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The return of the stay at home mum
Amelia Williams takes a look at the 2010 trend for the 'stay at home mum'. Is it time to put on your pinny, chain yourself to the kitchen sink and prepare a G&T for your beloved, hard working husband when he gets home...
The difference between boys and girls: Nature or nuture?
It’s a question that gets asked time and time again – are boys and girls just different, or do we raise them differently? Is it nature, or nurture? Only having girls, it’s a hard question for me to answer...
The best day of Bee's life - Camp Bestival
August 10, 2010 in General musings, Parenting, Reviews | Tags: Parenting, camp bestival, festivals, Seth Lakeman, stalking
Dressing your bump for a summer wedding
For any woman, finding the stylish solution to occasion wear is a tricky one but when you’re pregnant the search is even harder. Now is the time to search on-line for the best maternity clothing available...
Britain's baby shower boom
Traditionally perceived to be a sentimental American phenomenon, according to a survey more and more British mums are having parties to allow friends to shower their unborn child with gifts. A new study shows two thirds of pregnant women have plans for a baby shower before the nine months is up...
The best iPhone apps for parents
If the summer holiday stresses are starting to get to you, then you'll be relieved to know that there's an app for that. Parenting can be made just that...
Summer holiday madness? The meltdown begins
How, as a single parent, are you supposed to work, maintain your sanity AND look after children who have six-week long holidays?? SIX WEEKS! It’s just not natural.
Troubled by technology: Slummy Mummy
I haven’t posted in a while. My longest ever actually. I seem to have lost my connection with the internet this week.
Are all men cheaters?
Are all men cheaters?
Quiz: how baby develops in the womb
During the nine months of pregnancy, how many times does the expectant mum ask herself how the baby inside her is getting on? Naturally, she imagines her baby growing and developing...
Pondering the meaning of life?
I’m having one of those days today where you question the point of things. It’s very annoying. It could be summer holiday boredom kicking in already, but as it’s still only week one, that would seem a bit premature...
Obese mums are at risk
The ongoing obesity epidemic amongst pregnant women is putting the health of thousands of mothers-to-be and their babies, at risk.
Online dating - a shameful confession
I’m supposed to be on a date right now.
He's just not that into you
I’m a sucker for a decent chick flick, and I really enjoyed the film version of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, so when I saw a copy of the book at a boot sale at the weekend for 20p – well, what could I do? We know I need all the dating help I can get...
Summer Holiday Survival - travelling with children
The summer holidays are here, but you can avoid family holiday meltdown with these top tips for travelling with children. We spend so much time trying to make special family memories on holiday...
Slummy Mummy - summer holiday action plan
I can’t believe it’s really nearly here. I’ve been looking forward to it with a mixture of relief, excitement and dread and now I only have one more day to go.
Build a bear review
When I was invited to bring the girls to a Build a Bear Workshop to make our very own bears I knew I was about to become a Very Popular Mummy.
Chocolate Weetabix
Yes, you heard me right – I said chocolate weetabix. *waits while readers pick themselves up off the floor* Now before I start, I know what you’re...
Wife Swap USA - Cleaner Kids
Last night Belle and I watched Wife Swap USA.
Toy Story Cookies
Grab your spatula, roll out your dough, and get ready to taste these 3D (for Delicious!) Toy Story-inspired treats! When you’re making cutout cookies, you need dough that will hold its shape during baking, and this recipe fits the bill...
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