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The one where I get my contraceptive implant taken out
Yesterday I had my contraceptive implant removed. Don’t worry, it’s nothing gruesome, just a tiny plastic hormone releasing matchstick that goes under the skin in your arm. Maybe it’s a weird thing to write about, but it actually raised some interesting issues for me...
When can you let children walk to school on their own?
How old does a child have to be before they can walk to school on their own? It’s questions like these that I ask myself, and wish I had a partner to ask. I might not agree with him, but at least it would be someone to share the responsibility with...
See Shrek a month early with National Family Week
How exciting! Shrek is back in cinemas with Shrek Forever Afterand this time it's 3D. In may not be out for another month but, in celebration of National Family Week, tickets are now available for an exclusive preview screening on 1st June at Vue cinemas...
Love letters from the little one
Now I’m not normally a sentimental kind of mummy, I try to sneak the majority of drawings and painting into the recycling as soon as I can get away with it, but I just had to share this lovely note I got from Belle last night...
First baby. First-time nerves
Everyday things you used to do without thinking can suddenly seem daunting once your newborn arrives. Sarah Hart finds out how to cope with – and...
Body image – when did young girls start caring about how they look?
As a mother to two daughters, I’m extremely conscious of the way women and young girls are portrayed in the media and how this influences how they feel about their own bodies.
Streetdance review: street meets ballet – a lesson in compromise
This afternoon Belle and I went to see Streetdance, the British dance movie featuring Diversity, Flawless and George Sampson - basically it was a warm up for watching Britain’s Got Talent this evening…
Clegg in parliament
About a week ago I had a dream. Now I know listening to other people’s dreams is terribly dull, almost as boring as listening to children read, but bear with me and I will do my best to inject enough smut to make it bearable...
Can women really have a pain-free labour?
When describing child birth, most mothers don't use the words comfortable or pleasant. In fact, for some, having a baby can be a traumatic experience with many women going through unimaginable pain...
What will a Conservative government mean for single parents?
God only knows.
Vote for Slummy Single Mummy - Best New MAD Blogger Award
You may remember several weeks ago a post in which I begged in a very undignified fashion for you to nominate me for the new MAD blog awards. (Thats ‘Mums and Dads’, not an actual diagnosed condition, although I could probably get in on the back of the ADHD)...
Bedwetting in children: your questions answered
If a child is still wetting the bed after the age of 5, the medical term to describe this condition is nocturnal enuresis. The child can become very distressed...
What exactly are aunts supposed to do?
Yesterday was my nephew’s first birthday.
Bunnygate: an update on the sunbathing rabbit and talking politics with kids
Thank you very much to everyone who replied to my post yesterday about talking to children about death.
How do you talk to your children about death?
Our walk to school every morning takes us alongside a small cricket pitch. Yesterday morning there was a rabbit stretched out on the grass, clearly dead, but nevertheless looking decidedly relaxed.
Burberry in miniature: spring/summer 2010 childrenswear collection
We're all familiar with Burberry's iconic trench coat a timeless classis that never ceases to appeal and shows no sign of disappearing from the gossip mag column inches...
What's your simplest pleasure?
Continuing in a positive spirit, today I have been thinking about the simple things in life that give me pleasure.
World’s first fertility app available on the iPhone
The world’s first human fertility app has launched in the UK to help would-be parents start a family quickly and without the huge expense of using fertility clinics.
Child Safety Week - fire safety can save lives
Ei Electronics encourage fire safety education for Child Safety Week.
Grease is the word
Firstly, please let me apologise for my last post. I had had a couple of rather emotionally exhausting days, and clearly wasn’t feeling myself. I am now back though, and to lighten the mood I am going to write about parties...
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