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Are These Actors The Most Overpaid Of All Time?
Although the highest paid actors are paid millions and millions to star in movies, this price can improve exponentially if they take a percentage of the film’s takings, leading some actors to earn twice or three times their already INSANE fee...
6 New Things We’ve Learned From The Second Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer
The second Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released and not only does it look like everything we LOVE about the Marvel movies, it has also given us a lot more info than the first trailer. Here’s everything we learned from the second Avengers...
Should You Watch The Golden Globe Nominated TV Shows?
The Golden Globes have been and gone already, leaving some ecstatic winners and plenty of gracious (but probably secretly grouchy) losers. It also introduced us to some apparently critically acclaimed shows that, confession time, we hadn’t even heard of...
18 Things That Would Be Totally Different If Harry Potter Was Set In Modern Times
Since Harry's school years took place between 1991 and 1997, naturally plenty of events take place that wouldn't have happened had HP and his friends just had group messaging on Whatsapp. Here's how the Harry Potter series would have been different if set today...
12 Times We Said "F**k It ALL. I Have Exams!"
As if post Christmas blues weren't enough to deal with somebody decides to have uni exams in January. And lets face it, revision sucks ass. So when it comes to getting the job done and getting through this period of er, HELL, sometimes we just gotta let things ride...
Girl Puts Condom Over Her Entire Leg To Prove No Man Is Too Big
Ever heard a guy say he is "too big" to use protection during sex? Well thanks to one Instagram from a Swedish beauty, a condom, and her lengthy stems, we now have proof that "I'm too big" isn't an excuse not to be safe...
17 Kate Middleton Moments That Reminded Us She Is More Than Just A Duchess
Today we celebrate The Duchess of Cambridge's 33rd birthday, but she is SO much more than just her title. As well as being the Nation's darling and mother to the future King of England, here's why we love Kate just that little bit more...
15 Weird And Wonderful Things You Never Knew About Sia
Since the music video to Sia’s Elastic Heart starring Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler (the 12-year-old who danced in the Chandelier music video) is all anyone is able to talk about at the moment, we wanted to look behind the scenes at the insanely talented musician who rarely shows her face...
Crappy New Year? 22 Reasons Why January Is The Worst Month Of All
Ever wonder why January seems so goddamn lonely? From being stuffed up with a cold, dealing with the post Christmas weight gain and feeling like a massive bum, January can really be a pretty tough month for everyone...
16 Signs You’re The Best Betch Of All
What do you call someone who knows exactly what they want, is confident as hell and love teasing themselves, as well as everyone and anyone else? B*tches might be mean, but if you're a BETCH that's a WHOLE different story...
Watch Jimmy Fallon Realise He Had Been On A Blind Date With Nicole Kidman And Didn't Even Know It
Jimmy Fallon had the stunning Nicole Kidman on his show to discuss her new movie Paddington last night, and she brought up the story of the last time they saw each other. Which just so happened to be 10 years ago in Jimmy's apartment...
Benedict Cumberbatch And Sophie Hunter Are Officially Having A Cumberbaby
Representives of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter have now confirmed the rumours that the couple are expecting their first child together. How can we cope knowing we weren’t the ones to give Benedict his firstborn?! Someone hold us...
16 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Harry Potter Fans
Once you read the Harry Potter series a few dozen times and then watch the films more than once, the meanings of words start to differ from the usual non-HP fan folk (the muggles)! Here're the words that have completely different meanings to Harry Potter fans...
14 Reasons Why Eddie Redmayne Is EVERYTHING
33-year-old British actor Eddie Redmayne is quite the man of the moment. His role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything has been critically acclaimed, giving him the Best Actor Oscar nod, and we couldn't be more excited for him...
What The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Look Like In Real Life
When you are an actor playing a person in prison, the look is simple. No makeup, no fancy hair, and standard, bland, beige clothes. It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, so we wanted to know...
10 New Year Resolutions We Know We Are Inevitably Going To Fail
A New Year means a new beginning. It's time for you to reinvent yourself, to be better in 2015 than your 2014 self. Your 2014 self was lazy, greedy and boring. Your 2015 self is going to be interesting, fit and...
10 Real Life Lessons We Learned From Frozen
So we all know that Disney movies have been getting lots of flack over the years for their habit of giving young girls the wrong message about love and self esteem. So Disney decided to come back guns blazing with the worldwide hit Frozen...
Why Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Child Is Probably The Luckiest Baby Of All Time
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have welcomed their first child together just before the New Year. Although the baby's sex and name are yet to be revealed, Us Weekly stated that: "The baby came early but everyone is happy and healthy...
Patrick Schwarzenneger Tagged Miley Cyrus In An Instagram And It Was Hilarious
Now that Patrick Schwarzenneger and Miley Cyrus are social media official, we have been pretty impressed with how low key they've been on the Instagram front. It is Miley Cyrus after all, we have learned to expect the unexpected...
17 Things All Book Nerds Know To Be True
For all those people who would rather stay in and finish that book than go on a night on the town or waste their wages in Waterstones, this is all for you...
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Guess Who Came Out On Top? The Definitive Ranking Of The Men Of Sex And The City
30 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Benedict Cumberbatch
10 Of The Cutest Animals You Should Follow On Instagram
Kristen Wiig And Melissa McCarthy Lead The All-Female Cast For The 'Ghostbusters' Reboot
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