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20 Signs Your Life Is Basically A Sitcom
Have you ever thought your life was just like an episode of Friends or How I Met Your Mother? You have one bar you frequent so often, you might as well own it, and your friends are downright ridiculous! In fact your life is so funny, you pretty much deserve your own camera crew...
Tears, Tantrums And Emotional Torture: 20 Stages Of Finishing Your Fave TV Series
Getting to the end of that series you can't live without is quite possibly the WORST feeling in the world. You know it's coming, but like with any committed relationship, you just can't bring yourself to think about the inevitable end...
17 Pets That Needed To Be Shamed
There's a new trend on the rise, it's called PET SHAMING and it's lols.
We Can't Believe These Songs Are 10 YEARS OLD!
The Summer of 2014 is now underway, and it's time for a few musical flashbacks. Take a look at all the hit singles from way back in 2004! That was the year of Usher's CD Confessions and the "Numa Numa" video kid (aka one of the best music years EVER)...
The 90s Boy Crushes That Only Make Sense To Girls From The 80s
The nineties. A time when bowl cuts were considered cool and you could never wear too much denim. Naturally our crushes were all stunners in their own hair gelled, tight-necklace-wearing, muscly kind of ways - but which were the few that have remained in our heads and hearts...
28 Adverts That Defined Our Childhood
Back in the day, in between our daily fixation with Sabrina The Teenage Witch and The Simpsons, we would watch hundreds of adverts. Over and over. It's no wonder that watching these gems from the past is so satisfying, particularly when you know all the words to the Um Bongo jingle...
The Ultimate Ranking of Game of Thrones Most Gruesome Killings
Everyone knows that Game of Thrones has no problem killing all of the characters you know and love in the creatively horrendous ways to collectively destroy our emotional wellbeing. We imagine the screenwriters...
16 Life Lessons To Be Learned From Binge Watching Orange Is The New Black
Since the entire second season of Orange is the New Black was released on Netflix, we have been in full binge mode watching the show about the messed up prison system and all those who operate inside it...
Most Epic Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9: Watchers on the Wall
Season 4 episode 9 was the show's second huge battle sequence, and it did NOT disappoint. The moderately sad death count was the price to pay for such an unbelievably EPIC episode. We still have our fingernail marks on our faces from just the OHMYGODDONTKILLJON-ness of it all...
18 Games We Used To Play As Children That Made No Sense
Back in the days where we were little, had free reign to play all day with boundless energy and zero limitations, we would come up with all kinds of stuff. Wonderful, weird, 'where-the-hell-did-we-get-that-from' stuff...
Drunken Grandad Leads Hilarious Train-Wide Singalong
Us Brits might be a stuffy, socially awkward bunch who shudder at the thought of being spoken to by a stranger on a train, but dammit we can't resist a singalong can we?! On the train from London Victoria to Kent...
This Video Of Baby Animals Falling Asleep Is The Cutest Thing You'll Ever See
If you have cute aggression, which is the feeling of seeing something so cute that you need to HUG IT AND SQUEEZE IT AND LOVE IT FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER, you may have a problem with this video. This...
25 Social Media Posts That Have To Be Seen To Be Believed
We all know that social media was invented so we could share interesting details of our lives to friends. However, there are that precious few who haven't quite got the whole Facebook thing down. Here are 25 people who definitely need to go think carefully before they post...
28 Things We Thought Were True As Children That Turned Out To Be Completely Wrong
Childhood is a funny old time. You're young and carefree and at the same time believe every single thing that adults ever tell you. Sure this can make your childhood years more wondrous (who doesn't like the idea of a man breaking into your house to give you presents)...
10 Reasons Why Orphan Black Is The Best Show You’re Probably NOT Watching
If you haven't heard of Orphan Black, now is the time to crawl out from under that rock and join the Clone Club! The sci-fi show has been critically hailed with lead actor Tatiana Maslany's performance receiving universal critical acclaim, and trust us, you shouldn't miss it...
7 Best Moments From Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper
Right. Well. That happened. We all knew that Game of Thrones was a show of bitter, unrelenting unfairness, but this episode took it's reputation to a whole new level of merciless, AM I RIGHT? Though really we shouldn't be surprised...
12 Things That ACTUALLY Have To Happen In The New Season Of True Blood
The last ever season of True Blood is due to air on June 22nd, and although it's high time the show died the true death, we still can't wait to see how they wrap things up with the characters we've grown to love...
20 Signs That Your Game Of Thrones Obsession Has Gotten Out Of Hand
Remember when you thought you'd give Game of Thrones a try, so you watched the first episode? It was pretty good, so you gave the second a chance. Four seasons later, and the fans of Game of Thrones have...
24 Exam Season Habits Every Student Is Guilty Of
Exam period is a bleak time. The sun comes out but you can only look at it through your window while distracting yourself from all that revision. The exam looms closer and yet you still can't gather the will to revise and there's always that mate that's already completely finished...
Watch: Adorable Korean Toddler Brings About Amazing New Dance Trend
We thought that South Korea had done enough by giving us Gangnam Style, but it looks like Psy is about to be blown out of the water by a new dancing sensation with some serious moves. Yes, she's a toddler, but we can't help but be impressed by her sheer style...
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Need A Boost? Listen To Taylor Swift's Favourite Tunes Right Here
Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl Audition Tape Is Just The Cutest
Scott Disick's New Girlfriend Actually Has A Boyfriend. Wait, What?!
22 Pieces Of Relationship Advice From Parks And Recreation
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