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A Teenager Sh*t Herself In Public After White Stuff Store Refused Access To Their Toilet
When you need to go, you need to go. We've all experienced the desperation of busting for a wee - just look at the girls' toilet queue in any nightclub on a Saturday night - but can you imagine the embarrassment...
34 Yoga Quotes To Inspire That Downward Dog
If life (work, social plans, texting everyone back) is leaving you feeling *frazzled*, yoga could be just the calm you're searching for. But if you've ever been hesitant to start your yogi life for fear...
Woman Posts Inspiring Before & After Pictures Of Her Heroin Addiction To Help Others
Everyone who has ever suffered with addiction knows that bad habits are hard to kick. And those close to someone who has suffered with addiction know this just as well. Melissa Lee Mantos was all too aware of how her addiction affected both her and her family...
Hold Ya Dumbbells, You Can Actually Die From Overexercising
This is all the proof we need that going to the gym is officially bad for you - so now we're going to stay home and stuff our faces with Quavers and slices of cheese instead. OK, so it's not quite as...
This Woman's Side-by-side Photos Show Endometriosis Is 'No Joke'
Endometriosis isn't the enigma it once was thanks to the likes of Lena Dunham, Halsey and Julianne Hough, but it's still a condition that many of us don't understand. But Thessy Kouzoukas is opening up more of a dialogue after posting a pic on her Instagram of how the condition affects her body...
There's An App That Texts You To Stop Drinking Like A Moaning Parent
A new Australian app promises to help you curb your hangovers by sending you regular text messages on your night out that replicate the naggy texts your mum sends when she expects you home and in bed by 10pm...
Doctors Remove 27 Contact Lenses From Pensioner's Eye
Most contact lens-wearers are all too familiar with the painful consequences of forgetting to remove them pre-disco nap or post night-out. But spare a thought for this 67-year-old woman whom doctors found...
Study Shows That Being Hangry Is Actually A Real Thing
It's a study that should have been at the forefront of scientific research if you ask us, but maybe that's just because we haven't had our afternoon snack yet. Research has uncovered that the great hangry myth is, in fact, no myth at all - people really do get angry when they're hungry...
This Woman Got Real About Her Two Stone Weight Gain & It's Inspiring AF
Considering the gazillion transformation photos flooding our Instagram feeds each day, we have to admit it's rare that they ever actually inspire us to put down that slice of pizza and put the gym membership to good use...
Scotland Is Giving Women On The Poverty Line Free Tampons
In a world where we women are required to pay tax on vital hygiene products, it's refreshing to hear news of an initiative that's attempting to make the time of the month more affordable for those who struggle to make ends meet...
Unprotected Oral Sex Is Leading To A Rise In Untreatable STDs
It's easy to forget that using protection when it comes to sex isn't just to prevent you getting pregnant, but also to stop you getting an STI. Which means that your protection can't just be limited to condoms - you gotta get out those dental dams, ladies...
17 Celebs Who Have Spoken Out About Their Mental Health
17 Celebs Who Have Spoken Out About Their Mental Health
You Can Now Buy The Morning After Pill Off The Shelf At Superdrug And It's Half Price
Sheepishly dragging yourself (and your one night stand, depending on how much of a gentleman he is) to the pharmacy the morning after the night before is a rite of passage for women. If you make it through...
This Mum Was Left Paralysed After An Orgasm Led To A Brain Haemorrhage
There are plenty of things that you just don't want to happen when you're getting fresh: losing 'momentum', accidentally spotting yourself in the mirror at an unflattering angle, falling asleep, losing something important in an orifice...
People Are Getting Massaged With Knives As A Stress Reliever
The latest massage craze is here and it's not for the faint-hearted: in Taipei, Taiwan, customers are visiting masseuse Hsiao Mei Fang to get one of her famed knife massages. Yep, ya heard. Fang uses meat cleavers as part of her relaxing treatment...
This Drug-Free Miracle Gel Could Be The Answer To All Your IBS Struggles
If you're an IBS sufferer, you'll know the anxiety of being 10 yards away from a toilet all too well. You can't even mention bread or cheese without breaking into the panic sweats and your tummy gurgles at the very sniff of coffee...
Bottoms Up! Gin Could Be The New Miracle Cure For Hay Fever
We love us some summer, but the excuse to eat as much ice cream as we want whenever we want comes at a hefty price for a large majority of the population, who are unfortunate enough to suffer from hay fever...
Women Are Piping Ozone Gas Into Their Vaginas And It Could Kill You, No Kidding
While it's positive progress that women are being increasingly encouraged to take care of their vaginal well being, we can't help but think some people are taking advantage of us by commodifying our precious pussies...
Apparently There Are Only 5 Types Of Vagina - Which One Do You Have?
The rise of beautifying our lady gardens beyond regular trims has reached its peak with more women than ever being encouraged to treat their vaginas with the same amount of tender, loving care as we do the skin on our faces...
The Rash From This Woman's Bra Turned Out To Be Stage 4 Breast Cancer
When Jennifer Cordts first noticed a red sunburn-like rash on her breast in 2015, she thought it would be best to get a mammogram to double check. Her test came back normal but after Googling her symptoms - as we all do - but she never expected to hear the words stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer...
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A Teenager Sh*t Herself In Public After White Stuff Store Refused Access To Their Toilet
34 Yoga Quotes To Inspire That Downward Dog
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