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A Father Asked Reddit To Photoshop A Picture Of His Baby Daughter After She Died. This Was The Response.
When this heartbroken father reached out to strangers on Reddit to help him cope with his grief, the response was unbelievably touching. Nathen Steffel, whose daughter Sophia died at just six weeks old posted...
18 Reasons Why We’re Completely Over Cheryl Cole
Since Cheryl Cole announced she's married a man she's only just met (three months, we ask you!) we've got to admit, we're finally done with the British celeb. A friendly Geordie accent and a couple of okay-ish songs are not enough pros to outweigh Cheryl's serious CONS...
15 Blooper Reels That Could Be Funnier Than The Actual Movies
Trawling the Internet for blooper reels might well be the sign you need to get a hobby and get off YouTube - but dammit they’re just too funny. What is it about watching actors crack up and ruin a take that is so enjoyable? Plus, finding them takes EFFORT...
This Girl Got Creative With Her Facebook Profile And The Results Are Hilarious
This Facebook-based comedy genius (known only as Nikki), did something extra special with her social media profile. Using the powers of Photoshop and some pretty nifty resizing, she managed to recreate...
32 People Who Nailed The Whole Passive Aggressive Thing
When your friends, family, housemates and neighbours irritate you, what do you do? Politely speak to them about the problem? Get angry and have it out with them? Or do you get creative? These guys had a point to make and utterly succeeded in making it...
Note-Leavers, Hoarders And Slobs: 24 Housemates We’ve All Experienced
Whether your housemates are your best friends or just people you were thrown into a house with, living with several other people seems to bring out the best and the worst in everyone (including you). So are you the messy one, or the clean freak...
Creepy Game of Thrones Events That Actually Happened
Ever wondered how George RR Martin’s mind could be so dark? It’s because some of his ideas literally came from the dark ages. Honestly some of the stuff that we have seen on screen was pilfered from medieval times, confirming that history is MESSED UP...
12 Reasons Why Barry Off Eastenders Deserves To Be A National Treasure
We think it's high time the world gave Barry off Eastenders (also known as Shaun Williamson to very close friends and relatives) the utter love and devotion he rightly deserves. He is quite literally the most loveable man in Britain...
Breaking: New Mockingjay Teaser Trailer Shows District 13 Rising Up
Stop what you're doing. The new teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I, is here and it looks like the rebellion is WELL up and running in Panem. The second teaser trailer (much like the...
WATCH: The New Trailer For Season 5 Of The Walking Dead Is Here
It looks like it's business as usual in the first trailer for season five’s The Walking Dead. More forests, more hiding and a hell of a lot more zombies; except this time, they’ve got a baby with them...
Tom Hanks Dancing To RnB Is Everything We Wanted And More
Could this be the greatest thing that Justin Bieber has ever Instagrammed? Answer: yes, 100 per cent yes, because TOM HANKS IS DANCING AND IT'S INCREDIBLE (and The Biebster is just plain awful). Both attended Justin's manager Scooter Braun's wedding...
Actual Proof That Being A Child Is Way Better Than Being An Adult
Ask yourselves a question. If you're off from work for a week, what happens on your return? Jack sh*t, that's what. Well, little Tyler had been off from school for about a week and when he returned to school, his classmates’ reactions were just plain adorable...
Watch This Hilarious Toddler Discover His Eyebrows For The First Time
When this toddler had the earth-shattering realisation that his eyebrows can, in fact, move, his reaction is just delightful. This video sees his family giggling away as they capture the moment in the most adorable way...
This Isn’t Your Usual ‘Toddler Takes First Steps’ Video. It’ll Melt Your Heart
Before you watch this video, make sure you have at LEAST one full box of man-size tissues handy. It's going to get emotional. When this little man uses a walker to take his wobbly first few steps on his new prosthetic leg, the little bursts of "OH...
Amazing Harry Potter Fan Revelations That Will Make You Rethink Everything
It's been three whole years since the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released. Three years since Neville lopped the head off that snake, since SO MANY CHARACTERS snuffed it and (of course) Hermione and Ron finally hooked up...
This Little Girl’s Reaction To A Terrible Present Is Just Amazing
How do you think you would have reacted to a terrible present when you were little? Would you be confused? Angry? Completely devastated? This little girl’s reaction for her frankly horrible present is just adorable...
You Need To See This Dad Reacting To His Daughter Singing ‘Frozen’
We’re sure that most parents are sick to the back teeth of their children singing the latest Disney sensation, Frozen, but this Dad had another way of dealing with his car’s new soundtrack! There have been countless parodies...
Sherlock To Return For A Fourth Season…But Not Until 2015!
It’s confirmed people! Benedict Cumberbatch will be back in his long coat and hipster scarf along with Martin Freeman for season four of Sherlock! Does this news qualify National street parties so we can celebrate...
10 TV Series Finales That Were Truly Horrendous
True Blood has began its final series, and, like most people who once loved it, we’re kinda glad it’s finally over! When a series like this has been drawn out so much, it's only going to end badly. Luckily for their writers' careers, it wouldn't be the only show to end on a poor note...
Exclusive! Lucy Watson Tells All About How To Become A Chelsea Girl
We spoke to Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson on all things posh, pricey and stylish, and believe it or not the notoriously sassy celeb told it exactly like it is when she gave us the down low on how we could dress like Chelsea girls ourselves! Basically...
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The Definitive Ranking Of Doctor Who Finales
14 Mother And Baby Halloween Costumes That Are Just Too Adorable
WWYW: Two Genius Women Recreate Kimye's Memorable Outfits
12 Signs You're Suffering From A Serious Case Of Frienvy
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