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Inspirational Feminist Quotes: Empowering Quotes For Women
Be inspired by the wise words of these boundary pushing feminists. It feels GOOD to be a woman.
12 Things We Totally Overshare With Our Girlfriends
Sometimes we get so comfortable with our friends, we begin to think they're our personal diaries. So what do we do? We tell them everything. Even things they have no business knowing. But we don't care...
28 Things Every Summer Intern Can Relate To
Summer internships are something every college student has to deal with - and they can get pretty messy sometimes! It's a rite of passage, we guess. From the 9am coffee runs to not getting paid a penny, here's what every summer intern has to face...
20 Ways Being A Grown Up Kinda Sucks
Ever wanted to go back in time, be a child again and this time never ever, under any circumstances, make the mistake of growing up? Join the club! Adult life is full of great things: happy hour, sex, and no school...
28 Things Every Summer Intern Can Relate To
Summer internships are something every college student has to deal with - and they can get pretty messy sometimes! It's a rite of passage, we guess. From filing to coffee runs to not getting paid a dime, here's what every summer intern has to face...
Wake Up Early And Dress To Impress: 10 Habits To Harness For Career Success
Ever wondered how all those super successful business people stay on top of their game? They keep a few, simple habits that work wonders for their careers! Need a hint? We've got all the habits you need to kill it in the workplace and have the most successful career possible...
Embarrassing Social Media Posts: Why Dads Should NEVER Be Allowed On Facebook!
It is a parent's ultimate goal in life to love, teach, nurture and embarrass the crap out of their children. So what happens when fathers discover how to use Facebook and stalk their children's news feeds...
The Drunk Eater? The Emotional Wreck? 20 Type Of Drunk Girls Every Woman Knows
On a girl's night out it's inevitable that after a few burning shots we're channeling our inner crazy. Whether you're the reckless drunk that plays in traffic, the poorly girl with her head down the toilet or the socialite that knows how to get the party started...
Unrealistic Much? See What Happens When Photoshop Wrecks Women In Famous Paintings
In some of the most famous paintings in the world, the women appear with realistically beautiful, curvaceous figures. Since most of us are sick and tired of seeing the same general perception of the 'ideal body' as a stick thin figure with no boobs...
Banana Pancakes? Watching Old Films? 20 Things To Do On A Lazy Sunday
We love days like these; feet up, hair down and not a care in the world. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the biggest difference to our happiness. Ladies, if you truly want a day of rest, make it a lazy Sunday...
Beating Cancer Never Looked So Beautiful: How Henna Helps Patients Cope With Hair Loss
No-one needs me to re-hash old tropes of how horrific battling cancer is, it goes without saying. What I can do, is bring your attention to the messages of hope and comfort that are out there. This group of Henna Artists are truly inspirational...
The World Sings for Maya Angelou, 1928-2014: Quotes To Remember Her By
Maya Angelou - the singer, author, Nobel Laureate, civil rights activist, filmmaker, and all round phenomenal woman, passed away yesterday at 86, leaving a lasting mark in the American literary canon and on the hearts of people all over the world...
The #YesAllWomen's Manifesto: How The World NEEDS To Change Post-Elliot Rodger
There’s a 141-page manifesto going around that details why women caused a 22-year-old educated and extremely privileged man to kill six people and injure thirteen others. Why something that inflammatory is easily accessible to the public so close to the crime is another question for another day...
The Most Awesome Bikini Body Shots We've Ever Seen. And It's NOT What You're Thinking
The swimwear industry is full of tiny thongs, itty bitty tops, and strings of fabric that barely cover a woman's nipples. However, those swimsuits are made for a very specific type of body; a body that's thin, tall, and model-esque...
OMG! 24 Times Women FREAK OUT (For No Good Reason)
Though we hate to admit it, we ladies do have a penchant for, err, overreacting. Everyone sweats the small stuff sometimes, but as women, there are a MILLION small things that we can freak out over: our makeup, our hair, our clothes, our relationships, our jobs, our TV obsessions...
The Emily Letts Effect: Why We Need More Positive Abortion Stories
Emily Letts documented her abortion and nearly broke the Internet. The responses that followed proved that despite abortion being a common, safe, and relatively quick procedure, people are afraid to talk about it or misunderstand it...
This Woman Has A Message About Body Image And You Need To Listen
If we asked you to describe your body in one word, would it be positive? When Tanya Brumfitt asked 100 women in this video to do the same, almost every single response she got was negative. But instead of everyone getting down about it, this should serve as a wake up call...
BFF Break Up: How To Dump Your Girlfriends As Painlessly As Possible
It can be extremely difficult to let girlfriends go. Are you even supposed to? Can't you just talk and work it out? While we hate to sound like cynics, sometimes the best solution is to cut your losses and keep on truckin'...
10 Work 'Mistakes' That Make You BETTER At Your Job
Little mistakes are unavoidable at work. Coffee will get spilled and words will be misspelled. But there are some workplace behaviours you might think are wrong, but are actually crucial to making you better at your job...
You're Annoying As Hell But I Still Love You! 30 Things ONLY Sisters Will Understand
There's nothing quite like having a sister. After all, it's like having your very own ready made BFF. The double wardrobe, the (brutally honest) insults and the fights that only last, what, like five minutes? A sisterly bond is unique but it's pretty hard to explain...
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