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15 Things We Learned From Chatting To The Guardians of the Galaxy Cast
We chatted to the Guardians of the Galaxy cast Chris Pratt (Peter Quill/Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Vin Diesel (Groot), Dave Bautista (Drax) and Karen Gillan (Nebula) about their upcoming sci-fi blockbuster...
The Most Beautiful Coming Out EVER: See Stunning Photos of Trans Model, Andreja Pejic
Andrej who? The devastatingly gorgeous model has come out as transgender. Even before her transition, Andreja's cheek bones, powerful stare, and lithe figure made her a perfect muse for designers and photographers...
We Thought These Were Just Pretty Paintings... Then They Blew Our Minds!
These aren't your ordinary works of art. Artist Alexa Meade has caused quite a stir by creating walking talking portraits. Totally unlike your average artist, Alexa had the innovative idea to turn real people into pieces of art...
Why Guardians Of The Galaxy Is The Best Marvel Film So Far
Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers and their sequels may be funny, witty and have stunning starring leads (hey Chris Hemsworth) not to mention the billions they grossed at the Box Office, but...
16 Brilliant Things This Year’s Comic Con Gave To Nerds Everywhere
San Diego's Comic Con is an exciting time for nerds everywhere, because even if you can't geek out in those famed hallowed halls, it's still hard not to be caught up in all of the brand new trailers, cast announcements, blooper reels, and panel banter that comes out of the SDCC...
22 Stages Girls Go Through At A Beyoncé Concert
After spending one of our Friday nights at Beyoncé and Jay Z's On The Run concert, we can officially say you have NOT lived until you've seen Queen Bey live in action. There's literally nothing in life that will ever compare...
Why Every Toddler Should See This Doctor For Their Shots
You know the usual routine when you take a toddler to get their vaccinations? Screaming? Unrelenting sobs of pain? Wide-eyed terror that seems to say 'HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?' You should have gone to this guy! Watch what happens when this toddler gets his shots, it’s just brilliant...
Dog Faints With Happiness When Reunited With His Owner, And It’s Simply Adorable
The simply adorable dog, named Casey, was so excited to see her owner for the first time in two years that she squeals with happiness before coming over all faint and passing out, much to her confusion...
20 Stages Girls Go Through When Getting A Haircut
Let's face it, haircuts are terrifying. But when the summer humidity arrives and your split ends start multiplying by the second, it may be time to MAN UP and say so-long to your beloved locks. Not before going completely batsh*t crazy though...
Shakira's Hits Sung By Oxford Students Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today
Seemingly scouting for roles in Pitch Perfect 2, the students of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University have released a music video of their cover of Shakira’s greatest hits, a capella style. Opinion is currently out on whether this video is awesome or just plain uncomfortable...
This Incredible Father Daughter Dance Routine Will Make Your Day
Check out this little girl and her dad doing THE most amazing dance routine to Ariana Grande’s Problem. We've got to say it, learning your daughter’s long-winded dance routine to a post-Disney star’s pop song is some seriously good parenting...
23 Fifty Shades Of Grey Quotes That Will Be God-Awful In The Movie
Now that the 50 Shades of Grey trailer is out, we're not sure if we're quite ready for the film version of the novel full of 'Holy Cow's!' and 'inner goddesses'. The banter between Christian Grey and...
16 Times Mindy Kaling Proved She Is One Of Us
Mindy Kaling of The Office and The Mindy Project fame is pretty much an updated version of Bridget Jones, and as such we completely adore her. As a rom com loving, Mr-Darcy-obsessed thirty-something who understands the quintessential importance of dating rules...
The Most WTF Sentences From Blake Lively's New Site, Preserve.us
Blake Lively's lifestyle site launched yesterday evening and the reviews are mixed. We respect her entrepreneurial spirit, and we're sure her Gossip Girl fans will buy up all the cute, Free People-esque clothes in the shop...
Are These The Most Amazing Street Art Pictures Of All Time?
Sometimes, it's just monotony (or the fact we're in a damn rush) that prevents us from appreciating the details of our everyday environment. But, imagine if what you thought was just your usual dull, grey, cityscape was actually made up of hundreds of hidden works of art...
16 Ways Prince George’s Life Is So Much Better Than Ours
Happy 1st Birthday Prince George! What a year it's been for the bambino since he was born and declared the future King of us all. Now that One is finally one, we've reviewed his Royal Chubbiness's first...
Builders Call Out To Women On Their Way To Work. Trust Us, It’s Not What You Think
When these women made their way to work, they must have thought the builders were catcalling them, but it turns out that the construction men were actually shouting empowering statements, much to the women’s delight...
21 Things That Went Down At EVERY Primary School
We tend to think back to the days of school as the best years of our life, but were they? Really? If you think about it, there were some serious fallbacks to being in Primary School, namely never being chosen for Heads Down Thumbs Up and having your tamagotchi die on you...
Advice The Game Of Thrones Cast Would Give To Their Characters
The huge Game of Thrones ensemble may be made up of characters whose traits range from conniving, power-hungry, sociopathic and generally f***ed up to honourable, naive, trusting and really, really dumb, but fortunately the cast who play them have a much better idea of how they should behave...
Husband Sends His Wife Spreadsheet Of Every Time She Refused To Have Sex With Him
A miserable Reddit user took to the Internet to share a snarky email from her husband claiming he wouldn’t miss her whilst she was away on a business trip. With his email he attached a spreadsheet that pinpointed every time she denied him sex over the last few weeks...
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17 Signs You’re A Total TV Addict
17 Struggles Everyone Who Doesn’t Like Chocolate Will Understand
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