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How To Tell Him You Love Him: The Best Ways To Do It
You met a boy who is everything you could ever want. You can't wait to spend every moment with him and you've realised that he is absolutely the one for you. You finally know the meaning of love and can identify with Adele songs...
How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship And Make It Work
Long distance relationships may seem romantic but anyone who’s ever been in one will know it’s not always Sleepless In Seattle. However, research by eHarmony shows that the average Brit is willing to travel over 400 miles for love...
The first date
The first date can be just as stressful as a job interview. Sure, having secured a date with him in the first palce is a good sign, but you need to make sure of the second! Here's some advice to follow so that you feel comfortable on the day and get luck on your side...
Erotic Lit
Who hasn't ever flicked through a suggestive or naughty piece of, ahem, literature? Erotic lit isn't easy to define: sensual, provocative and pornographic, it's come under all forms of censure throughout the ages...
What to do if a condom splits?
Condoms are a method of contraception and the only way of protecting against sexually transmitted diseases or infections. However, they can tear during sex. What should you do if a condom splits and what protection do you need...
The Art Of Kissing
Are you familiar with the French kiss? This sensual kiss, practised by lovers the world over, is perhaps the most well-known but there are many more ways of kissing. From the perfect technique to what not to do, here's everything you need to know about smooching...
What Is Love?
What is the intense emotion that overcomes us when we look at or think about that special someone? How do you know you're in love? Why does it feel so good? Does it last for a lifetime? We take a look at the age-old mystery and wonder of that crazy little thing called love...
Feminine hygiene
The genital area is particularly sensitive and has to be treated differently to the rest of your body. Here's what to do - and what not to do - for impeccable hygiene Down There.
Penis fracture
Penis fracture is not a rupture of the bone (there is no bone in the penis)! It's a rupture of the tunica albuginea, the thick coat surrounding the penis. It happens when the erect penis is excessively bent...
The Male Genitals
The male genitals were a symbol of power in ancient times, and today they're still synonymous with virility! The male genitalia are more exposed than the female sex organs, and we think we know everything about them...
Erection problems
Can’t get it up, can’t keep it up…erection problems are embarrassing for men, but they're more common than we think. Whether their problem is occasional or recurrent, our partners would prefer to keep quiet about it than find a solution...
Considered taboo or shameful for a long time, fantasies are more commonly accepted by women these days. And with good reason: in addition to helping create mental balance, they fuel desire, intensify pleasure and help us be open about our sexuality...
Erection problems
Erection problems are embarrassing for men, but they're more common than we think.
What is an open relationship?
Have you ever thought about having an open relationship? It's definitely not for everyone, we know, but some people swear by it. They say they are closer and even have better sex together as a result!
The menopause
A natural phenomenon, the menopause is a phase all women go through, but it's not an illness. It can bring unpleasant physiological effects, mood swings, bloating and cognitive problems, however. What happens to your body during the menopause...
Long distance love
Distant relationships aren't always easy. However, a few very simple basics can help you deal with separation in the best possible way. Here are some tips on making a long distance relationship work.
X-Rated Facts: Everything You Need To Know About Porn Films
Adult, porn, blue, it what you want. Everyone has their own term for porn, but have you ever considered how it actually became and how people watched it before the dawn of the Internet...
Can Sex Therapy Really Repair Your Love Life?
Many problems such as decreased libido, lack of pleasure, premature ejaculation and vaginismus, lead couples to consult a therapist. How do you choose your therapist? What happens during a consultation? Here is an overview of sex therapy...
The missionary position
The missionary position is a classic in the act of love and is the most common position in Western sexuality.
Want Sheet Grabbing Sex? 10 Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Foreplay
Finding foreplay repetitive? When it comes to getting in the mood, foreplay is by far the most important aspect of sex. But don't worry there's always something for you and your partner to enjoy. We butted...
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