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This German Christmas Advert Will Make You Feel All The Emotions
If you thought John Lewis was a tearjerker, this German Christmas advert is a blub-fest waiting to happen but also really, really disturbing at the same time. You'll see.
30 Surprising Teetotal Celebs Who Make Us Consider Giving Up Alcohol (Almost)
We don't know about you, but a severe lack of funds and exhaustion over the Christmas period means that staying away from the booze has never seemed so appealing. And despite what you might think of celeb land, you're not alone - being teetotal has never been so cool...
42 Celebrities And Their Adorable Pooches, Just Because
Fame is a fickle game, which is why most celebrities rely on their trusty four-legged friends for company. A dog is man's best friend and celebrities are no exception. Whether they accompany their famous friend to work...
We Merged The Faces Of William And Kate Using A Face Detector To See If It Looks Like Princess Charlotte
Babies, man. They're so cute. And let's be honest, they don't come much cuter than Princess Charlotte. She's the spitting image of Wills and Kate isn't she. OR IS SHE? We morphed the faces of Britain's...
16 Things That Are Less Painful Than Black Friday
The idea Black Friday must have seemed so great at first. One day of massively slashed prices just in time for Christmas so you can buy all of your prezzies without breaking the bank. Perfect, right? Unfortunately...
QUIZ: Which Weasley Sibling Are You?
The Weasleys are an odd bunch. Although all seven of them were raised by the same loving parents (oh hey Arthur and Molly, how's life?), they all turned out really, really different. From the elusive Charlie to the easily angered Ron...
15 Reasons Muppets Christmas Carol Is The Only Movie You Need To Watch This Christmas
When Christmas rolls around, there are so many movie we have all watched time and time again. Love Actually, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas are all great, sure! But Muppets Christmas Carol is different...
40 Stunning Bookshelves Which'll Make Book Lovers Go Weak At The Knees
When you're a big fan of books but have no space to put them anywhere, it can get seriously frustrating. If you're the sort of person whose books tend to be in piles on your floor, your bedside table and probably your underwear drawer...
The Voice Of Arnold From Hey Arnold! Is A Glorious Hipster And We Are In Love
We've just discovered the voice of Arnold from Hey Arnold! has an Instagram profile, and football head he AIN'T. Lane Toran voiced Arnold for season one of our favourite Nickelodeon show, and he is still actor and a composer to boot...
8 Things We Learned Watching The Captain America: Civil War Trailer
Ever since we heard that Cap and Iron Man were having a big ole’ fall out in the third instalment of the Captain America franchise, we have been eagerly awaiting news about why the pair have to go to head to head...
10 Reasons You Need To Binge-Watch Jessica Jones Already
The new superhero drama Jessica Jones dropped on Netflix last Friday and if you didn't spend all weekend binge-watching it you seriously need to catch up. Although having a social life is great and everything...
WATCH: The First Trailer For Disney's Zootropolis Looks Just Brilliant
Animated Disney films have been on such a good run at the moment. From Big Hero 6 to Frozen, it seems like they can do no wrong as they have made us laugh, cry and get truly sick of the anthem of 6-year-olds everywhere: Let it go...
The First Poster For Game Of Thrones Season 6 Confirms Jon Snow Lives...But How Did He Survive?
The fans of the immensely popular HBO show Game of Thrones finally caught up with the book readers at the end of season 5, which saw Jon Snow betrayed by his brothers of the Night Watch and stabbed to death...
A Definitive Ranking Of This Year's Christmas Adverts
Christmas adverts signal the beginning of the festive season. They make us laugh, cry, and spend all our hard-earned cash on stuff we don't really need. It's the best! But this year, in the battle of the ads, will John Lewis still come out on top...
Adele Is The Only Person Who Can Unite Us All
American comedy show Saturday Night Live have given us definitive proof that Adele is the only person on the planet whom everyone can agree on. Your political opinions might be very different, you might disagree with each other's life decisions, but once Adele is on you forget all that...
​The Definitive Ranking Of Depressing Companion Exits On Doctor Who
So this week Clara left Doctor Who in a blaze of glory (lol jk, she was killed by a bird), and it honestly might have been the most pointless, heartbreaking companion exit yet. We all knew it was coming with her increasing recklessness over the last few episodes...
So...What Did Adele's Ex-Boyfriend Actually Do?
Adele is flawless. She's the refreshing voice in a sea of mindless pop, the one we turn to when our hearts are broken (or we just want to scream Rolling in the Deep during Karaoke). But time and time again we've heard that her songs are inspired by a particular ex-boyfriend...
Jennifer Lawrence Had To Get Drunk Before Her Sex Scenes With Chris Pratt
Just close your eyes and dream with us for a moment. Imagine that you were Chris Pratt's love interest in a film. Imagine you had to kiss him AS PART OF YOUR JOB. Would you try to remember every moment then feverishly write about it in your diary...
Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year Is The Crying Laughing Emoji And We Are DONE
Oxford, one of the most famous, established and intelligent Universities in the world, just announced that their 'word of the year' is the tear of joy emoji. Yes, this year the powers that be have declared that the word of the year isn't actually a word...
WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Biggest Supermodel In The World In The New Zoolander 2 Trailer
In what looks to be his most hilarious (and sexy) role to date, we had a glimpse at Benedict Cumberbatch starring as the biggest supermodel in the world in the latest Zoolander 2 trailer. Sporting a long black wig and no eyebrows, the man looks like an androgynous angel...
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