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Caitlin Moran’s Daughter Took Over Her Twitter And The Result Was Superb
Caitlin Moran, journalist, feminist and all-round hilarious person, made the sketchy decision to let her 11-year-old daughter Nancy commandeer her Twitter for an hour, and the results are just brilliant...
12 Things That Happened To People #WhenNetflixWasDown
If you didn’t directly experience it (what else do people do on a Sunday evening?!), last night the popular streaming site Netflix went down and as can be expected, sh*t hit the fan. Naturally, for people...
The Most Delightfully ‘Interesting’ Things To Happen In Downton Abbey's Season Premiere
Oh My God this show. Remember when Mary and Matthew’s will-they-won’t-they drama was all you could think about? Remember when a man died in Mary’s bed and had to be carried to his room to avoid a scandal...
Twenty Years Of Friends: 20 Moments We Know Off By Heart
It's been 20 years since Rachel ran into Central Perk wearing a wedding dress and the six Friends were all together for the first time. Following that Friends has given us more hilarious moments than we can count...
The Scotland Debate – What The Celebs Are Saying
The results from the Scottish independence referendum will be in tonight, and naturally during what could be the last day of Great Britain as we know it, some cheeky celebs have joined in the debate with their opinions...
The Ryan Gosling Aftershock: How One Baby Turned ALL Women Crazy
Guys, it happened. Ryan Gosling had a baby with someone who wasn't Rachel McAdams. Or us. Apparently he and long-term girlfriend Eva Mendes welcomed a presumably really, really ridiculously good looking baby girl on 12th September...
Stop What You’re Doing And Look At This Photo Of Benedict Cumberbatch As Mr Darcy In A Wet Shirt
Brace yourselves ladies, possibly the greatest moment of your lives is about to happen. Benedict Cumberbatch. White shirt. Breeches. Absolutely soaked.
Was 'Listen' The Scariest Doctor Who Episode Yet? 12 Of Doctor Who's Most Terrifying Moments
We’ve all heard our parents go on about how they used to hide behind the sofa when the Daleks came on screen and rolled our eyes because, let’s face it, Daleks are so ‘meh’ nowadays. It takes more to scare our generation than those oversized pepper shakers, and the Doctor Who reboot KNOWS it...
Unhappily Ever After: Artist Depicts Grim Fates For Disney Characters
If you took the talking animals, mermaids and Princesses out of their fairytale worlds and into the modern day, where would it leave them? NYC-based animation storyboard artist Jeff Hong has answered...
Check Out The Difference When These Older Folks Dress In Young People’s Clothes
Check out what happens when a group of young people swap clothing with older people. Some obviously look hilarious (sadly that’s what happens when you have to swap clothes with a hipster), some look years younger, and some, frankly, look freaking awesome...
Celebrate Good Times! Wedding Ceremony Turns Into Church-Wide Flashmob
Gary and Tracy Richardson admitted that from the beginning of the wedding planning their goal was to surprise guests. They wanted to "continue the tradition, but with a modern twist". They managed to pull it off by having a lovely...
Why We’re All In Love With Poussey
Lauren Morelli, a lead writer on the show Orange is the New Black, recently filed for divorce after she realised she was a lesbian. She claimed writing for the show made her realise her own sexuality, and is now dating Samira Wiley AKA prison’s sassiest inmate Poussey and hey, who can blame her...
Why Schmidt From New Girl Is The Greatest Character Of All Time
Forget Zooey Deschanel's manic pixie girl vibe, Schmidt, played by Max Green, is the REAL reason we tune into New Girl. His douchey one-liners, perfectionist personality type and, of course, his love of chutney make him the only character we will EVER need...
15 Times Kanye West Should Have Thought Before He Spoke
After Kanye West's publicist presumably begged him to stop claiming to be a genius and comparing himself to Jesus in public, Kanye West hasn't said or done anything extremely offensive in a while. Until last Friday when Kanye stopped his concert to demand that a man in a wheelchair get up and dance...
Happy 30th Birthday Prince Harry! 15 Greatest Moments From The Bad Boy Prince
Prince Harry turned the big 3-0 today! The once Wild Child of the Monarchy seems to have calmed down nowadays (although we are happy to report he is still a bachelor), but we can safely say that throughout his good boy and bad boys years we have ALWAYS been a little bit in love with him...
16 Celebrity Habits No Normal Person Would Dream Of Trying
You know how celebrities like to give off the vibe that they are just like you and I? Well, we can categorically state that they are not. Would you put nightingale poo on your face? Would you bathe in red wine...
12 Amazing Disney Comebacks: Teaching Kids Insults Since The 90s
Disney taught us about love, friendship and kindness, but mostly about how to throw some serious shade. We feel like we learnt every type of PG-rated insult from them, but which are our favourites? Here are Disney's top 12 insults...
Need To Know The Meaning Of Life? This 6-Year-Old Girl Can Tell You.
It's true. Kids are just smarter than us adults.
Proof That Drunk Celebrities Are WAY Worse Than Us
Most celebrities want to appear graceful, charming, likeable and 'together', but sadly, alcohol has just the same effect on the rich and famous as it has on everyone else...The only difference being that...
13 Of The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Feuds
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been fighting, reminding us that despite their wealth, fame and popularity, not every thing in celeb land is plain sailing. Through televised arguments, interviews and Twitter spats...
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20 Stages Everyone Goes Through On A Hangover Day
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