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Why We're Excited About The New Emojis
iOS 8.3 has dropped, and the update includes wireless car play, a space bar fix, and like, over 300 brand new emojis for us to play with! Because digital communication is hard, we're only too glad to let our new emoji collection do all the talking from us...
Game of Thrones: The Ultimate Dead Character Recap
Because it’s hard to keep track of deaths in Westeros.
Attention Lost Fans! The Numbers Are Aligning TODAY
Four. Eight. Fifteen. Sixteen. Twenty-three. Forty-two. These are ‘The Numbers’ which frequented Lost and added to its already absurdly complicated mystery. They corresponded with the final candidate who could replace Jacob as Protector of the Island...
7 Reasons All Adults Should Get On Board With The Colouring Book Trend
If colouring books were something you loved doing as a child, have you ever stopped to wonder what changed? Chances are you'd love to put a felt tip pen to paper just as much now as you did then. Luckily for you, adult colouring books are HOT right now...
16 Things Every Second Born Knows To Be True
It's true what the experts say, life as the younger, more feeble second child IS the toughest. You're nowhere near as smart, precious & capable of self defence as your older counterpart. So what if you had to endure crazy first time parenting methods...
12 Lavish Gifts To Gift To The Royal Baby
With the second royal baby on the way, fans of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn't be happier. From wondering if Kate Middleton will give birth to a baby boy or girl, to anxiously awaiting to hear what name will be chosen, the excitement is too real...
These Old Pictures Of Calvin Harris Prove You Should Never Be Mean To Unattractive Guys
You know that geeky looking, Dungeons and Dragons loving guy you knew in high school that you weren't exactly the nicest to? Well, if you are from Dumfries, Scotland then that kid was probably Calvin Harris...
20 Of The Best British TV Shows Of All Time
American telly is all well and good, but no one does dry humour, gristly drama and addictive sci fi shows quite like the Brits! Here are our top 20 favourite British TV shows that are a must watch!
Girlfriend Makes Her Boyfriend Take A Beyonce Test To Make Sure They Can Stay Together
We all know that Beyonce is the high Queen of all, but most of the time she doesn’t tend to dominate our relationships. This goes to show us all never to underestimate the power of Queen B, as this girl tested her boyfriend on Beyonce to ensure they would stay together...
This Self Defence Video From The 1940s Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today
Thought all women did in the 1940s was darn socks and iron shirts? Think. Again. This video showing how self defense was taught in 1946 features one of the sassiest women we’ve EVER seen in a pair of kitten heels...
9 Royal Baby Names That Would Change Everything
While everyone else places their bets on Alice, there are many names that you likely won't see on Kate and William's No. 2. But oh, if we did - how the ground would shake. Naming royalty has long been a spectator sport for us commoners...
Everything You Need To Know About Robert Pattinson's Fiancé: FKA Twigs
Despite Robert Pattinson's phenom acting skills, his love life always seems to be the news that is making the front page. Well hold on to your garters ladies, because R Patz is officially OFF the market...
This Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch Model Is The Tastiest Thing We’ve Ever Seen
A fully sized model of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has been created entirely out of chocolate. We always knew we wanted a piece of Cumberbatch, but this is has brought things to a whole new level...
35 Hilarious Game Of Thrones Memes
Game of Thrones can be a tough show to watch. You never know if your favourite character is safe, the characters make decisions that you HATE, and hope as you might you know deep down the Starks are never going to find each other again! Luckily for us we have the Internet to see us through...
25 Times We LOL'd At Justin Bieber's Roast
I'd like to think I'm confident enough to sit on stage in front of hundreds of people and have some of the highest paid comedians in America make relentless fun of every poor career and romance choice I've ever made...
Selfie Shoes Join The Official List Of Ridiculous Selfie Products
We're the generation of selfie loving narcissists. This nice little characteristic of millennials has created an entire industry dedicated to products that help people take double-chin free pictures of themselves...
New Bum-Enhancing Kim Kardashian Ice Lolly Announced
Have you ever dreamed about a summer time treat you can enjoy which also gives you the big-bootied figure of your dreams? Then look no further!
What Is The Worst Thing You Have Ever Done In The Sims?
The aim of The Sims was to create your own person or family, then basically do whatever you liked with them, which usually meant getting them married or a job in the Athletic career track. However, let's all admit right now that sometimes we went off the beaten track and messed with our Sims...
10 Celebrities That Would Be Horrible Babysitters
In case you missed it, Justin Bieber babysat Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's absolutely precious son, Mason, over the weekend. I know Kourtney isn't the most famous of the Kardashian clan, but they really couldn't afford somebody more qualified than Justin Bieber to babysit...
11 Things We Miss About MySpace
Facebook is fine and everything, but nothing will ever beat our first taste of social media growing up. MySpace was the Instagram of the early Noughties, where block digital cameras were used for bathroom selfies, friends were ranked and your personality was only as good as your MySpace wallpaper...
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