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Celebrities Who Have Been Sued For The Most Ridiculous Reasons
Celebrities live in a whole other world to the rest of us, which naturally means that not only do they have the fame and fortune that we could only dream of, they are also prone to be sued for anything and everything from casino chips to chicken theft...
Ricky Gervais Is Absolutely Owning Trophy Hunters And It Is Fantastic
Ricky Gervais has always been a strong advocate for animal rights, and has previously spoken out about issues including against black bear fur used as hats for the Queen's Guard, fox hunting and bullfighting...
The Reported Shortlist For Spiderman Is Here!
Since it was announced that the Marvel Universe was to finally include Spiderman (yes! YESSS!), we said a quick, tearful goodbye to Andrew Garfield and have been waiting to find out who would fill Spidey's lycra suit next...
WATCH: Robert Downey Jr Walks Out Of An Interview Like An Absolute Champ
We all know that Robert Downey Jr has a rocky past. After struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and that one stint in prison, it's fair to say that Hollywood's highest paid actor has turned his life around in a BIG way...
25 Of The Best True Detective Memes On The Internet
It's hard to imagine what you did in your free time before you could spend hours contemplating who was the Yellow King, trying to find Carcosa on Google maps, and imagining what it would have been like to have Rust Cohle as your philosophy teacher...
This Video Shows Why We Should Love Children For Who They Are
French singer HollySiz's latest music video The Light has an important message (as well as being a TUNE). Let's just say after you've watched this, you'll appreciate how important it is to let you're child be themselves, no matter what...
50 Cross Stitch Patterns To Show Off Your Personality
We're not sure how or when it happened, but cross stitch patterns are now cool. There's something so appealing about combining pop culture with a hobby usually associated with little old ladies. Here are our favourite cross stitch patterns with that modern edge...
10 Ingenious Signs To Take To A Marathon
The Boston Marathon took place this week, and whilst we applaud the amazing and inspirational runners who took on the 26.2 mile race, we are also seriously impressed by some of the signs the supporters had thought up of to motivate everyone taking part...
Shocking Statistics That Prove Hollywood Is Still Extremely Sexist
It turns out that being a female in the film industry is about as popular as being a Justin Bieber fan over the age of 40. You would think given that there is a Best Actor AND Best Actress categories at the Oscars...
20 Reasons Emma Watson Is Our Spirit Animal
THE original Hermione Granger and face of the modern feminist movement: Emma Watson recently turned 25. Besides being quite possibly the most charming thing to ever come out of the Harry Potter series...
Has Kate Middleton Gone Into Labour?
It looks like it's finally happening! Early reports say that Kate Middleton has gone into hospital with Royal Baby number two.
What We Learned From Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2: The House of Black and White
It happens in every season of GoT: there is always that one episode that is a little slow, is chock-full of dialogue with little action and we all walk away feeling well, just a little underwhelmed. These are the episodes that we...
15 TV Shows Every Girl Is Guilty Of Watching
We've all done it. Started watching a show we know is lame, tacky and bad for us, and yet we watch it anyway. But let's face it: guilty pleasure TV is the best, so here are our favourite chick flicks for the silver screen we hate to admit that we love...
Is Technology Ruining Your Dinnertime? Try This!
We know that kids love their technology, and why shouldn't they? We're all pretty glued to our phones/tablets/laptops ourselves aren't we? However, if technology is taking over dinner time in your home, this is when children of the digital age must be stopped...
8 Reasons You Need To Watch Netflix’s Daredevil
Daredevil is the latest edition to the Marvel universe, and in true, wondrous Netflix style we have been gifted with all season one's episodes in one go. No adverts to get in our way, no promos for the next episode...
This Girl Looks Exactly Like Disney Characters After These Amazing Makeup Transformations
YouTube user Dope2111 has a talent, a magical gift if you will. With just a wave of her magic wand (also known as make up brushes), she can transform herself to look like a host of different Disney characters, with each more just as convincing at the last...
This Girl Band Looks Pretty Tame, But Just Wait Till You Hear Them Play
When we were younger, we tended to copy our favourite pop stars. Atomic Kitten, Spice Girls and S Club 7 were common across the playground. So when we saw this girl band start playing, our first thought was that we were going to hear some sort of Katy Perry Taylor Swift mash-up...
20 Things American Men Said About Kate Middleton's Hotness
Every girl knows that Kate Middleton is the toast of England, she's basically perfect and the closest us Disney lovers will ever come to having a real princess to idolise. Her clothes, her loving man...
Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere: The Wars To Come Review
Tiny castles rise from the ground, their cogs turning. A weirwood tree sprouts it’s red leaves. A lift ascends a wall of ice. A burning wheel of fire emblazoned with a lion, a stag, a dragon and a wolf turns in the sky as the violins play and the drummer’s drum...
The ULTIMATE Game of Thrones Recap Before Season 5
Alright everyone, where were we?! Game of Thrones season 5 is just DAYS away so if you're having trouble recalling where everyone was at by the end of season 4, or you’re just being forced to watch it for the first time by your rabid fangirl of a boyfriend/friend/next door neighbour...
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