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All's Right In The World! Beyoncé and Jay Z Renew Their Wedding Vows
Not so fast, haters. Just when you thought music's golden couple were kaput, they pulled a fast one. That's right. Jayoncé renewed their vows and proved their life isn't a fairytale. It's actually way better...
19 Hilarious Dad Jokes That Are Too Cringey For Their Own Good
Twitter had a field day when author Mallory Ortberg sent out a simple request out to her followers: "please tell me the most Dad thing your dad has ever done". Since Dad's are notoriously ridiculous creatures, the responses are naturally absolutely incredible...
The Two Questions Jennifer Garner Used To Slam Sexist Hollywood
Jennifer Garner made a pretty kickass speech at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards Monday night. She criticized a recent press junket she had on the same day as husband, Ben Affleck. Jennifer noticed that she was asked by EVERY reporter how she "balances" family and work...
Why Blake Lively's Pregnancy Debut Proves She's The Ultimate Modern Mum
Although Blake Lively is known for keeping her personal life quiet, she made everyone's day at the beginning of October when she announced that she and her perfect man candy, Ryan Reynolds, were expecting...
Renee Zellweger's New Face: Plastic Surgery Success Or Massive Failure?
If you have been hiding in a cave since yesterday then you may not have seen actress Renee Zellweger's brand new face. And when I say new face, I mean she literally looks like a different person. The...
16 Reasons Ginger Girls Are Precious - Like Unicorns
Brunettes and blondes move aside. Ginger girls are here, and they're here to stay. Redheads are rare, gorgeous, mystical creatures who are DAMNED hot. While they may be allergic to the sun, be covered in freckles and have a lower pain threshold than other hair colours...
10 Reasons Selena Gomez And Orlando Bloom Would Be The Ultimate New Power Couple
Rumour has it that Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom have started up a romance after the pair was seen together at LAX airport travelling to Canada. Although to two tried to remain incognito with hats and scarves, they weren’t fooling anymore...
18 Signs You NEED To Get Out More
You know how it is! You have a little bit of spare time, and whether it's cash-flow, the weather or just too much effort, you can't be bothered to go out. The only problem is that this can all too easily become a regularity, but don't worry...
Real Life Badass: Walking Dead Actress Laurie Holden Rescues Sex Slaves
This is even better than the time Ryan Gosling saved a woman by pulling her out of the wake of a speeding cab. Laurie Holden, who plays the resident badass Andrea on The Walking Dead, also happens to be one in real life...
10 Famous Movies That Are (Shockingly!) Directed By Women
Whether you're a self-proclaimed feminist or not, females gotta support each others' creative voice. A not so fun fact: only 6% of movies in the top 250 movies of 2013 were directed by women. So maybe women just suck at making movies? Wrong...
10 Reasons Why We’re All About Oliver Proudlock At The Moment
Much like Lucy Watson, Made in Chelsea's trendiest cast member Oliver Proudlock has definitely caught our attention recently. Whilst we've been focused on Spencer, Jamie and even Stevie's goings-on, like the Dark Horse he is Proudlock has emerged and has basically stolen the show...
What Will Kate and Will Name Baby No. 2?
It's official! Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their second child in April. So what will they name the new royal tot? There is already lots of speculation as to what the name will be, and in case you have a hunch (or are just super lucky), turns out you can bet on it...
WATCH: Channing Tatum Dons A G-Strip In 90s Stripper Video
The 90s were such a wonderful time. Bumbags were socially acceptable, The Spice Girls were at their height, and somewhere in America, a young Channing Tatum was stripping off his baggy trousers and making out with the audience...
10 Times Sex and the City Made Us Question How Feminist It Really Is
A third Sex And The City movie is rumoured (AGAIN) and honestly we're not too sure how we feel about it. Sure, the show has had some amazing moments that truly celebrate what it’s like to be a modern day woman...
25 Things That Drive People With Short Tempers CRAZY
Patience is a virtue but sadly, it is a virtue only a few possess. For the rest of us, life is one big impatient, infuriating struggle where we could seriously lose our minds with fury at any point. Here’s what everyone with a short fuse truly HATES...
16 Things We Hope Louis Walsh Says This Saturday On The X Factor
Louis Walsh is the marmite of the X Factor judges - you either love his perky, enthusiastic ways or you HATE them. But either way, it's impossible to deny that Louis hasn't recycled some phrases during his time on The X Factor, and when we say recycled, we mean said them in every...
18 Things People With NO Money Know To Be True
If you have just started out on the career ladder, live in an expensive city (we're looking directly at you, London), or generally spend all your money on having fun and shouting 'YOLO' without thinking of the consequences, you'll KNOW that these are the hard truths...
In Praise Of Old School Cameras: 16 Reasons We Miss Them BAD
After thousands of sweet but naïve Snapchatters had their private pictures leaked online after joining a third-party app, we think it’s time to take a step back and remember the glory days of pre-digital cameras where NONE of this would ever have happened...
20 TV Shows You Need To Snuggle Up And Watch This Winter
When the weather turns miserable, the sun goes down before four and it's too cold to nip to Tesco (so you end up snacking on cereal and cheese) - it's the perfect time to start watching some new TV shows...
17 Signs You’re Not Down With The Kids Anymore
What happened to the days when we had the edge of what was going on? When we would smirk at those with a few years on us because, bless them, they didn't have a clue? When did everything change for us...
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