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  17 Struggles Of Being A Single Wedding GuestJames Corden's Latest Carpool Karaoke With Gwen Stefani Is Brilliant Jay Z Is Apparently Working On An Album To Tell His Side Of 'Lemonade'21 Things That Only Seasoned Commuters Will KnowGet The Baby Oil Ready! Channing Tatum Announces 'Magic Mike Live'


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'Hot Dudes With Kittens' Is The Only Instagram Page You Need To Be Looking At Right Now
We love it when men do stuff, don't we? Hold the door open for us, play with babies, stand near cute animals. So imagine how happy were we to discover Hot Dudes With Kittens, the Instagram page that's taking over our lives rn...
Adele And James Corden's Singalong For Carpool Karaoke Is EVERYTHING
Can you imagine belting out Adele's tunes in the car? Of course you can because let's face it, all of us do it at least once a week. But what if Adele was actually WITH you, belting out her hits alongside you...
16 Reasons Ginger Girls Are Precious - Like Unicorns
Brunettes and blondes move aside. Ginger girls are here, and they're here to stay. Redheads are rare, gorgeous, mystical creatures who are DAMNED hot. While they may be allergic to the sun, be covered in freckles and have a lower pain threshold than other hair colours...
You Can Now Celebrate Valentine's Day At Hogwarts
The good people over at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour have decided to celebrate the most romantic day of the year by hosting a special Valentine event for two days only. Trust us, it looks like there'll be even more love hearts, chocolates and flowers than in Madam Puddifoot's tea shop...
All The Best Moments From The Golden Globes 2016
And so the Golden Globes are over for another year. All Hollywood awards ceremonies are guaranteed to be a big event, full of surprises, in-jokes, jibes, tears, laughter and, of course, Ricky Gervais offending everyone...
28 Intricate Harry Potter Tattoos That Are Simply Magical
Harry Potter has such a special place is so many peoples heart, and is so full of beautiful language and imagery, so it is hardly surprising that there are so many beautiful tattoos in tribute to series...
David Bowie Dies Aged 69: His Life In Pictures
The popular singer died on Sunday night after an 18-month battle against cancer.
Can We Talk About Channing Tatum For A Minute Please?
Channing Channing Channing. You on fiyaaaaa! You are in your element right now! We're so proud of our Chan that we want to take a few minutes of your time to talk about him. Is that ok? Because he's done a lot of cool stuff over the last ten years...
The BAFTA EE Rising Stars You Should Look Out For This Year
It's always a little bit satisfying when you know about something or someone before the mainstream gets hold of them and the world becomes obsessed. The BAFTA 2016 nominations for the EE Rising Star Award have given a nod to their favourite five newcomers...
Instagram Has Gone Nuts Over The New Grumpy Cat. Meet Angry Pearl.
Alright Grumpy cat. We get that you're grumpy. There's even a movie about how grumpy you are. Just when you realised you needed a new Internet cat to laugh at, along came Angry Pearl, so named for her permanent resting bitch face and ability to stare furiously into your soul...
The Hardest 'Sherlock' Quiz You Will Ever Take
If you're anything like us, that means you are just a wee bit obsessed with BBC's smash hit show, Sherlock. Since we've already rewatched the Christmas special three times and have to wait another entire year for the next series (SERIOUSLY GUYS...
The People's Choice Awards 2016: Our Favourite Looks From The Red Carpet
The People's Choice Awards saw our favourite celebrities dressed up to the nines, and we are drooling over their outfits. This year it looked to be all about the monochrome and the strapless, and let's face it, the stars KILLED it this year...
This Theory About Rey's Parentage In Star Wars Will Blow Your Mind
After watching The Force Awakens, there was one big question we were all asking ourselves: just WHO is Rey? She claims to be 'no one', but she is strong with The Force, has some sort of connection to Luke's lightsaber and can do killer Jedi mind tricks...
Chip Off The Old Block! These Identical Parent/Child Photographs Are Incredible
We all look a little like our parents. Maybe you have your Dad's nose, or your Mum's smile. Maybe you both have the same hair colour. But these parents and their children are different. Let us categorically tell you that these photos go WAY beyond just a couple of similarities...
Twitter Wants To Change Its Word Limit To 10K Characters And People Are Not Having Any Of It
One of the best things about Twitter is that it is short and snappy. Users have to find creative and quippy ways to express themselves in under 140 characters, and the result (mostly) consists of smart, insightful and even very funny moments which are quick to browse and interact with...
These Disney Princesses As Star Wars Characters Are Brilliant
Since Star Wars is the hot thing right now (and also belongs to Disney), it was only a matter of time before we saw our favourite Disney Princesses take on the roles of Jedis, Siths and everything inbetween...
These Photos Of The Rescue Of An Abused Kitten Will Break Your Heart Then Put It Back Together
Before being rescued, poor little Smurf had been badly abused, dyed purple and abandoned in a box on the side of a road in California. After being found, it was thought that the two-month-old kitten had suffered his injuries been used as a chew toy for a dog...
Fans Are Furious After Star Wars' Female Lead Is Left Out Of Toy Range
Star Wars: The Force Awakens has a fantastic storyline and did the original trilogy proud, with a particularly brilliant aspect of the film being that the leading character, Rey, is a kick ass heroine who is neither sexualised nor identified by her gender...
Channing Tatum Lip Synching Frozen's Let It Go Will Make Your Day
If you are hating that you're back at work after a glorious Christmas holidays, cold and tired on your commute and fed up of the same dull work, then we think you need this video. Channing Tatum has once...
"Take Your Money And Get Off My Property." Is This The Worst Come Dine With Me Loser Ever?
It sucks to lose, especially if you have a competitive nature, but it still doesn't quite excuse the sensational outburst from 'Come Dine With Me' contestant Peter, who threw quite the dramatic wobbly after losing out on the grand prize of £1000...
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17 Struggles Of Being A Single Wedding Guest
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