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#DrakeAlwaysOnBeat Is Our New Favourite Hashtag
Drake's new music video for 'Hotline Bling' has premiered and we LOVE it, mostly due to Drake's seriously snazzy dance moves. Since you can't try something new (like funky dancing) without the Internet ruthlessly ripping into you...
We Went To A Fire Eating Class And Didn’t Die. Here’s What Happened
When SoFeminine was asked if they wanted to go try fire eating, breathing and body burning to celebrate the DVD release of American Horror Story: Freak Show, our editor delightedly RSVP’d…for me. Since I have a reputation for being ‘afraid of danger’ and can’t light a stove hob without shrieking...
This Harry Potter Trend Is Hilariously Childish And NSFW (But We Love It)
Everyone loves Harry Potter, and unless your name is Percy Weasley everyone loves to be a bit immature at times. So when we saw that changing 'wand' to 'willy' in the Harry Potter books was a thing, we just HAD to join in...
13 Lessons About Feminism We Learned From Parks And Recreation's Leslie Knope
Leslie Knope is one of the greatest characters ever created. Passionate about her job, her friends and most of all, breakfast foods, she has the energy and love of life we could dream about (as we lie on our beds watching the 14th episode of Parks and Recs that day)...
10 Brilliant Novels About Mental Health You Need To Read
Novels that are honest about mental health are hard to come by, and honestly? We're sick of reading books where people with mental illness are totally misunderstood (Mr Rochester's wife in the attic, anyone...
The New Star Wars Trailer Is Here And We FINALLY Have Some Plot Details!
It's been quite the couple of days for Star Wars fans! From the official poster to the second full-length trailer release, rest assured that we'll be analysing all this shining new info with a fine toothed comb before the movie's release in December...
Adele Just Premiered A Snippet Of Her New Album And We Have All Lost Our Freaking Minds
Oh Adele, how we have missed you. The 27-year-old Oscar-winning singer treated us to a sneak peek of her new album, 25, during The X Factor ad break last night, and needless to say we've all gone a little bit cray cray over what we heard...
You Can Now Stop Your Ex Invading Your 'Memories' On Facebook
As if you ever wanted to see your ex's face again, let alone all the fun/utterly sh*t times you had together. Zuckerberg gets it - so he's put in an option on your Facebook 'On This Day' feature so you never have to experience that ever again...
QUIZ: Celebrity Boobs: Real Or Fake?
For better or for worse celebrities love to have a bit of "work" done, especially on their breasts. Some are open and honest about their chest enhancements while other celebs swear blind they've never had any plastic surgery...
These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Fine Art Are Simply Stunning
If you thought Disney cartoons were well drawn, just wait until you see these works of art! Artist and possible Gabriel Rossetti reincarnation Heather Theurer has created the MOST stunning renditions of Disney Princesses...
12 Movies That Lied To Us About Life In London
In many movies (most of which are written by Richard Curtis), London is a charming, aesthetically-pleasing dream filled with affordable housing, Rolls Royces and no traffic. Since our perception of London is oh-so-slightly different...
35 Books Being Made Into Movies You Need To Add To Your Reading List
If you love reading and never think the movies quite live up to the books, this is for you. The cinemas are set to explode with amazing book adaptations in 2016, and we have put together our favourites because let's face it: the book is always better...
Disney Animals As Humans Is Our New Favourite Thing
Deviantart artist Alaina has drawn our favourite Disney animals as humans and we have to say, we're seriously impressed. From Lady and the Tramp to Bolt, she has managed to capture our furry favourites as people so accurately that we would recognise them anywhere, even if they're not quite the same...
This Artist Has Been Transforming Bratz Dolls Into Inspiring Women And They Are Amazing
You remember Bratz dolls, right? They are the pouty, sexy dolls that defined generation X's childhood, and caused controversy due to their sexualisation (seriously, have you SEEN some of the skirts Cloe wears...
Leonardo DiCaprio Is Engaged And We Are Both Happy For Him And Devastated For Ourselves
No, you're not in a dream within a dream within a dream right now. We thought he was going to be a bachelor forever, but it looks like Leonardo has decided to FINALLY settle down with his model girlfriend of four-months, Kelly Rohrbach...
Jennifer Lawrence Has Spoken Out About The Gender Pay Gap In A Brilliant Essay
Jennifer Lawrence has finally spoken about the Sony email leak which revealed that she and Amy Adams received notably less than their male co-stars for their work on American Hustle. Although the Hunger...
Lamar Odom Reportedly Found Unconscious In A Brothel In Nevada
The basketball star Lamar Odom has been reportedly "fighting for his life" after being found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada, USA. The ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian and two-time NBA champion was said to be in "good spirits" before being found unconscious in a VIP suite...
A Step In The Right Direction? Playboy Says It Will No Longer Show Nude Photos
In an attempt to "modernise" the classic magazine, established in 1953, it has been announced that Playboy will no longer be publishing pictures of nude woman. According to the New York Times, the decision was part of a redesign in which there will still be women posing provocatively...
Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Are Expecting A Baby After Fertility Struggles
Someone pop some champagne because power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their first child and honestly? We should all be celebrating. If this baby has his father's musical talents and his mother's sense of humour and/or cooking skills, he is going to be UNSTOPPABLE...
This Is The Most Romantic Advert Ever And It’s About Chewing Gum
We never thought a gum advert would make us wanna cry uncontrollably but we are bawling. It's just so freaking sweet. *Runs out to go buy Extra chewing gum.*
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