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"Everybody Better Be On Their Toes": 10 Characters We Think Could Die In Season 5 Of Game Of Thrones
Book readers everywhere were met with a bombshell today when George RR Martin announced that certain characters are going to die in series five who do not die in the books. Guys, we can’t be smug and all-knowing anymore...
11 Reasons Why The Game of Thrones: The Exhibition Is Every Fan's Dream Come True
The exhibition is dark and full of terrors...just kidding, it's AMAZING.
18 Reasons We All Felt Bad For Michelle From Destiny’s Child
Michelle Williams always seemed to get the raw end of the deal during Destiny's Child. It's got to be tough to be Beyonce's right hand man, but it doesn't stop us from feeling a little bad for every time Michelle was sidelined in Destiny's Child...
Top 20 Biggest Lovers From The Silver Screen
Let’s see Empire Cinemas’ favourite silver screen couples who ruined relationships for all of us because in reality no one could possibly be as perfect as them…
20 Signs You Live In A Girl Dominated House
Hair everywhere, an obscene amount of candles and a permanent Gossip Girl omnibus? Sounds like you live in a girl dominated house...
Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Newest Show, Community
For everyone that saw a new show join the ranks of Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and Suits on Netflix last week and haven’t quite been bothered to watch it yet (especially when you still have those final five House of Cards episodes ready and waiting)...
18 Things Everyone Who Listens To Serial Knows To Be True
You can't listen to the real crime podcast without this happening to you...
11 Times We Totally Related To Judd Apatow's New 'Trainwreck' Trailer
If you haven't heard of Judd Apatow then you probably hate laughter, comedy and most likely potty humour. The brilliant producer of classics like Knocked Up, Bridesmaids and Girls is back with a hilarious new film called Trainwreck about a girl who is killing it in New York City and HATES monogamy...
Uma Thurman Pulls A Renee Zellweger And Looks Like A Totally Different Person On The Red Carpet
Remember last year when Renee Zellweger came out of hibernation and literally looked like a different person? Well, the Botox gods have struck again and this time it was none other than timeless beauty Uma Thurman...
50 Thoughts Every Singleton Has Around Valentine’s Day
It's the same for everyone. Valentine's Day rolls around, and it's the one day a year that none of us singletons are quite emotionally stable (unless you literally couldn't give a sh*t, in which case, kudos!) For the rest of us, here's every thought us single gals have on the day of lurve...
21 Celebrity Couples We Wish Were Dating
It feels like celebrities are ALWAYS hooking up and breaking up faster than you can google "Is Jamie Dornan married?" So we think it's only appropriate that we get to add in our two cents of who we think should end up together...
15 Thoughts Everybody Has When They Can't Sleep
There are few things that feel better than getting under the covers after a long day at work, or more importantly after a long night out. So when your blissful time of the day gets ruined by the fact that you just can't seem to fall asleep your mind is free to wander to a million different places...
14 Signs You're The Annoying One On Facebook
Facebook is an odd kind of place. It's almost like the less you share, the cooler you are. So it stands to reason that the more you love to share, the more frustrated your FB friends eventually grow with you...
25 Jokes Only Lord of the Rings Fans Will Find Funny
We so Gladriel that these were made...(the puns get better, we swear.)
10 Bad Ideas You'll Definitely Have In Your 20's
Your 20's are a time of self exploration, partying and praying that you finally figure out how the real world works. It is only natural that you'll make plenty of mistakes during these years, and many of them will involve a lot of alcohol, bad boys and plenty of calories...
Spider-Man Finally Joins The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Spider-Man has always been kept separate from the other Marvel superheroes, despite being an integral part of the Marvel Universe, until now! It’s time for nerds everywhere to rejoice, as Sony Picture...
15 Times We Were Proud To Be British At Last Night’s BAFTAs
Since Hollywood has been utterly dominated by the Brits as of late, we were more excited than usual to tune into this year’s British Academy of Film and Television awards to really celebrate what we all know to be true: us Brits RULE...
BAFTAS 2015: The Winners And The Losers
Who was LOVING the BAFTAs last night? The gorgeous Brits were out in force (we're talking about you, Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston) to celebrate the best in the biz, and naturally...
The New 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Is Out And It Is HOT
The new trailer for Magic Mike XXL is out and if you like abs, power tools and men that hump the air like they just don't care, then you need to stop what you're doing right now and watch the trailer below...
16 Reasons Why Angelica Pickles From Rugrats Is The Ultimate Diva
Tommy Pickles and his friends were nothing in comparison to this sassy diva of our dreams and her sidekick, Cynthia.
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