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There's A New Anti-Ageing Gin And We Need It In A Hip Flask ASAP
We all wanna have a vigorous anti-ageing routine that works wonders, but who's got time for that? It takes years to reverse the years. And we'd much rather be sat in a beer garden with a drink than inside with a face mask on...
Rose-shaped Doughnuts Are The Summer's Sweetest Treat
What do you get when you combine a bunch of flowers and a doughnut? Doughflowers of course - and we know which one we'd rather get a bouquet of.
Gin-Flavoured Ice Cream Is Here And We're Salivating At The Thought
What could be tastier than an ice-cold gin and tonic in the height of summer? Nothing tbh. But what if you could satisfy your G&T craving with a scoop of gin-flavoured ice cream? This is not a drill but in fact potentially the greatest booze-food hybrid yet...
This Woman Found A "Squid Like" Object In Her Fancy Coconut Water
Have you ever drank out of a mug only to discover there's a spider in there? I have, and it's haunted me ever since. My number one life rule is to always, always check a glass before drinking out of it...
Prosecco, Rosé and Champagne Ice Lollies Are The Fanciest Treat You Need This Summer
Summer is looming over us like a big cloud filled with muggy heat and barbecue smells. There's nothing we like better than throwing on a summer dress and kicking back with a large rosé in one hand and an ice-cold lolly in the other...
If You Love Gin, You're A Psychopath, Apparently
If gin features, in any way, in your favourite drink, you're a loony. That's according to a new study which will no doubt shatter the drunken dreams of G&T lovers everywhere. Boffins from Innsbruck University...
Blue Prosecco Is Soon To Be A Thing And We're Not Sure How We Feel About It
We've seen it all: rose gold prosecco, nail varnish that tastes like prosecco and even prosecco for dogs, but this is one version of the bubbly stuff that we'd never thought we'd see: blue prosecco. Bright blue prosecco...
Who Needs Humans? You Can Now Have Afternoon Tea With Your Pooch
Have you ever been chowing down on a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich at a fancy afternoon tea, looked over at your best friend and thought, "I wish my beloved pug pup was here guzzling finger sandwiches with me instead of you...
Avocado Chocolate Could Be The Best Thing You'll Ever Eat For Breakfast
Why have crushed avo on toast with a poached egg and a dizzle of lemon if you can have avocado in chocolate form hey? Those were our thoughts exactly as soon as we heard our favourite superfood and junk food were coming together as one...
You Can Now Buy Rose Gold Shimmer To Put In Your Prosecco And It Is So Extra
Putting your prosecco pinkies in the air just got even fancier. Lakeland are now selling raspberry flavoured rose gold shimmer to make sure your bubbles are poppin' as bright as your highlighter. And we're not afraid to admit, we need it...
Avocado Mayo Is The Newest Food Hybrid We Never Knew We Needed
Welcome to 2017: the year we're no longer content with life's simple pleasures - such as avocados and mayonnaise - we have to do everything in our power to 'improve' them. The brunch staple and the much-loved condiment are the latest things to fall victim to this trend...
Rosé Chocolate Is Here And It's All Our Dreams Come True
Easter may be over but wipe those tears because rosé chocolate is here and it will more than fill the cocoa-shaped hole left in your life. Two of life's greatest vices, chocolate and wine, coming together as one? This foodie news is music to our ears...
Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos Are REAL And They're On Their Way
People love Starbucks. People love unicorns. So it was only a matter of time before these two joined forces and created something so delicious, so majestic, so magical that we'll be throwing an entire month's wages at daily frappuccinos...
There's A Nutella Cafe In Australia And We Need To Go There
We are not afraid to admit we've put Nutella on a Ryvita before (desperate times) but doughnut burgers, crepes and pizza are a much better match for the humble chocolate hazelnut spread...
The World's First Avocado Bar Has Opened And We Want To Avo-go
First came the world's first avocado restaurant in the form of the highly-hyped Avocado Show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but our American neighbours have upped the ante by opening a bar dedicated to the most Instagrammed food stuff...
It's All About The Base! Charcoal Pizza Is Here And It Feels So Wrong
Pizza's a good thing. In fact, it's one of the best. It's bready, it's doughy and it makes us drift off into a carby coma approximately 10 minutes after eating it. See, you know what you're getting with...
There's A Mac 'N' Cheese Festival Happening In The UK Next Month
Mac and cheese is one of life's simple pleasures; a humble mix of melted cheese and macaroni pasta. And so you could say that our lives are officially complete now that foodie blogger Emma Mykytyn has...
Reese's Are Now Doing A Peanut Creme Egg And All Is Right With The World
It's a relief to hear that, sometimes, your prayers do get answered. So as Easter rolls around once again and there's an abundance of creme eggs overflowing on supermarket shelves, we've never been more grateful that Reece's have finally got their act together and released a peanut butter creme egg...
You Can Now Buy A Lollipop Shaped Like Donald Trump's Head - And All The Profits Go To Planned Parenthood
"Trump sucks" is a phrase that is uttered across the world on a daily basis. Whether it's talking about reproductive rights, immigration or healthcare, the same iteration enters our brain as soon as the ol' Donny opens his mouth: Trump sucks...
Penis Lattes Are Here And They're Giving Morning Glory A Whole New Meaning
If you've been searching for new ways to make getting up in the morning easier, we may have found the holy grail in the form of penis lattes; and they're every bit as LOL worthy as they sound. The impressive caffeinated works of art have got us laughing all the way to the office...
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