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This Is The World's Toughest Job But Someone You Know Is Already Doing It
Unlimited hours a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there's no breaks and it's all legal. You can eat your lunch but only when the associate is done eating their lunch. If you already have a life, you'll need to give it up...
How To Deal With Being Made Redundant: 7 Ways To Keep Moving Forward
Being made redundant is not cool for anyone, but sadly it's an unfortunate part of life in a struggling economy. Unlike getting fired, redundancy has nothing to do with your competency, so don't let it keep you from finding a new position and excelling at it...
20 Things Everyone Needs to Know to Survive Coachella
Coachella is one of the most exciting music festivals of the year, and it's kicking off this weekend! It's all going down in the sunny city of Indio, California. If you're trekking it to the big event this weekend, you better go prepared...
Why Every Woman Should Feel Comfortable In Her Own Skin
"Beauty is a state of mind." That is the message of Dove's new viral advertisement. They invited women to try out their new, revolutionary Beauty Patch, and over the course of two weeks, those women experienced...
12 Of The Most Scandalous Ad Campaigns Of All Time
Perhaps a sign of marketing genius is being able to spark conversation and leave an indelible impression on potential consumers. But is it possible for companies and magazines to push boundaries so far they actually cross the line? We believe so...
Stunning Photo Series of Breast Cancer Survivors
According to Breast Cancer Care, breast cancer affects one in eight women. The invasive procedures used to treat it completely transform a woman's body into a new kind of grace that challenges today's idea of what beauty looks like...
Shocking Sexual Harassment In UK Government
You'd think (or at least hope) that in Westminster of all places, instances of sexual harassment just wouldn't fly. Well not according to a Channel 4 investigation into sexual harassment in Parliament...
Inside The Mind of The Human Barbie: 5 WTF Moments From Her GQ Interview
In this day and age of shock antics, we've found ourselves desensitized to most of the wacky behaviour of attention seekers. However, Valeria Lukyanova's (a.k.a. The Human Barbie) GQ interview not only caught our eye, it's now burned into our minds...
How Much Do You Really Care About Poverty? 'F*ck The Poor' Campaign Will Tell You...
It's a hard fact to face up to but although you might care about poverty, how much do you actually do to help those less fortunate than yourself? This video shows what happens when the campaign 'F*ck The Poor' takes to the street...
'Get Your Arse Out!' What Happens When Women Turn The Tables On Men
It is a sad fact that women are subjected to sexism on a daily basis, and many consider it as a normal part of life. The Guardian decided to investigate what would happen if a woman initiated a sexist situation at the man's expense, and the reactions ranged from annoyance to utter bemusement...
Could American Apparel Sink Any Lower? This Is Officially Their Perviest Campaign Yet
Slow clap to American Apparel, we didn't think it could happen, but they've out-perved themselves. As if we weren't all tired of their constant attempts to shock with their semi-pornographic campaigns...
How To Make A Comeback After Being Fired
Getting fired from a job can bring up a whole host of feelings, namely shame and doubt about your skills. Fear over the future eventually sets in too. “How am I going to pay rent?” and “What will my parents say?” are questions that will continue to plague you until you find something new...
Fake Rape? Why It's Even More Disturbing Than It Sounds...
French Youtuber, Remi Gaillard may have made this video as a joke, but it is causing more outrage than he could have imagined. Women everywhere are furious, while many viewers find it hysterical. Is this just a silly prank or a sick, degrading trend...
Is This The Best Celeb Comeback Ever? See What Happens When Lorde Calls Out Photoshop Madness
We all know that our obsession with celebrity perfection (aka Photoshop) has gone way too far. But you still never expect stars to call it out. So when Lorde decided to stand up to the madness with just one tweet, we couldn't help fist pumping the air...
10 Lessons in Self-Confidence From Plus-Size Models
Joan Rivers spouted some fatphobia on Tuesday when she claimed Lena Dunham was promoting an unhealthy image. "[She's saying] it’s OK! Stay fat! Get diabetes." Well, Joan, being heavier doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy and loving your body doesn’t mean you’re encouraging others to take up bad habits...
Arrive First? Leave Last? 15 Work Worries You NEED To Stop Now
Staying on top of your A-game and working your hardest are extremely important, but stressing and pulling your hair out with anxiety won't help anything. Take that chill pill and reevaluate whether you are furthering your career, or letting your worries hold you back...
See What Happens When A Homophobic Person And A Gay Person Are Put In A Room And Asked To Hug
In the style of the First Kiss video that has spawned dozens of parodies, a homophobic person and a gay person were put in front of a camera and asked to hug. After some awkward conversation - especially from the homophobic woman who makes the sign of a cross pre hug - the couples embrace...
We Thought #NoMakeUpSelfies Were Brave... Then We Saw What These Women Did
We've all seen all the #nomakeupselfies in support of cancer research go viral on Facebook, but these women took their support to a whole other level.
The "Facebook Cleavage" Subreddit is Real, and It's Beyond Gross
Once again, the Internet reminds us how creepy and disgusting some people can be. On the subreddit "Facebook Cleavage," users can post sexy Facebook pictures of their girl friends for creepers worldwide to enjoy, all without their friend's knowledge...
WTF! So Upskirt Photos Are Legal Now??
Peeping Toms are completely gross, and there are laws in place to prevent pervs from snapping photos of naked women in public places. But what about using your camera phone to snap a photo under a girl's skirt on the subway...
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This Is The World's Toughest Job But Someone You Know Is Already Doing It
How To Deal With Being Made Redundant: 7 Ways To Keep Moving Forward
20 Things Everyone Needs to Know to Survive Coachella
Why Every Woman Should Feel Comfortable In Her Own Skin
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