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Star Wars: Episode VII Cast REVEALED!
Finally, the news that everyone has been waiting on pins and needles for: the cast of the upcoming Star Wars flick has been revealed! Director J.J. Abrams has officially announced the return of some old faces and a whole host of newcomes who we will be seeing in this upcoming trip to a galaxy far...
The Best Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4: Oathkeeper
Getting ready for another episode involving the war of words and not much else, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Oathkeeper had plenty up it’s sleeve we didn’t expect, including the big ‘who poisoned Joffrey’ reveal...
The 22 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Watching Game Of Thrones
If you have the bittersweet pleasure of watching Game of Thrones, you'll know that that it is a healthy combination of graphic murders, political intrigue and boobs, and that you might not come away with your emotions intact...
10 Things We'd Be Thinking If Kate Upton Was The Other Woman In Our Lives
At last! The Other Woman is here, and we'll be running to the cinema to see it this weekend. But did you ever stop to think about what would happen if Kate Upton really were The Other Woman in YOUR life? Here are ten thoughts that ran through our minds...
Where Are These Child Actors Now? What Happened To The Children!!!
When you're young, you tend to watch your favourite films over and over again, so no wonder that we look back on our favourite character with plenty of affection. Seeing what these well-loved child stars look like now they're all grown up, is a pretty big shock to the system...
The 27 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Binge-Watching A New Show
If you are anything like us, you've lived through the one crucial weekend where THAT television show essentially became your life. Anything that came between you and it needed to be BROKEN. Let's not...
27 Habits That All British Girls Are Guilty Of
British girls are unlike anyone else. We grew up with the Spice Girls, so we know about girl power. We go out dressed like sparkly princesses, because we know how to look good. We love staying in the pub all day, because we can drink like champions...
Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3: The Breaker of Chains – Has The Show Finally Gone Too Far?
After all of the delightful drama of last week (BYE JOFF), it was to be expected that this would be an episode of words over actions, but despite the slow tempo of this episode, The Breaker of Chains still managed to fit in a siege...
Why Phil Dunphy From Modern Family Should Be Your Everything
We don’t know about you, but our long Easter weekend is going to consist of eating chocolate, napping, and watching Modern Family. Since we fall in love with Phil Dunphy with the passion of a thousand suns every time we watch the show...
What Mrs Doubtfire Taught Us About Being A Horrible Parent
We all know the plot of Mrs Doubtfire. A newly divorced man dresses up as a woman to be his ex-wife’s housekeeper so he can continue seeing his children every day. Hilarity ensues. HOWEVER, in the light of the announcement that there will be a Mrs Doubtfire 2...
Happy 40th Birthday Victoria Beckham! Here's Proof That Posh Spice Has The Best Sense Of Humour
The pop star turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham has turned FORTY today - when the hell did that happen!? But despite being married to our hottest national treasure, (kudos VB) she has never managed to escape her ‘misery guts’ rep from her (constant) sour faced pap snaps...
The Worst Celebrity Interviews We Can't Bear To Watch
Celebrities can be pretty smart, funny and naturally have publicists who cultivate their image to perfection, so we can all gush about how fun and down-to-earth they all are. So when things go wrong and interviews backfire, is there anything more satisfying...
Why Lee Ryan Really Needs To Stop Being Famous Now
Lee Ryan has been winding us up ever since he went on Celebrity Big Brother and had painfully obvious showmances with Casey Batchelor, then Jasmine Waltz, then Casey Batchelor (again), then Jasmine Waltz (also again)...
16 Topless Celebrity Moments We're SO Grateful For
Why? Because it’s Tuesday, we can’t stop thinking about Zac Efron’s abs at the MTV Awards, and if we’re going to do something fun it may as well involve drooling over half-naked, beautiful men. It would be a shame to let all of those hours at the gym go to waste after all...
WATCH: The First Trailer For Gone Girl Is Here!
We couldn't have been more excited when we heard that 2012's best selling novel Gone Girl was to be adapted into a movie, and from the first trailer it looks like the dark and unsettling tone of the thriller has been adapted perfectly for the big screen...
Happy Birthday Emma Watson! Why Emma Is Our Ultimate Celebrity Crush
Emma Watson’s most recent role in Noah has brought the Harry Potter star back to the forefront of our minds (and hearts), and in a few of her recent interviews her casual comments about fashion, relationships...
Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2: The Lion and the Rose Recapped - Westeros Wedding Traditions
SPOILERS AHEAD! So it looks like we’re all sobbing over Game of Thrones again. But this time, these aren’t tears of sadness. These are tears ecstatic, triumphant bliss because hey, we always get choked up at weddings (LOL)...
The 10 Best Moments From The Mad Men Season 7 Premiere
SPOILERS AHEAD! Last night, the much-anticipated season 7 premiere of Mad Men finally premiered. In typical Mad Men fashion, the episode left us bewildered, beguiled, and wanting so much more. Here are our 10 favorite moments...
Why The Fault In Our Stars' Ansel Elgort Is Our New Crush!
He shows up in two of our most anticipated films back-to-back - no wonder Ansel Elgort has completely stolen our hearts! This Hollywood newcomer has us head over heels, and it's easy to see why...
10 OMG! Moments From Coachella 2014
We're going to go ahead and call it: Coachella 2014 is already the best in the music festival's history! From the onslaught of stylish A-list celebs to crazy unexpected performances, we were barely able to keep up and contain our excitement...
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