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Stop Everything! A Real-life Nutella Tap Exists
No, your eyes are not decieving you - that is a tap dispensing the gloopy goodness that is Nutella. Zero Gradi - an ice cream parlour in Melbourne, Australia - are the proud inventors...
It Turns Out Your Favourite Fast Food Is Full Of Actual Sh*t
Last month we had the displeasure of informing you that the nation's favourite global coffee chains were found to have poo particles in their iced drinks. Now, an investigation by the same people - BBC...
There's Now An Underwater Winery In Croatia & You Can Visit It This Summer
Forget that all inclusive beach holiday you've been searching for, because if you love wine and are looking for your next wanderlust fix, we may have just found your idea of paradise. Croatia's first underwater winery is now open and it's the ultimate in travel goals...
This Is How Rainbow Unicorn Bagels Are Made
This Is How Rainbow Unicorn Bagels Are Made
This UK Pizza Chain Is Selling A Mac And Cheese Stuffed Crust & We're Not Worthy
If you've ever thought your life is missing something, let me tell you that something could well have been Mac N Cheese stuffed crust pizza, but relax because it's here and it's ready to fill that carby-cheesy-shaped hole...
This British Supermarket Is Selling A Massive Magnum Of Prosecco For Just £14
Prosecco princesses among us it's time to grab a flute and pour it up, because this news will have you positively fizzing with excitement. You can now buy a giant magnum of prosecco for just £14 thanks to this popular supermarket's price crunch - and just in time for the weekend too...
Pimm's Popsicles Are Here To Get Us In The Spirit Of Summer
What even is British summertime without a jug of Pimms in one hand (yep, a whole jug) and a handheld fan in the other? It's the only time we'll willingly consume strawberries, cucumber and mint all swaddled into a cup without some health guru telling us we have to...
These Penis Cakes Are Taking America By Storm
Listen, give us a d*ck-shaped cake and we'll show you a happy bunch of women. That's why we're loving the look of these popular Taiwanese phallic treats - and it seems other people are too, with customers queuing round the block to get a cheeky taste of these cream-covered cock cakes...
Competition: Win A Luxury Hamper Worth £150 For The Perfect Night In!
Sofeminine has teamed up with Boursin® to give one lucky winner the chance to win a luxury hamper for the perfect night in. Because staying in is the new going out, right?
It Turns Out Your Favourite Coffee Is Full Of Sh*t
Pour yourself a big one coffee fiends because this news is hard to swallow: a recent investigation by the BBC found poo particles in drinks of three of the biggest global coffee chains. If that's not enough to convince you to curb your caffeine habit, we don't know what is...
Rosé Ice Pops Are The Booziest Way To Cool Down This Summer
Summer is almost, almost here and the sunshine has even made a brief appearance too, so that can only mean the three b's associated with this season, bikinis, beach and booze, are just around the corner...
You Can Finally Get Your McDonald's Delivered To Your Door With UberEats!
Say goodbye to shuffling into McDonald's with the hangover from hell and wearing yesterday's floordrobe clothes because you can finally get your legendary flat sausage muffin delivered to your door. And to think, we were so close and yet so far from starting that healthy diet...
Unicorn Tear Gin Is Here To Make Your G&T Magical AF
If you've ever day dreamed about what unicorn tears taste like, wonder no more because they now exist in gin form and we can't act cool about it. Take your unhealthy obsession with the mythical creature...
There's A Blue Gin Train Coming To London & You're Going To Want A Ticket ASAP
Ordinarily, us Londoners spend way too much time waiting for a train, sitting on a train or filling out delay repay forms for cancelled trains, but a gin train? Now that's something we can get on board with - literally...
A Waitress Used A Hot Dog As A Tampon Then Watched A Customer Eat It
If recent events haven't been enough to make you want to stop the world and get off, this story will. If you're partial to hot dog or two and you're reading this, it's too late. This is the tale of a diner waitress who got so p*ssed off with a customer...
Pizza Ice Cream Now Exists, Because Of Course It Does
In summer, there's nothing better than a scoop of ice cream or two to cool us down on those balmy June afternoons. And we're down with the unique flavours - gin and tonic sorbet? Uhh, yes please! But now ice creameries are taking two of our favourite foods and combining them for summer...
Avocado Art Is Your New Instagram Obsession
If you love playing with your food, this latest Insta craze is taking it to the next level and trust us - you're gonna love it. People are taking everyone's favourite squishy green fruit (yeah that's right - IT'S A FRUIT) and turning it into edible art which...
This Matte Black Latte Will Release Your Inner Goth
Are zingy, bright unicorn lattes and sickly sweet mermaid frapps leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Girl, we hear you. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a matte black latte - it's gothic as hell and the perfect antidote to those annoyingly Instagrammable beverages...
Happy National Doughnut Day! 17 Of The Yummiest Doughnut Recipes You Have To Try
Doughnuts are one of life's most underrated pleasures. Whether you're happy, sad or just 'hangry', the sweet snack with the hole in it is always there. But while you may be partial to the odd Krispy Kreme or jam-filled variety...
20 Ways To Pimp Up Your Picnic This Summer
Ahh summer. The bees are out, the sun cream is on and the sunglasses are caught in our hair. There's nothin' quite like it! But to truly celebrate summer, Great British tradition deems you simply must have a picnic...
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