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15 Amazing Shows To Watch This Summer
From tried and tested favourites to movie spin offs to brand new shows, television is looking GREAT this year. From gory horrors to crime dramas, we've listed all the shows we are counting down to. Check it out...
20 Truly Outstanding Yearbook Quotes
Why couldn't we have been this cool when we were 18?!
Daytime Television That Will Make You Sad To Be Human
Seriously what is wrong with you people.
There Is FINALLY A TV Show About A Female Superhero And It Looks Brilliant
The Flash. Arrow. Daredevil. Smallville. All of our favourite superhero shows have one thing in common: we’re all rooting for the main guy whilst the girls take a back seat, either playing the role of the plucky yet ignorant best friend...
16 Things All Fans Waiting For Sherlock Know To Be True
Steven Moffat recently revealed that Sherlock series four is to begin filming in spring 2016. Since we’ve already waited over a year for a new episode with Benedict Cumberbatch wearing a deerstalker, we’re pretty furious we are going to have to wait over another year for a new episode...
Cate Blanchett Refuses To Label Her Sexuality And We Love Her For It
Oh Cate Blanchett you mythical ethereal creature of beauty and grace. We have long admired Cate’s talent, effortless class, and alarmingly fantastic cheekbones, and now she has given us one more excuse to faun over her and everything she does...
10 Times Kim Kardashian’s Problems Were Way Worse Than Yours
Kim Kardashian has had a really hard life and has had to face some difficult problems. You wouldn't understand. Here are all the problems of Kim K that are WAY worse than yours...
Everything We Know About The Mean Girls Spinoff So Far
That’s right, it has now been confirmed that a spin off to the 2004 smash hit movie Mean Girls is in the works! It’s been eleven years but it finally looks like Warner Bros. and New line have listened...
10 Alternative Things To Do With Your Girlfriends In London
Why does everyone always assume that when we girls take a trip to London, all we want to do is go for mani or pedi, followed by cocktails?! I mean, sure, that's partly what we want to do, but we're so much more than that...
8 Things I Learned From Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5: Kill The Boy
When I saw the episode of this title, I was really hoping that the boy would be Ramsay. Or maybe Tommen. Or even Theon if it meant just putting him out of his misery already. Instead, it was more of a metaphorical kill, but I like it...
The TV BAFTAs 2015: The Winners And The Losers
It was a night of glitz, glamour, edited speeches, and Benedict Cumberbatch's disappointed face (we're just kidding, he was cool). Here are champagne-popping winners and champagne shotting losers of last night's TV BAFTAs...
Ed Sheeran's New Music Video Will Fill You With Joy
Ed Sheeran's new music video for Photograph from his album X sees our favourite guy go from a tiny tot to playing at a festival rammed with screaming fans. Watching the vids as he goes from an adorable...
Review: Titanic Live Gives Famous Film A Breath Of New Life
It has been 18 years since Titanic was released and the world is still fascinated and moved by the love story of Jack and Rose on the doomed maiden voyage of Titanic. The movie, which was rereleased in 3D in 2012...
11 Answers Game of Thrones Fans Are Still Waiting For
There is a lot of story to get through in Game of Thrones, so although it makes sense that some things will fall through the cracks, it doesn't mean we find it any less acceptable. Here are some questions we have been harbouring, some as early as season one, that we NEED to know the answers to...
Crazy Woman Breaks Into Chris Brown's House And Wreaks Absolute Havoc
One downside of getting everything for free and having your face plastered over every magazine cover? You attract a lot of effing weird people who feel like they know you and want to birth your future children...
#DogsAtPollingStations Is Our Favourite Thing About The General Election So Far
Poor little dogs. You live in this country, and yet you have no right to vote. Dogs should vote, because dogs are the best and will make great decisions for our country. They seem to know this too, because despite sadly not being human citizens...
Why You NEED To Be Watching Broad City
Broad City is a kooky comedy about two twenty-somethings Abbi and Ilana living in NYC. Unlike Girls, these are two characters that you can actually fall in love with. The show just started on Comedy Central in the UK, and we are already OBSESSED...
Everyone Is Focused On The Wrong Thing When It Comes To Kylie Jenner’s Lips
Kylie Jenner has just revealed in an upcoming clip for Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she has in fact had her lips surgically plumped. As you are all probably well aware, the Internet exploded. A girl from a reality TV show lips are trending all over the world...
7 Reasons We're Loving The 'Dad Bod'
Guys, sigh with relief and take a bite of that nacho, because there is a new body form that all the ladies are (apparently) seeking to find, and there is nothing washboard about it. Rather than the sculpted arms of a God or the chiselled six pack of Zeus himself...
10 Of The Most Fantastically Ridiculous Celebrity Adverts
Justin Timberlake has many incredible qualities. Dressing up as a down-on-his-luck giant lime is NOT one of them. However, he's not the only one to have done the ridiculous for a bit of cash and all the free product they can use...
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