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Want More Energy? And Better Sleep? Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is a nutrient you can't do without! From producing your body's DNA, to preventing heart disease and being your brain's main source of fuel, there's not much this little nutrient can't do. Ladies, it's time to educate ourselves on the true benefits of vitamin B12...
Running For Just 5 to 10 Minutes A Day Could Lengthen Life Expectancy
Calling all lazy people, we've got GREAT news for you. Findings from a study conducted by the University of Iowa suggest that running only 10 minutes a day is sufficient to lengthen life expectancy for several years AND reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease...
Beautiful Skin & A Healthy Heart: 7 Of The Best Omega-3 Benefits
If you suffer from fatigue, memory problems and mood swings, omega-3 could be the answer. Not only are the celebs lapping up so much of the stuff that it's a miracle there's some left for the rest of us, but Nutritionists and GPs alike can't stress the benefits of omega-3 enough...
Do Dreams Mean Anything? From Why We Do It To What They Mean
Dreams are one of life's unexplained mysteries that we can't help but question. Sometimes our dreams are so great we hope to never wake up, other times they're just plain scary but what (if anything) the hell do our dreams mean anyway...
How To Beat The Block: 15 Ways To Break The Workout Wall
Nothing hurts more than hitting the workout wall at 100mph. If you’ve been dedicated to training for months but are now suddenly feeling uninspired to get up and go, we can sympathise. Whether it’s down to an injury or just a lack of motivation...
The Slimming Secret: Everything You Need To Know About The Japanese Diet
Want to be healthier and slimmer? From gorging down oily fish to quenching your thirst with delicious, natural teas, adopting the Japanese way of eating can help you become the healthiest you've ever been...
Can Full-Fats Be Good For You? The Healthy Fats You Should Be Eating!
Who would have known 'full fat' could actually be a good thing, let alone a healthy one? Full fat options are often richer in vitamins, minerals AND can help you lose weight! Now that's the foods we wanna hear about...
Infrared Saunas And Swedish Massages: 12 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body
Detoxing your body isn't just about juicing and going hungry for days on end. It's about getting your body back into working order and helping to eliminate the harmful toxins that we come across day in, day out - but don't worry...
Muffin Tops Begone! Everything You Need To Know About The Wheat Belly Diet
We couldn't help but raise our eyebrows when the wheat belly diet hit British shores. Is 'whole hearty wheat' really a burden to good health and wannabe beach bodies? Well according to Wheat Belly author and cardiologist, Dr...
Going Cardio Crazy and 'No Pain, No Gain': 10 Mistakes We're Making At The Gym
If you've been working out like a woman possessed but are still not seeing your desired results you could be falling into the trap of these common exercise errors. We've all made these mistakes at the gym before, but with these ten simple solutions, we won't have to anymore...
Are You Ready For A New You? 18 Ways to Detox Your Home And Your Life
Feel like your life's in need of a major makeover? Feeling down, sluggish or frozen in time? Do yourself a favour and give your home AND life the spring clean it deserves. For more energy, a clear mind and positive change follow these 18 easy steps for a healthier, happier YOU...
Restore Your Health And Vitality! How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally
Crappy moods, low energy and unexplained weight gain? These are ALL symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Before your mind skips straight to menopause, hormonal problems can actually affect women of ANY age and YOU could be one of them...
Younger Looking Skin & More Energy: 9 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water
Everybody knows drinking water is good for you, but after reading just how good it really is you'll be stockpiling 2 litre bottles of Evian like there's no tomorrow. Not only does it keep us, oh we don't know, ALIVE but drinking water helps us stay flu-free, focused, and looking great...
Younger Looking Skin & More Energy: 9 Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water
Everybody knows drinking water is good for you, but after reading just how good it really is you'll be stockpiling 2 liter bottles of Evian like there's no tomorrow. Not only does it keep us, oh we don't know, ALIVE but drinking water helps us stay flu-free, focused, and looking great...
Pulled An All Nighter? 15 Ways To Survive On Less Sleep
Completely frazzled from the night before? Not sure how you're going to make it through the day? Don't panic. Despite a lack of sleep there are a few simple things you can do to help you through the day...
Sweating & Falling Off The Treadmill? 24 Stages Girls Go Through When Hitting The Gym
Going to the gym is every girl’s greatest love/hate relationship. We love the feeling afterwards, hate JUST about everything that comes before that. Motivating yourself, getting distracted by shirtless men, trying to work the damn machines then tripping over the treadmill...
10 Flat Belly Foods For Super Hot Abs
You want to look good for summer, we get it - it's only natural. But the thing is, you don't have to go all crazy and deprive yourselves of eating well to do it. In fact there are certain flat belly foods out there that...
Energy, Weight Loss and Brain Power: 10 Essential Health Benefits Of Iron
If you're feeling tired, winded and out of sorts you could be deficient in iron. This element is essential to our health in SO many different ways. So if you have NO explanations for feeling crappy and think you could be deficient (most women are...
Quit Smoking Timeline: The Health Benefits Of A Smoke-Free Life
Winding down and relaxing without a cigarette may seem like a totally unrealistic goal to begin with, but once you battle through the nicotine cravings and frustration, you'll find quitting smoking is a lot easier than you thought...
A Flat Tummy And Gorgeous Skin? The 12 Amazing Benefits Of Papaya
Is there really one fruit that can give you fresh glowing skin, regular periods and a flattened tum? Yep. You better believe it. Papaya, AKA 'the fruit of the angels' is well known to provide a TON of life changing benefits...
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