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Secret eater or calorie counter? Whether you're a health and fitness fanatic or a self-confessed slob, we all have a gauge of our true lifestyle habits. But how much do your health and fitness aspirations control your life...
Cinnamon and Honey: Key ingredients to add to your diet
The cinnamon and honey diet has been all the rage recently with countless bloggers and dieters praising it for helping them lose weight and keep it off. But as with any new 'diet trend', we're skeptical...
Is Snoring Ruining Your Relationship? 10 Ways To Stop Him Snoring For Good
Are you tugging and rolling in bed? Putting a pillow over your head? Sleeping in separate beds? There’s no doubt that loud hoarse breathing while you’re trying to sleep is anything but soothing to the ear...
Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 10 Ways To Make Your Workout Work
Ever look in the mirror after month's worth of hardcore working out and think WTF?! We've all been there. Working flat out at the gym for hours and seeing only a few pounds begrudging shift off the scales is incredibly frustrating - but it won't be down to chance...
National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Support The Cause
It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week, so now more than ever, we all need to know the facts about this health problem that affects millions. Every eating disorder is should be taken seriously and needs to be handled with compassion...
Quicker Metabolism? Healthier Heart? Smoother Skin? 12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil
There's a reason why coconut oil is everywhere right now. If you want healthy-looking skin, a great metabolism, and a healthy heart then coconut oil is the way to get all three. Over the last couple of...
Weight lifting for women: 14 reasons to get weight training
Weight lifting is one of the best ways to get healthy, strong, and body confident. Fact. So if you're sick and tired of people saying "won't weights make you bulky?" or "isn't weight-lifting for guys?" then you're in the right place...
Better Foreplay, Mind-Blowing Sex And Longer Orgasms: Natural Ways To Boost Your Libido
Have you noticed your libido come to an unexpected halt lately? Whether life’s stresses have gotten the best of your mojo or your hormones are to blame, everyone’s sex life has ups and downs. While a dry patch isn't the end of the world, it sure makes life less fun...
Junk food addict? Sweet tooth? Find out what your food cravings really mean
Constant cravings? Discover what your food cravings mean and how to beat them...
Crazy Sex, More Energy & A Healthy Heart: 10 Amazing Benefits Of Chocolate
Got an out-of-control addiction to chocolate? There's no need to beat yourself up. Especially when it is National Chocolate Week! Not when your habit can actually be good for you! After chatting with cocoa experts...
Chocolate Or Your Boyfriend: Which One Will You Love For Longer?
Boyfriend just dumped you? Your other half being a pain? Feeling a bit lonely and out of control? There’s only one thing better than love. Chocolate. Gooey, rich, decadent chocolate. Nothing compares to scoffing down a box chocolates when we’re feeling a bit under the weather...
Honey In Your Eyes? On Your Face? In Your Latte? Amazing Health Benefits of Manuka Honey
Anything as delicious as honey has gotta be bad for your health right? Not Manuka honey! It has powerful anti-viral, anti-septic and gut controlling properties which means that spoonfeeding ourselves with this sweet stuff is no longer on our list of guilty pleasures...
On your mark, get set, go! Training tips for your first half marathon
Have you decided to take the plunge and train for your first half marathon? We salute you for bucking up the courage and signing up, because once you're in gals, there's no turning back. First-timers always have tons of questions on how best to prepare for their first half...
Step Away From The Sweet Stuff! Quit Sugar in 10 Easy Steps
There's no high like a sugar hit. Crunching on a midmorning chocolate bar, having tea and cake. A cocktail after work... you just feel amazing, until, sluggishness kicks in. That’s your body saying 'stop feeding me junk'...
7 Ways to keep your heart healthy and happy
Your heart is one impressive organ pumping 2,000 gallons of blood per day. As women age, we are far more likely to develop heart disease than breast cancer (3 times more likely!) yet most women don't do enough to safeguard their heart...
10 reasons to lift weights...with your vagina. Yep.
So this is kinda awkward subject but the latest idea to come straight from the States (where else!) is to lift weights with your vagina. We repeat, your vagina. This isn't just some ridiculous publicity stunt or joke either...
Ultimate squat workouts for a bootilicious bum
If you want a perky bum, there’s no faster way of getting it than doing squats and lately, people have become obsessed by squatting their way to a bangin’ behind. With the rise of #belfies and celebs like Kim Kardashian...
Vegan Diet: The secret to Beyonce’s dramatic weight loss
If there’s one thing we know as fact, it’s when Beyonce makes a statement we all bow down. So when she performed her new single at the 2014 Grammy Awards with hubby Jay-Z looking TINIER than ever, no-one in the world could pretend they didn’t notice her shrinking frame...
Jen Selter: You might not know her face but you definitely will know her ass...
Sick of seeing pictures of celebs and fitness fanatics in their tiny pants? Well tough. As the new Queen of this slightly narcissistic trend - Jen Selter - has just received a mega endorsement from one of the biggest sports brands in the world, we predict #belfie’s aren’t going anywhere...
Fatigue fighters: 8 foods that boost your energy
Try these energy-packed whole foods to amp up your energy levels...
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