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11 Things You Ought To Know About Attachment Parenting
We don’t blame you if you think Attachment Parenting is a little ridiculous. The image of the judgy granola chick, sporting tie-dyed baby slings, who is utterly devoted to sacrificial parenting rules isn’t that inviting...
Cute Overload: Tiny Dog Teaches Baby How To Crawl
Living proof that dogs really ARE man's best friend comes in this teeny, tiny pair of BFFs. Every time someone wonders why you're so obsessed with stalking the Internet for cute videos of dogs and babies, THIS IS WHY MY FRIEND, THIS is why...
9 WTF Birth Traditions From Around The World
Welcoming a lil' cutie into the world is an amazing experience that binds all women together, regardless of race or nationality. Yet, the customs surrounding a baby's birth differ across cultures. We've...
15 Epic Fears That EVERY Mum Suffers From
Oh, motherhood - it's a beautiful, rewarding, and totally anxiety-inducing state of being! The worries and fears that invade your mind once you become a parent are overwhelming. Now you play out nightmare scenarios in your head, causing you to bombard your GP/mum/best friends with frantic calls...
From Sperm Motility to Sperm Count: What Every Couple Needs To Know About His Load
Women change their entire lifestyles to get their bodies ready for growing babies. But since it takes two to tango, it's also important for our men to take a serious look at their habits if they want their seeds to latch on and grow...
20 Things That Don't Matter Once You Have Kids
Having kids changes you completely. When you brought your child home, your life did a complete 180, and in many ways, you've chilled out a bit and surprised yourself along the way. Issues that once made...
15 Things That Happen When Daddy Is Left Alone With The Baby
Father's Day is coming up on June 15th so it's time to poke a little fun at all the dads out there. Sometimes it's hard to leave baby with dad overnight. Sure, he's capable and responsible and all that jazz...
Born In The Wild: This New Reality Show Take Natural Birth A Bit Too Far?
We all know a few reality TV shows that can be a little over the top (Jersey Shore, we're looking at you), but this new Lifetime series promises to take things to a whole new level. Based on a viral YouTube video...
Morning Sickness Cures And Remedies For A Better Pregnancy
Why do docs call it "morning sickness" when it feels likes a 3-month, all-day hangover without the drunken Facebook pics to prove that all those tequila shots were worth it? Why do your fave foods suddenly make you retch...
Can't Exclusively Breastfeed? Here's The Lowdown On Combination Feeding (Without The Judgment)!
Who knew that a woman’s right to choose would extend to something other than the abortion debate? We see the worst kind of woman-on-woman crime when the topic of breast vs. bottle rears its head. If you're interested in mixed feeding, you've come to a judgment-free zone...
Stressed Out 5-Year-Old Can't Handle His 3 Girlfriends
It's every man's fantasy to have two girls at once, let alone three, but when this 5-year-old finds himself with THREE girlfriends, the pressure gets all too much. Who'd have thought the love life of a 5-year-old kid could be this stressful...
Say What?! 2-Month-Old Baby Says 'I Love You' To Shocked Father (Video)
Most parents believe their tiny sprog will grow up to be a total genius, but in this case, these two might be right. At the stage where most babies are gurling and pooping themselves, this tiny cutie has mastered the power of speech in the BEST way possible...
The Stages Every Girl Goes Through During Pregnancy
Getting the news that you're set to be a new mum comes with a flurry of emotions; and understandably so. Life is about to drastically change forever. But before your little bundle of joy arrives, you have to first make it through pregnancy...
No More Spanking! Get Your Kids to Listen Without Losing Your Cool
Punishing children isn't fun for anyone involved. Yet, creating boundaries is an essential part of raising kids and instills a fundamental understanding of right and wrong. Sometimes when kids have brought you to your wits ends...
16 Things Your Mum Was Right About All Along
Remember the days when your mum could do no right and everything she did was met with eye-rolls and sarcasm? Don’t shave your arms, don't dye your hair, you’re too young for boyfriends. We learnt the hard way...
17 Ways Motherhood Changes You For The Better
Things change when you become a mother. Your body, sleep schedule, relationship, not to mention finances (EEK!) all face new challenges you can never quite be ready for. The pure fact is, you will never be the same again but most mothers out there would say that the adjustments are totally worth it...
15 Not-So-Cute Facts About Giving Birth
Anxiety can spike in the months before women, particularly first-timers, give birth. Labour is one of the most stressful processes the human body goes through. Luckily, Mother Nature recruited the one gender strong enough to withstand this pain and handle all the yucky...
The Cutest, Funniest and Most Disastrous Pregnancy Reveals
Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time in your life, and so naturally surprising all of your friends and family of your little bundle of joy needs to be filmed and splashed all over YouTube! Sometimes these reveals are incredible and will leave you bawling with happiness...
16 Breastfeeding Benefits: Why Nursing Rules!
The decision to breastfeed your child can be a very personal one, but there are definite benefits for both mum and baby. If you're trying to decide whether or not you want to nurse your child with breast milk, here are a few reasons you should (if you can) give it a try...
This Video To A Mother Expecting A Down Syndrome Baby Touched Our Hearts
Today is World Down Syndrome Day which is dedicated to raising awareness of the genetic condition, and aims to celebrate uniqueness. This video is aimed at a future mother who is expecting a baby with Down Syndrome, and seeks to reassure mothers in similar situations...
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