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What The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black Look Like In Real Life
When you are an actor playing a person in prison, the look is simple. No makeup, no fancy hair, and standard, bland, beige clothes. It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, so we wanted to know...
10 New Year Resolutions We Know We Are Inevitably Going To Fail
A New Year means a new beginning. It's time for you to reinvent yourself, to be better in 2015 than your 2014 self. Your 2014 self was lazy, greedy and boring. Your 2015 self is going to be interesting, fit and...
10 Real Life Lessons We Learned From Frozen
So we all know that Disney movies have been getting lots of flack over the years for their habit of giving young girls the wrong message about love and self esteem. So Disney decided to come back guns blazing with the worldwide hit Frozen...
Why Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Child Is Probably The Luckiest Baby Of All Time
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have welcomed their first child together just before the New Year. Although the baby's sex and name are yet to be revealed, Us Weekly stated that: "The baby came early but everyone is happy and healthy...
Patrick Schwarzenneger Tagged Miley Cyrus In An Instagram And It Was Hilarious
Now that Patrick Schwarzenneger and Miley Cyrus are social media official, we have been pretty impressed with how low key they've been on the Instagram front. It is Miley Cyrus after all, we have learned to expect the unexpected...
17 Things All Book Nerds Know To Be True
For all those people who would rather stay in and finish that book than go on a night on the town or waste their wages in Waterstones, this is all for you...
Top 11 Most Important Moments Of Benedict Cumberbatch In 2014
2014 might have been Benedict Cumberbatch's swan song. From delighting his obsessive Sherlock fans with season three way back in January to garnering critical acclaim for his role in The Imitation Game, the actor has been on FIRE, and did some pretty hilarious things along the way...
27 Fabulous Celebrities With Truly Terrible Childhood Photographs
These stars are unbelievably stunning and out of this world, so we're allowed to giggle at their less than sensational childhood looks. It IS sort of satisfying to know that even the great and glorious superstars of the celebrity world went through the gawky phase...
Creepy Game of Thrones Events That Actually Happened
Ever wondered how George RR Martin’s mind could be so dark? It’s because some of his ideas literally came from the dark ages. Honestly some of the stuff that we have seen on screen was pilfered from medieval times, confirming that history is MESSED UP...
18 Of The Most Insane News Stories To Come Out Of China This Year
China. Home to truly stunning scenery, gorgeous traditions, and frankly unbelievably insane true stories. Here’s a look back at the craziest news from China in 2014…
50 Photos Of The Evolution Of Christina Aguilera's Look
In honour of the original Mickey Mouse Club member turning 34 we decided to reminisce on all of the lovely and completely WTF looks of Lady Marmalade. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the 50 looks of Christina Aguilera...
18 Biggest Breakthrough Celebrities Of The Year
2014 has been a GREAT year for some celebrities. Sure some of them have gotten into lift fights, have 'consciously uncoupled' or have been part of an awkward hacked nude photo leak, but others have been having a GREAT time...
17 Things That Happened Before A Female Bishop Was Appointed
We were delighted to hear that Reverend Libby Lane has become the first female bishop for the Church of England after the canon law was recently changed. This change in the Church came an astounding TWENTY years after women were able to become priests...
This Nine-Year-Old's Letter To Her Gay Teacher Will Make You Happy To Be Human
Mr R was teaching his class an anti-bullying lesson when he asked his students if any of them had ever heard the word 'gay' used in a derogative way, with most of the class raising their hand in response...
Guy Belly Dances On TV With Absolutely No Training And It Is Perfection
When this guy's mum offered him the opportunity to go on the US Morning news with her and partake in a Belly Dancing class he agreed, thinking it would be a bit of fun and he'd get to go on TV! Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), it didn't go quite as he expected...
Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Have An Ongoing Christmas Prank Feud With Jimmy Kimmel
For those who don't know, Jimmy Kimmel is a popular US Talk Show host, who is neighbours to our FAVOURITE Hollywood couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Since this bunch are friends, cheeky and have millions of quid to blow on completely over-the-top pranks...
What We Learned From Interviewing The Into The Woods Cast
The famous Stephen Sondheim musical Into The Woods is out in cinemas on the 19th January 2015, and we couldn’t be more excited, so much so that we sat down with the stars James Corden and Anna Kendrick to chat about the fairy tale musical movie...
15 People Who Took Christmas WAY Too Far
Christmas is a time of love, harmony, and to get creative. From insane family photos to hilarious gifts to horribly misleading Christmas decorations, here are the people that took Christmas just that little bit too far this year (but we LOVE IT)...
18 Parents Who Went A Little TOO Creative With The Elf On The Shelf
For those who don't know, the Elf on the shelf is a frankly brilliant idea to get your kids to behave around Christmas, as the elf is sent to be Santa's eyes and ears and can help decide which children should be on the nice list and which should be on the naughty list...
10 Facts You Should Know About The Most Interesting Person Of 2014: Amal Clooney
The new Mrs. Clooney had quite the year. Between crushing it at her job and getting the most famous bachelor in Hollywood to settle down, she truly can do it all. Barbara Walters took note and named her the most interesting person of the year...
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