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“I’m who I am; I don’t need a man!” Frozen’s Queen Elsa redefines generations of Disney Princesses
Disney’s new animated film Frozen has been hailed as one of the first Disney princess features where falling in love with a prince was not what saved the day. Instead, Queen Elsa gives her sister a refreshingly logical scolding when she asks to marry a man she just met...
Human Barbie STOPS Eating Food To Live On Air Alone
Women sacrifice a lot to look good, but living on air rather than food might be taking things a bit too far. Not for ‘human Barbie’, Ukranian model Valeria Lukyyanova who has admitted giving up food and water...
Red Not Your Colour? 5 Steps To Avoid Falling Into Debt
We all have a secret spending habit, whether its a weekly blow out at Zara or a gel manicure habit, even when we think we're treating ourselves to what we deserve, sometimes our spending gets out of hand...
Success education: Lessons we've learnt from female entrepreneurs
Every entrepreneur needs a fighting philosophy to get by in this dog eat dog world, which is why we're obsessed with this shortlist of female entrepreneurs. Each one of them have worked hard to be successful and in one way or another, they've changed the world...
Didn't win an Oscar? Get free vaginal rejuvenation instead
Didn't win an Oscar? Never mind eh? There's nothing like a vaginal rejuvenation treatment to cheer an actress up when she's down. Yep, somehow the Oscars are reportedly offering female Oscar ‘losers’...
Barbie Goes From Bimbo To Business Woman - Hello Entrepreneur Barbie!
Say goodbye to those polka dot bikinis and blow out salons, this time Barbie's gone all businesswoman on us. It's time to say hello to Entrepreneur Barbie.
No More Miniskirts! 6 of the Craziest Laws against Women’s Rights Worldwide
To think that in 2014 someone, anyone, can tell an independent, adult woman what she is allowed to do and wear almost sounds too ludicrous for words, right? Well, sadly that kind of thing happens all over the world, every single day...
Sod Neknomination! Bare your breasts for charity instead! The latest craze sweeping social networking
Women are finding more ways than one to put their boobies to good use. As women swap booze for breasts they've gone from photographing their nips for NIPnominate and now they're putting their assets to even more charitable use...
Minister For Sports & EQUALITY Says Girls Should Take Up More Feminine Sports. Sigh.
Want to get more girls into sport? Health and Equalities Minister, Helen Grant says the answer lies in 'feminine' sports like cheerleading and Zumba. We can't even express how many things are wrong with that sentence...
Is This The Most Misogynist Brand In The World Right Now?
SuitSupply, a Dutch menswear brand is facing a pretty fierce backlash to their uncensored website which basically transforms from shopping site to soft porn site in the click of a button. Known for being...
Why Boobs Equal Poverty And Other Sums That Don’t Make Sense
We all know that poverty is a big problem that urgently needs fixing. But when you see these facts, you're going to feel a whole new kind of activist anger. Out of the 1.4 billion people living in poverty, a whopping 70 per cent of those are women...
Workplace harassment: How to deal with the office bully!
Workplace harassment and on-the-job put downs shouldn't be a part of your work life. No matter who's in charge, everyone deserves respect in their workplace. Whether you're contending with a bullying boss or a catty co-worker here's how to deal with the office bully and get ahead at work...
Hate Sexism? Why Are You Making These Mistakes?
Ever commented on what a "pretty little girl" your friend has or have you ever told your boyfriend to just "grow a pair?" Yeah, we're guilty of it too. But there's a good reason why we should rethink how we talk to girls and boys, AND men and women...
Pussy Riot Release New Music Video For Anti-Putin Song
Russian punk band Pussy Riot might have been bloodied with horsewhips by Cossacks in Sochi this week but that hasn't stopped them from releasing a provocative music video to go with their latest song, Putin Will Teach You How To Love The Motherland...
Ukraine Woman Calls For Help From Kiev: Share Her Story
This young woman from the Ukraine has created a powerful plea for help, asking people to watch and share her video, and help spread the message about her country's plight. From injustices in the daily lives of the Ukrainian people...
Pussy Riot members beaten and jailed in Sochi
Two women were beaten in Sochi on Tuesday. No, we’re not talking about athletes, and this definitely didn’t happen in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, members of the infamous art-protest group Pussy Riot...
What This Dying Dad Leaves To His Daughter Is Way More Than Just A Letter
Tom Attwater has a terminal brain tumour and has written his step daughter Kelli a moving letter of advice and guidance that he won't be around in person to give to her. From talking about boys and marriage to school and self-belief...
TV For Girls? ITV Launch New Channel That Caters For What Women Want
Ah that elusive question. What do women want? According to ITV and the launch of their new channel we want nothing more than to watch TOWIE, endless reality TV and be entertained by mindless chatter while looking after our kids or doing the hoovering...
Thought This Was Going To Be Amazing. And Empowering. Instead I Just Want It To Stop.
Feminism is a good thing. Fact. This video is a bad thing. Fact. Watch and learn what happens when BuzzFeed try to take the well-loved listicle and turn it into a video. It just doesn't work.
Victoria's Secret? Making mums breastfeed their babies in alleyways
When you see Victoria’s Secret, what do you think of? Beautiful lingerie? And breasts. Every lingerie ad features the beauty of the female figure, hell, the brand positively promotes sexiness, but it seems that breasts as anything other than sexy (say, perhaps functional) are a big VS no-no...
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