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  There's Now A Pre-Poo Air Freshener Called V.I.Poo


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Little Girl Can't Resist Running To Hug Her Soldier Dad During Military Service
When you're little and you haven't seen your Dad in a while, we're guessing you really don't care about interrupting a military service to give him a girl, which is exactly what this little girl did. Aaaand now we're crying...
Need A Boost? Listen To Taylor Swift's Favourite Tunes Right Here
The world is full of Swifties now, and that's okay. She's amazing, and we love her, and that is nothing to be embarrassed about! Since we've worn ourselves out emotionally listening to her latest album...
Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl Audition Tape Is Just The Cutest
Blake Lively became a household name in her role as Serena van der Woodsen on the massively popular teen show Gossip Girl. Since the series began way back in 2007, we've seen Blake rise up into blockbusters...
Scott Disick's New Girlfriend Actually Has A Boyfriend. Wait, What?!
Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick, known for his dry wit and sensational ego, recently made headlines by dating an 18-year-old following his split from Kourtney. However, it now looks like his new friend already has a boyfriend who lives in Canada...
22 Pieces Of Relationship Advice From Parks And Recreation
Parks and Recreation is a delightful comedy following Leslie Knope, a passionate government employee trying to improve life in her hometown of Pawnee one broken swing at a time. It also just happens to be the best show ever created...
SNL Shows The Apocalyptic Future If Taylor Swift's Squad Took Over The World
Taylor Swift has never been more popular than she is right now. Not only is her album 1989 an absolute belter, she has spent 2015 proving that she couldn't do enough for her BFFs. So what happens when the BFF squad just keeps growing...
Someone Put Disney Characters Into The Star Wars Trailer And It's Genius
From Jasmine's Palace in the desert planet Hoth to Scar from The Lion King commanding his own stormtroopers, this Disney Star Wars mash up is amazing.
A New Twilight Novel Is Being Released With Edward And Bella's Genders Swapped
Whether you hated the Twilight saga with a burning passion or loved it as much as Bella loves Edward, we all have to accept that it is coming back into our lives in probably THE most ridiculous way. To...
This Is What Disney Princesses Look Like As Hotdogs - Because This Is The End
The Internet is much like a Disney movie: it is beautiful, funny, dreams can come true on it and most importantly, it is a world where anything is possible...even Disney Princesses made out of hotdogs...
Walking Dead Spinoff About Zombies On A Plane Has Given Us A Brand New Phobia
Zombies are a terrifying thing to imagine. They are dead and rotting and chasing after you. Nobody wants that sh*t. But what if you're thousands of feet in the air in a metal can with all of your potential weapons confiscated at the Security gate of the airport then the outbreak happens...
Is Khal Drogo Returning To Game Of Thrones?! Emilia Clarke's Instagram Suggests So!
How could us Game of Thrones fans ever forget Khal Drogo? Although the barbaric horse Lord husband of Daenerys was cursed by a witch and smothered to an early grave way back in season one, Emilia Clarke's Instagram seems to suggest a reunion of sorts with the scary yet oddly romantic Dothraki hotty...
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II Has Released Brand New Stills And They Look Amazing
We're so ready for the release of the fourth and final movie in the incredibly popular Hunger Games series that we're are always on the lookout for brand new glimpses into the new film, and today we're in luck with brand new stills from the movie that promises to break all of our hearts...
16 Reasons Why Men With Chest Hair Are Superior Beings
Bare chests are all well and good if you're a male stripper who needs to oil it up, but we're looking for a REAL man. We would like to thank the hairy fairy Godmother for giving guys such lovely furry chests...
7 Amazing Films And TV Shows Coming To Netflix
If you are going to do 'Netflix and chill' in October, be warned. These shows and movies are too good to be an excuse to snuggle with your bae. What could have been a night of romance will turn into a day and a half of binge watching, takeaways out of the carton and no showers...
Cable News Segment On Edward Snowden Is Totally Hijacked By Guy Whose Twitter Handle Is @fart
News segments have been alight recently with news that everyone’s favourite fugitive Edward Snowden has joined social media. His first tweet came on 29th September and simply, spectacularly, stated: “Can you hear me?” People loved it...
Tom Daley And His Boyfriend Are Engaged And We Would Like To Be Invited To The Wedding Please
After coming out as gay back in late 2013, we have watched Tom’s blossoming relationship with Dustin Lance Black with fond smiles on our faces while stemming the tears of loneliness from our chocolate-smeared cheeks and whispering sweet nothings to our cat...
The Serial Podcast Is Being Made Into A TV Show Because Nothing Good Can Ever Just Be Left Alone
In a move that makes absolutely no sense it has been announced that the incredibly popular Serial podcast, which followed journalist Sarah Koenig’s investigation into the murder of teenager Hae Min Lee and the possible false imprisonment of her ex, Adnan Syad will be made into a TV show...
Calm Down Everyone: There Definitely Isn’t Going To Be A Game Of Thrones Movie
The news has been crazy at the moment with the apparent news that the creator of the Game of Thrones series George RR Martin had confirmed there would be a follow-up movie to the TV series.
Katy Perry Brought A Girl On Stage Before Realising She Was WASTED And The Result Is Hilarious
This is probably about the time you start singing I Kissed A Girl, right Katy? During a concert in Rio last weekend, Katy invited a fan to the stage only to discover that she was totally hammered and extremely tactile...
You Can Now Have Christmas Dinner In The Great Hall Of Hogwarts and Yes This Is Real Life
You know when you were 11 and you were devastated that your letter from Hogwarts didn’t arrive, what was it that upset you the most? For us, it was the idea that those glorious Hogwarts feasts in the Great Hall would always be just a literary dream...
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