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Vegan Bloggers Are Teaching Women How To Stop Their Periods Through Dieting
We women all know that periods suck. They're uncomfortable, they make us moody and force us to eat like, a million cupcakes against our will. But they're a natural part of life, so we deal. But, according to a handful of vegan bloggers...
This Artist Creates The Best Middle Finger Up Response To The Thigh Gap
We are all perfect in our own way and nothing makes us happier than inspiring females celebrating that fact. Or poking fun at those unrealistic ideals which try and question it, for that matter. One sassy makeup artist is doing exactly that...
Woman Shows The Reality Of Losing Nine Stone In Brave After Photos
Texas-born Jordaan Spark is an inspiration to us all. The mother has lost a whopping 130 pounds which has not only improved her overall health but she's happier than ever as evidenced in her Instagram feed...
These Texts Show The Terrifying Reality Of Living With Domestic Abuse
One Imgur user's post is going viral for its horrifying and very real portrayal of domestic abuse which she experienced at the hands of her ex-husband. She has now been divorced from him for three years, but keeps these screenshots as a positive reminder of how far she's come...
This Woman Posted A Powerful Photo To Show The Reality Of Depression
This Mental Health Awareness Week, we're shining the spotlight on those encouraging us to talk about our mental health as we all know that a problem shared is a problem halved. Leading the way is Katelyn...
Loose Women's Unphotoshopped Underwear Shoot Is The Body-confident Campaign Women Need
We're hailing the Loose Women ladies our new heroes after the panel stripped down to their underwear for a new, body-positive campaign and it may just be our favourite one yet. The line-up includes everyone from 70-year-old journalist Janet Street-Porter to former glamour model...
It's About Time! Students In The UK Will Now Be Provided With Free Tampons
Out of this years' annual National Union of Students conference came some news that made us punch the air with delight and scream "Better late than neverrrr!" Yes, finally, the NUS have decided to give out free tampons to students across the country...
Stealthing: Where Men Remove Condoms Without Consent
And in the latest sh*tty thing that guys are doing these days, a new study has discovered that some men are removing condoms without consent. The study looks into the phenomenon known as 'stealthing', which sees guys removing condoms without the woman consenting or knowing about it...
Plus-size Model Tess Holliday Is Boycotting Uber After She Was Fat Shamed By A Fat Driver
Body-positive advocate and hugely successful plus-size model Tess Holliday has vowed to boycott popular taxi-driving app Uber after being fat-shamed by a driver who is overweight himself. The mother-of-two...
Turns Out, Women's Periods DON'T Sync When They Live Together
Ladies: remember this day, because it is the day you realised everything you know is a LIE. Apparently a new study has revealed that women's periods don't actually sync up when they live together. Apparently that's just coincidence...
This Fitness Blogger Hasn't Shaved Her Legs In Over A Year And She Might Be Onto Something
While the official end of winter blesses us with longer days, brighter mornings and a spring in our step, it also brings with it the dreaded obligation to banish every bit of body hair to the shower drain...
This Model Shared A Pic Of Her Cellulite And Instagram Just Can't Get Enough
Charli Howard is a woman after our own hearts. If she's not posing with a cupcake in hand, she's showing us real, honest pictures of her cellulite, and we can't get enough of it.
Is This The Most Misogynistic TV Show In The World? Dutch Series Makes Contestants Guess Whether A Woman Is Pregnant Or Just Fat
A Dutch reality show has provoked a feisty backlash from outraged viewers after a segment which asked four male contestants to examine a female volunteer's clothed body to decide if she is expecting or overweight aired recently...
This Woman Wants To Open A Vagina Museum And We're All For It
Florence Schechter is a woman after our own hearts - and our vaginas. The UK-based science YouTuber is launching a campaign to open the world's first vagina museum, all in the name of equality.
Swimsuit Designer Body Shamed Amy Schumer And The Internet Clapped The Hell Back
If anything restores our faith in humanity, it's how quickly women come to the defence of other women when someone is hella rude to them. That is this story's saving grace after an image of comedian Amy Schumer was rudely criticised by a female swimwear designer...
This Body Confidence Coach Is Destroying The "Fat Friend" Stereotype
Michelle Elman is a body confidence coach but for 21 years she refused to wear a bikini in public. See, Michelle has had 15 surgeries over the course of her life - for a brain tumour, a cyst on the brain, a punctured intestine and hydrocephalus - and her confidence has suffered as a result...
This Disturbing Photo Shows The Terrifying Reality Of Living With Domestic Abuse
The last thing you expect when you meet the person you love is for that special someone to end up abusing you, but thats sadly a reality for many women - both in this country and abroad. So when Inspector...
Mexico City Metro Installed A 'Penis Seat' To Raise Awareness For Victims Of Sexual Assault
Mexico City have installed a penis seat on one of their trains in order to raise awareness for the huge number of women who are victims of sexual violence in the country's capital. And if the chair shocks you, then you'd better prepare yourself for the shocking statistics that come with it...
Two Girls Are Banned From Flight For Wearing Leggings
And today in sexist news that makes no sense: a United Airlines agent stopped two girls from flying because they were wearing leggings. In a series of tweets, one witness describes seeing the girls stopped from boarding the flight until they changed into something they deemed more appropriate...
A Female Body-builder Body-shamed Another Woman In The Gym And People Are Understandably Outraged
If you've ever felt intimated by the so-called 'fit fam' that are a feature in every gym, you can spare a thought for this unfortunate lady who found herself on the receiving end of some very nasty comments, courtesy of a fellow female...
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