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WATCH: The Brand New Mockingjay Trailer Is Here And It Looks Freaking AWESOME
The end is finally here! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fourth and final Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour! The teaser for the last film in the immensely popular dystopian franchise sees Katniss take on the Capitol for the last time, and it looks amazing...
Chris Pratt Just Endorsed Hunting And Shattered The Illusion That He Is Our Dream Man
Ever since he played the adorable Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreations, we have had a tender spot in our heart for lovely manchild Chris Pratt, (especially when he appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and his Dadbod became rock solid abs)...
What I Learned Watching Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9: A Dance Of Dragons
Stannis is no longer the mannis. Stannis is Brienne fodder. Stannis needs to have a one on one meeting with Ramsay Bolton. Stannis needs that red smile Joffrey once promised him. Talk about a character's fall from grace...
Forget Pitch Perfect! These Oxford Students Singing Moulin Rouge Is How Acapella Is Done
They're back pitches! The boys from Oxford have brought out a new charity single following the success of their previous Shakira mash-up. We didn't know how they'd be able to top their Hips Don't Lie vid, but they've only gone and done with with their version of Moulin Rouge...
Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Want To Make A Movie Based On Their Lives
Like many people who have achieved momentous and fantastic achievements in their lives, it has recently transpired that Kim Kardashian, made famous by her friendship with Paris Hilton and a leaked sex tape...
QUIZ: Are You Team Katy Or Team Taylor?
It's official people! Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have declared war on each other and we need to decide where our allegiances lie...
21 Reasons You Should Give Fifty Shades Of Grey A Chance
To all the girls out there who point blank refuse to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, we get it. Maybe the books aren't your bag, or you can't stand the sight of Jamie Dornan without any stubble - whatever the reason, here's why WE'RE saying that you should give it a chance...
Guilty Pleasure: 15 Reasons To Treat Yourself To 50 Shades Of Grey Tonight
We’re all for getting out there and you know, getting the most out of life but who says you can’t do that sat in bed watching a half naked man on your laptop or iPad? Here's why you deserve to treat yourself...
20 Ways To Have The Ultimate Evening Of 'Me Time'
It's been a long, hard week of all work and no play when finally that rarest of things presents itself to you: an entire evening to spend by yourself. So lock the doors, lower the blinds and stock up on the bubble bath, because here's how to spend the perfect evening of 'ME time'...
10 Things You Missed When Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey
If you got distracted watching Fifty Shades of Grey on the big screen, we're not going to blame you. Jamie Dornan's torso, Dakota Johnson's excessive lip biting and a Red Room of Pain will do that to a person...
Your Summer To Do List: 50 Experiences You Have To Have This Summer
Pina Coladas, lazing under the stars, road trips? Summer's full of opportunities to run wild and free but before you know it, it's time to retreat to your bed like Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka with over-sized blankets and furry legs (that's us by the way, we can't speak for him)...
13 Reasons Sister Act Was The Best Movie Of The Nineties
According to reports, a Sister Act remake is in the works, with the screenwriters of Legally Blonde on board to bring back the singing gang of Nuns and their Vegas singer leader on the run from the mob, 'Sister' Deloris...
10 Times Children Were The Scariest Things In Horror Movies
Horror films love using children to freak you out, and it's easy to see why. You're lulled into a false sense of security then BAM it's all creepy singing and climbing out of televisions and turning into monsters right before your very eyes...
Bring Back The Baby Face! 13 Reasons We Want Men To Shave Their Beards Already
It’s pretty hard not to notice that the male population have been looking a whole lot hairier recently, with beards as the hot new must-have for a gentlemen’s cheeks. Some hate them, some love them, but we reckon summer 2015 should officially be the time to grab a razor and get rid once and for all...
A Petition Has Been Launched To Revoke Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic Medal And It Is All Kinds Of Crazy
It was all going so well. The media and the public had an overwhelmingly positive response to Caitlyn Jenner, welcoming Bruce Jenner's decision to change her gender with open arms. It was a glorious moment for the transgendered community...
These Photos of Game Of Thrones Cast As Youngsters Are All Kinds Of Crazy
Jon Snow didn't always have his flowing locks, Sansa wasn't always ginger and Varys wasn't always bald! Here are snaps of the Game of Thrones cast before they were famous...
Tom Hardy's Old MySpace Profile Is The Best Thing The Internet Has Given Us
Check out Tom Hardy. Hollywood’s hottest action hero who always speaks with the depth and sincerity of the serious actor we all know, respect and admire him to be. So when Tom Hardy’s old MySpace page was recently rediscovered, it was a chance to see who he was before he came big...
16 Times Harry Potter Was The Wizarding World’s Biggest Cock Block
Sure it isn't easy when your two best friends start falling in love, but Harry Potter did NOT play it cool.
8 Moments That Show Caitlyn Jenner Has Totally Smashed The Last 24 Hours
Yesterday the world was introduced to Caitlyn Jenner, formally known as Bruce, the head of the infamous Kardashian household. In the last 24 hours since announcing her new identity as a transgendered woman...
Eddie Redmayne Is Officially Starring In Harry Potter Spin Off
Nerds everywhere, rejoice! Our wizard dreams have been answered as the lovely and handsome actor Eddie Redmayne has officially been cast in the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts. MAGIC IS REAL PEOPLE BECAUSE THIS IS HAPPENING...
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