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Late Nights And Barely Breaking Even? 25 Things We Wish We Knew Before Our First Big Girl Job
Post-uni blues? Lets face it, coming out of uni and prowling for jobs is nothing but easy. It takes persistence and determination (and a little bit of luck). But don't let that get you down! Joining the...
This Video Will Make You Rethink How You See Homelessness For Good
When most people look at that girl on the street, 9 times of out 10 they'll think a life of drugs or bad choices got her there. But just imagine you've been fired, or you're too ill to work, you can't pay your rent and there's no-one there to help you pick up the pieces...
The End Of FGM And Child Forced Marriage: What Every Woman Needs To Know About The Girl Summit
Sometimes events happen that are so awful they seem more like the plot of a twisted horror story than real life. For millions of girls facing the threat of FGM and forced child marriage, that horror story is their daily reality...
Watch: The Most Powerful Answers To What Women Really 'See In The Mirror'
Truth is, you don't get to see something like this very often. When John Legend released his video for 'You & I' (Nobody in the world) using 63 different women of varying race, age and experience, he also made a separate video asking some of them to reveal 'what they see in the mirror'...
22 Reasons Why Being A Girl Is The Best Thing Ever!
Sure, we may be moody and over-analyse just about every situation, but being a girl certainly has its perks. Whether we're being asked our preference of wine, or boarding the lifeboat first, being a girl proves to be the best thing EVER each and every day...
Hey, Instagram: Stop Fat-Shaming Plus-Size Women!
Last week, 19-year-old Samm Newman posted a picture of herself on the popular photo-sharing app in a bra and undies. Since it's the summer, itty-bitty bikinis, booty shorts and barely-there shirts have taken over Instagram...
The Self Defence Techniques EVERY Woman Should Know!
Would you be confident enough to fight back if someone attacked you? Or would you freeze up in utter panic? Getting mugged, harassed or assaulted aren't the kinda things we wanna be thinking about, but unfortunately violence here in the UK is a reality...
No Dream Job And A Total Mess? 21 Things All Twentysomethings Need To Stop Fretting Over
Your twenties are are all about having fun right? Wrong. From our own experience, your twenties are all high expectations, being way too hard on yourself and giving a damn WAY too much. Yep. Sounds more like it! But to hell with all this pressure...
How To Be Happy At Work: 10 Steps To A Mon-Fri High
You're never going to be the next Lauren Conrad if you aren't happy at your 9-5. If you're feeling meh about your job, it's time for a work attitude makeover. It's important to keep positive throughout the weekly grind...
15 Reasons Staying In Beats Going Out
Tired of hitting the bar? Sick of your fave dish at your fave restaurant? Then it might be time to buckle down and spend some quality time at home. It's not as bad as you think it is. Honestly! For one, your bank account can finally breathe a sigh of relief...
Zebra Tans and Cruddy Feet? 26 British Girl Summer Problems - REVEALED!
Sweltering hot rooms, ghostly white legs and mega stressful styling dilemmas? Don't get us wrong, we love British summertime...but with lovely warm weather comes a whole host of uncommon things us British girls just ain't used to yet...
Dream Gig A Nightmare? 8 Easy Ways To Make Your Job Less Sh*tty.
So your dream job isn’t quite a dream. Your boss is an ice-queen. Your coworkers are catty, and you’re seriously concerned about your vision because all you do is stare at Excel sheets all day. It’s frustrating when your job ends up being the least fulfilling part of your life...
25 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back: How To Be More Sexy!
How do you feel sexy when you just, er, don’t? Isn’t that the million-dollar question! When your jeans are snug, you’re beyond tired and craving sugary snacks, the last thing you wanna do is shave your legs and slip into something ever so slightly less comfortable...
#LikeAGirl: New Viral Ad Busts Gender Stereotypes
Most sanitary pad adverts are totally cringeworthy, with their obnoxiously smiley actors and blue liquid tests. So, Always has taken a different route with their recent viral ad campaign: tackle an issue that young women face when they hit puberty...
Selfies, One Direction & 100 Happy Days: 27 Things We Need To Get Over
What do One Direction, Starbucks and yoga all have in common? They’re all viral and not in a good way. That’s what. We’re all guilty of sharing sh*t on social media but seriously, food porn, selfies, 100 happy days and serial Breaking Bad statuses… is there nothing more to our lives...
Disney Princesses Used In Powerful Rape Awareness Campaign
The fact that over 40% of sexually assaulted minors have been abused by a family member is not a statistic that sits comfortably with anyone. One artist, who was motivated after hearing her friend's harrowing story, decided to do something about it...
Artist Tortured Like Lab Animal In A Campaign Against Animal Testing
We love our beauty products but how much do you really think about what goes on behind the scenes? This video serves as a shocking reminder of the horrific tests that happen daily to laboratory animals across the globe...
Watch What Happens When Strangers Slap Each Other
Most of us have wanted to give someone a casual backhander at some point in our lives. That's just a given. But we're guessing that the majority of people won't have had the satisfaction of actually doing so (even if they deserved it)...
Would You Get Into A Stranger's Car Without Talking To Them First? Find Out Why These Girls Did...
We definitely wouldn't be as stupid to get into a strangers car without at least talking to them first... or would we? These girls threw caution to the wind when they got into this guy's car. And it's all down to one thing...
20 Must-Read Books That Will Make You A Stronger Woman
People read for pleasure, but what about reading for power? These books will definitely leave you a stronger woman.
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