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Arrested Development Season 5? 15 Reasons Why There HAS To Be Another Season
Will Arnett recently revealed that Arrested Development will be coming back for another season, and we couldn't be more excited! He said: "It's going to happen, we don't know when, but it's happening...
How To Get Abs In 20 Seconds: The InstaSecret Every Girl Needs To Know
Do you ever see those before and after photos and feel ever-so-slighty jealous and guilty, mainly because you have a bag of cookies on your desk while whoever is sharing their snaps is taking care of themselves and looking fantastic...
Meet The Cat Who Has Beaten You At Life
In only 4 months, Nala the cat has achieved more than we have in our entire lives. Not only was she rescued from the clutches of death, but she has become an Instagram mega-star with over ONE MILLION followers, her own merchandise all while promoting awareness for animal welfare...
16 Severus Snape Quotes That Prove He Is The Best Harry Potter Character
We think it’s fair to say that Snape is universally adored. Probably on account of his fabulous hair and b*tchin' dress sense but mostly due to his complete and utter sass on all subjects (except with Lily of course, but let’s not go there right now)...
The Best Twitter Account Of All Time. Why My Cat Is Sad
Try to answer any of life's BIG questions and our guess is you'll either end up confused, in an argument or thoroughly depressed. Thankfully, this guy's cat is asking all those existential questions so you don't have to...
RIP Robin Williams: His Most Memorable Moments
Whether it was playing a wild man trapped in a board game, a hyperactive blue genie, an adult Peter Pan or an elderly Scottish dame, Robin Williams had an utterly unique talent for entertaining and was truly one of a kind...
15 Reasons Chris Pratt Is Our New Man-Obsession
Since appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, it looks like Chris Pratt has become Hollywood's new poster boy, and why shouldn't he be?! From being the goofy sidekick in Parks and Recreations to a leading man in his own right, we couldn't be happier that he's at the top...
Musical Theatre Meets Pop? 10 Reasons Why We’re LOVING Collabro
Since winning Britain's Got Talent back in June, the boys of Collabro - Richard, Jamie, Thomas, Michael and Matt - have been working overtime with their new album, entitled Stars, which is finally due to be released on Monday 18th August...
Is This The Luckiest Baby Ever? Six Month Old Survives Bear Attack, Shark Attack And Vicious Cobra
Babies are cute and all, but looking after them can be pretty dull. So when this pair were asked to take care of a friend's baby, they thought they'd spice things up a bit...The couple said: "We were asked to babysit our friends 6-month old...
13 Whirlwind Celebrity Marriages That Happened Way Too Quickly
For everyone who doesn't live in celebrity la-la-land, marriage is a serious and sacred thing. If you want to get hitched after a year, that's early. Most people spend years getting to know their significant other before officially tying the knot...
The Great And Glorious Evolution Of George Clooney
We'll start by getting the obvious out of the way: George Timothy Clooney is a God amongst men. Born on May 6th 1961, he gradually rose to fame, partly because he is an amazing actor but mostly because he is really, really ridiculously good looking...
Ronaldo 'Stars' In The WORST Advertising Campaign Ever
You know how some moments in life are meant to be forgotten about at all costs? Unfortunately for Ronaldo, this is his moment...and it's blasted all over the internet forever. Nice. We almost want to hug him to make the pain go away...
17 Life-Changing Problems All Harry Potter Fans Have Experienced
It has been a few years since the Harry Potter franchise finished, but since Potter fans are a pretty passionate bunch, the Hogwarts fever is still going strong. So for all the Potter fans out there, here are just some of the many daily struggles we all face...
11 Reality TV Shows You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
Let's face it, reality TV shows would never work if they weren't totally ridiculous. Our fascination with people with endless money, bizarre jobs or 'unusual' habits is what makes reality television so successful - but some of the time, they can definitely take it TOO FAR...
This Couple Wins The Prize For Most Awesome Pregnancy Announcement Ever
We thought we’d seen every kooky pregnancy announcement there is, but this pair came up with a completely original (and awesome) way to announce there was a little one on the way, even managing to incorporate Morgan Freeman...
25 Years In Showbiz: 16 Of Ant And Dec’s Most Perfect Moments
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Ant and Dec's career, and we couldn't be happier that they are still as popular as ever! We've watched their bromance blossom from playing PJ and Duncan on Byker Grove to becoming the UK's most popular duo, presenting pretty much everything on ITV...
16 Celebrities Who Really, Really Don’t Like Justin Bieber
If you didn't already know, last week Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber and thus gained the utmost respect from almost all of the world’s population. However, Orlando isn’t the first person to express his dislike for the man-child...
TOO CUTE! These Pictures Of Snoozing Babies Will Melt Your Heart
Babies are adorable whether they are cooing, gurgling and even making a racket, but they are never quite as cute as when they are sleeping. We think these pictures of snuggly snoozing bambinos as captured by London-based photographer Sandi Ford definitely prove it...
Forget Babies. This Newborn Style Photo Shoot Starring A Dog Is The Cutest
We love a good new born photo shoot, they're one of the best ways to mark the joy of having an exciting new addition to the family. But what if you don't have a baby? Here's what happened when the neighbours of photographer Jamie Clauss got her to shoot their own little family...
15 Life Lessons To Be Learned From Lucille Bluth
There's lots to be learned from Arrested Development; like is being in love with your cousin all that bad? Or what sound does a chicken really make? But no-one from the Bluth clan can teach you life's lessons quite like Lucille...
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