been ten years this month since The Notebook first choked us up. It might be a bittersweet sob-fest of a film, but for some reason us girls will watch it over and over again. Maybe it's because we like a good cry or dammit maybe we just need a hit of Ryan Gosling...
The Definitive Ranking Of Celebrity Power Couples
What is it about power couples that is so fascinating? Is it that their lives and relationships seem utterly perfect? Is it the enjoyment of seeing two people we think we know falling in love? Is it the glimpses of their relationships that we see onscreen or in songs...
Does Mila Kunis Have A Glass Eye? 45 Of The Strangest Celebrity Google Searches...
The Internet is a weird and wonderful thing, and thanks to Google suggest we can get a teensy glimpse of how people use it - namely to ask funny, random and downright bizarre questions about celebs. Seriously, we would like to meet the people who pondered some of these questions to simply ask why...
Sunglasses Indoors, Queue Jumping and Z List Hangouts: 16 Signs You're A Try Hard
Sometimes we all wish we could live like the rich and famous...The money, the clothes, the fancy events and all those freebies! You'd be mad not to! But what if you're taking your fantasy celeb lifestyle a step too far...
What Do The Boys Of Harry Potter Look Like Now?
Remember when all the little eleven-year-olds sailed to Hogwarts in little boats and they were so small and cute with their little wizard hats? WELL, TIMES CHANGE. These guys are all grown up now, and although some of them have gone down certain unsavoury paths and ended up in prison (cough...
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