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Frozen Returns For New Short Movie In Early 2015
It seems although the Frozen characters are now on TV show Once Upon A Time, a musical has been announced, and YouTube is teeming with spoof videos, we can’t just can’t seem to 'let it go!' Now a brand new short film Frozen Fever is due to be released on March 2013...
Blake Lively Proves You Can Be VERY Pregnant And Still Rock The Skinny Arm
If we didn't think Blake Lively secured her unicorn/ultimate modern mum status with her amazingly sexy red carpet premiere of her baby bump, then we definitely do now. Blake is the face of L'Oreal and showed up at their event last night, VERY pregnant and looking VERY sexy...
What Will You Be Watching This Christmas? Check Out 2014’s Christmas Schedule Here!
Christmas is only THREE weeks away and what does that mean?! Forget presents, turkey or family feuds over Monopoly, we’re all about the INSANE telly schedule! The BBC and ITV line up for the big day looks amazing...
Zoella Outsells Harry Potter and 50 Shades Of Grey
Young, beautiful and with nearly seven million subscribers following her every word on Youtube, and not to mention her 5.5 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, it's no wonder Zoella is taking the literary world by storm...
WATCH: Take A First Look At George Clooney In Downton Abbey
It’s actually happening people! George Clooney has always claimed to be a fan of the show and interested in making an appearance, but we never thought he’d actually do it! Now we have our first sneak peek of the man himself in the big house...
50 Thoughts Every Student Has During A Lecture
University life is amazing, there's just one downside: sometimes you actually have to, you know, GO to University. Although seminars, workshops and even practicals keep you busy, the dreaded lectures...
15 Celebrities Who Have Tricked You Into Thinking They’re American
When you watch a movie or a TV show, it's somewhat important to be somewhat invested in the characters, and so after you’ve watched them for a while it’s almost as though you know them. This is what makes...
17 Reasons Why Life Is So Much Better When You’re A Geek Girl
Do you find yourself strongly attracted to Severus Snape? Do you feel overwhelmed when confronted with a bow tie? Know which hobbit you'd definitely shack up with (Pippin amirite)? Then congratulations, you are definitely a geek girl...
What Do The Boys Of Harry Potter Look Like Now?
Remember when all the little eleven-year-olds sailed to Hogwarts in little boats and they were so small and cute with their little wizard hats? WELL, TIMES CHANGE. These guys are all grown up now, and although some of them have gone down certain unsavoury paths and ended up in prison (cough...
Here Is What Angelina Jolie Had To Say About Learning To Be A Good Wife
Angelina Jolie is probably the closest thing we will see on this planet to an actual unicorn: she managed to shed her bad girl past, marry one of the hottest men in the world, has a seriously successful career and makes motherhood seem effortless, all while working to save the world...
15 Reasons We Want Our Lives To Be Like A Period Drama
Period dramas are our favourite sort of movie. How could they not be? The old-fashioned customs, the intense, often forbidden love affairs, and, of course, the clothes. The clothes. The release of Belle...
SNL's New Rap Spoof 'Back Home Ballers' Proves Going Home Is The BEST Thing About Christmas
SNL perfectly puts the holidays into perspective for us with their new rap video 'Back Home Ballers'. Whether you're in your 20s or 30s this is something we can ALL still relate to. There's just something about going home that turns us into THIS...
27 Weird Celebrity Crushes We Can't Quite Explain
What do George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling all have in common? They ooze with charm, ostentatious good looks and sensational abs. Everything about them indicates that we should be attracted to them, but they are by no means our only celebrity crushes...
15 Things We Learned From The AMAs Last Night
The AMAs didn't have too much drama last night, but we did learn one main thing: it was all about the women in 2014. Between the numerous female collab performances, Fergie's return to the stage and Selena Gomez's heart-wrenching number...
27 Things That Happened To EVERYONE When Playing The Sims
The Sims might have been a time-consuming, pointless game that stole most of our early teenage years, but dammit it was good, wasn't it? From the money cheats to murdering off your Sims to tearing up with frustration when they REFUSED TO DO AS YOU TOLD THEM...
This Is What Comic Book Characters Would Have Looked Like In The 16th Century
Artist Sacha Goldberger had the brilliant idea to take some of our favourite characters of the fantasy world and dress them up in traditional 16th Century clothing. As odd as it may sound, the superheroes and villains are still looking fierce as hell...
22 Categories ALL Instagrammers Fall Into: Which One Are You?
Yes, that includes you. Are you a selfie lover, or a amateur photographer? A fashionista or an all-out show off? Diagnose yourself below...
10 Highlights From The New Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer
Even if you don't think listening to people make music using only their mouths is super cool, you probably loved the movie Pitch Perfect because it was the catchiest effing movie since we can remember...
Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow And More Celebs Read Mean Tweets About Themselves
There’s something oh-so-satisfying about watching the famous and fabulous get TOLD by us little people, so thanks to Twitter and the Jimmy Kimmel chat show, we finally get to see celeb jokily react to the cruelest (albeit, very funny) tweets about them...
Is The ‘Average’ Acne Barbie Really Necessary?
Earlier this year the ‘Lammily’ doll was introduced, a doll much like Barbie except distinctly ‘average.’ Instead of having Barbie’s long legs and obscenely tiny waist, Lammily has the average proportions of a 19-year-old girl...
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