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Honey In Your Eyes? On Your Face? In Your Latte? Amazing Health Benefits of Manuka Honey
Anything as delicious as honey has gotta be bad for your health right? Not Manuka honey! It has powerful anti-viral, anti-septic and gut controlling properties which means that spoonfeeding ourselves with this sweet stuff is no longer on our list of guilty pleasures...
On your mark, get set, go! Training tips for your first half marathon
Have you decided to take the plunge and train for your first half marathon? We salute you for bucking up the courage and signing up, because once you're in gals, there's no turning back. First-timers always have tons of questions on how best to prepare for their first half...
Step Away From The Sweet Stuff! Quit Sugar in 10 Easy Steps
There's no high like a sugar hit. Crunching on a midmorning chocolate bar, having tea and cake. A cocktail after work... you just feel amazing, until, sluggishness kicks in. That’s your body saying 'stop feeding me junk'...
7 Ways to keep your heart healthy and happy
Your heart is one impressive organ pumping 2,000 gallons of blood per day. As women age, we are far more likely to develop heart disease than breast cancer (3 times more likely!) yet most women don't do enough to safeguard their heart...
10 reasons to lift weights...with your vagina. Yep.
So this is kinda awkward subject but the latest idea to come straight from the States (where else!) is to lift weights with your vagina. We repeat, your vagina. This isn't just some ridiculous publicity stunt or joke either...
Ultimate squat workouts for a bootilicious bum
If you want a perky bum, there’s no faster way of getting it than doing squats and lately, people have become obsessed by squatting their way to a bangin’ behind. With the rise of #belfies and celebs like Kim Kardashian...
Vegan Diet: The secret to Beyonce’s dramatic weight loss
If there’s one thing we know as fact, it’s when Beyonce makes a statement we all bow down. So when she performed her new single at the 2014 Grammy Awards with hubby Jay-Z looking TINIER than ever, no-one in the world could pretend they didn’t notice her shrinking frame...
Jen Selter: You might not know her face but you definitely will know her ass...
Sick of seeing pictures of celebs and fitness fanatics in their tiny pants? Well tough. As the new Queen of this slightly narcissistic trend - Jen Selter - has just received a mega endorsement from one of the biggest sports brands in the world, we predict #belfie’s aren’t going anywhere...
Fatigue fighters: 8 foods that boost your energy
Try these energy-packed whole foods to amp up your energy levels...
The 10 best YouTube workout videos in the biz
If you can’t be bothered to hulk yourself down to the gym you don’t have to wave goodbye to your workout for that day. YouTube fitness videos are the way forward in the fitness industry, when you can join all kinds of fitness classes from the comfort of your home...
Look younger, lose weight and relax: The 12 surprising health benefits of green tea
We’re guessing that if you’re reading this, you’ve heard about the ‘magical’ powers of green tea to transform your latte-ridden behind into a detoxified temple, right? Right. Green tea has long been used...
How to make your workout routine more exciting
If the thought of facing your usual workout routine leaves you cold, then it could be time for a workout shake-up. Fun is the buzzword here and we've got just what you need - expert tips and tricks on how to keep your workout routine exciting...
Sugar Alternatives: The facts about sugar and its substitutes
The majority of us want to cut down on our sugar intake but where on earth do you start? With programmes on TV telling us we’re eating too many 'toxic' sugars and warnings about the dangers of deceptive ‘added sugars’ in our food becoming more regular...
The top 7 foods for healthy skin
Eat your way to fabulous skin with our edit of these complexion-boosting foods...
Winter cycle gear: must have items
Hold on! Before you put those trainers in the cupboard to hibernate this winter, check out our list of the best pieces of apparel for cycling in the cold. No excuses; hit the road.
Clean and Lean Diet: James Duigan’s clean eating diet plan
Forget the fad diets, forget the cycles of gut wrenching hunger, major binges and subsequent shame spirals – this diet concept is about to change your relationship with food forever. “Everything in moderation” isn’t what you’d usually hear from the latest celebrity diet trend...
Healthy alternative food check list 2014
You want to eat what you like without the consequences, which is why you need to consult our health alternative food list. 2014 is looking slimmer already!
10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fitness Motivation
If you’ve made the commitment to get fit and healthy for 2014 we're telling you now, there will be times (plenty of them) when you'll need some serious fitness motivation to stay on track. Rather than blue tacking pictures of Miranda Kerr to your fridge door or repeating...
Coffee is good for you! Coffee's 10 secret health benefits
Fatigued faces and grouchy-morning moods often rely on the aromas of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. But with an army of skeptics claiming "coffee is bad for you", is it true that our morning cuppa is really harming our health? Nay...
Best products to prevent a hangover
Want something you can take to make your morning-after less grim?
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