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Women Are Sharing Their Earliest Experiences With Sexism Through The #WhenIWas Hashtag
It seems that sexism towards women is almost like some twisted rite of passage these days. Many of us have been experiencing sexism way before we were able to call it out on Twitter, but now women are...
Workmates Have The Most Amazing Reaction When This Woman Comes Out As Transgender
After 19 years of marriage, Amanda Knox’s wife came out as transgender to her and their three children. And as if that wasn’t scary enough, she then came out to her workmates, and they surprised her in...
There's Now A Taxi-sharing Service Hailed As 'The Uber Just For Women'
New ride-sharing service Chariot is set to be the first taxi company that features all-women drivers picking up female-only passengers. Michael Pelletz came up with the idea when working for popular ride-sharing company Uber, but the company is already in hot water before it's even started...
Women Walk Out Of Church In Protest Against Priest's Support Of Abortion Ban
Women in Poland have been seen walking out of a church during a priest's reading of a letter that supports the plan to tighten up laws on abortion. Meanwhile, women's rights activists take to the streets...
Prince Harry Makes A Passionate Speech For Women's Rights At The Nepal Girl Summit
Prince Harry has been in Nepal for the past few days visiting people who were displaced from their homes after the massive earthquake that happened in the area nearly a year ago. He spoke to people in shelters and stayed with a local family in the small mountain town of Leorani...
Calvin Klein Under Fire For 'Sexist' Advertising Campaign
Calvin Klein have come under fire for their latest #mycalvins ad after it had been said that their main New York billboard seemed to perpetuate outdated gender stereotypes, which we're totally bored of RN...
Caitlin Moran Wrote An Open Letter To The Troubled Young Girls She Meets At Book Signings
Caitlin Moran is an icon to many people, and no more so than young girls. At Letters Live last weekend, Caitlin read aloud an open letter she wrote addressed to these girls that she meets at her book signings, and watch out - it's a total tear jerker...
Model Rejected By Agent Because of Her Hips Becomes Face of Global Lingerie Brand
Iskra Lawrence is a model with over 1 million Instagram followers, who celebrates her incredible curves and inspires fans everywhere with her undoctored images and the message to love your body. Since she told LadBible that she once rejected by an agent as her "hips were too big...
Are The Female Emojis Sexist?
While carefully choosing which emoji best expresses your feelings at that exact moment, have you ever stopped to consider (before selecting the sassy hand girl of course), how limited the emojis are in representing women...
WikiHow Taught Me How To Be A Good Feminist
Today is International Women's Day. It's a day to celebrate women, our achievements, and everything we stand for. It's about standing up for feminism. But what is feminism, what makes a feminist and how can I become one? I was about to find out, thanks to my good friend WikiHow...
10 Black Women Who Have Changed History
This month is Black History Month, and what better way to celebrate than learning more about the women who have helped us get to the position we are at now. In the face of extreme racism and sexism, these 10 beauties showed the world that nothing can hold back women of colour...
Movie Producer Tweets Awful Script Introductions To Female Leads And It's Got Us Cringing
Film producer Ross Putman gets sent a lot of garbage scripts. So he started a Twitter account to share the one particularly depressing similarity in all these scripts: the role of the women in the movie...
Lily Bevan and Sally Phillips Are Creating Fun Female Characters In New Comedy Series 'Talking To Strangers'
Female comedy continues to going from strength to strength but, as Lily Bevan laments, she is tired of playing "The Girlfriend"; atypical, one-dimensional characters created for female actors. So, after an impromptu meeting with Sally Phillips...
Ladies, Say Hello To Curvy Barbie
Playing with barbies can get boring when every single one of them looks the same. But, after 56 years, Barbie has now become a real woman - with hella curves! She now has 7 different skin tines and over 20 different eye colours, so now every girl can see a bit of themselves in Barbie...
Barbie cambia forme: dopo 56 anni diventa curvy
Ci ha messo un po' ma alla fine ha preso peso anche lei!
This Woman Live-blogged The Aftermath Of Her Rape
Amber Amour is a 27-year-old woman from New York. Whilst on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa with her 'Stop Rape. Educate' campaign, she was raped in a the shower of a hostel. In the immediate aftermath of the rape...
'Overweight Haters Ltd' Are Handing Fat-Shaming Cards To Women On The Tube
As if our morning commute wasn't stressful enough, now we have to deal with a bunch of d*cks who think it's their prerogative to print off a load of fat-shaming cards and hand them out to women on the train who they deem are 'overweight'...
Here’s Just 3 Examples Of Why The International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women Is So Important
In 1993, the UN General Assembly Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women was created to take action against the epidemic. But more than 20 years on state that 1 in 3 women still experience physical or sexual violence...
Why Is Office Bullying Getting Worse And How Can We Stop It?
There’s an office bully in nearly every workplace. They bombard you with passive aggressive emails, leave mounds of work on your desk and try at least once a day to embarrass you in front of everyone...
What This Husband Wrote About His Wife's Work As A Trauma Nurse Is A Must Read
Bobby Wesson had an incredible response after posting a picture of his wife cuddling their toddler on Facebook along with an explanation about his wife's experiences as a trauma nurse. The post has now...
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