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Baby development week 18 | New baby blog
Baby development week 18 - nurseys part II Nursery Hunting part II We visited a couple of nurseries last week, as we wanted to have a look what is available to us in our area...
Baby development week 16 | New baby blog
Baby development week 16 - styes and solids Stye Since Naly was two months old, a stye has been growing on her right eyelid. A stye is a small red bump, and it makes her eye look a bit swollen...
Baby development week 15 | New baby blog
Baby development week 15 - relieving the boredom. Baby boredom and the new routine This week sees Naly is 15 weeks. Her routine is more settled than before, she’s feeding more or less every 3 hours now...
Baby development week 13 | New baby blog
Baby development week 13 - Post natal exercise. I’ve had a lower back pain before I got pregnant, it continued throughout my pregnancy. Unfortunately it hasn’t gone away since the birth...
Baby development week 12 | New baby blog
Lucy and Ryan finally get a good nights sleep and baby Naly get stroppy.
Baby development week 10 | New baby blog
Baby development week 10 - Forgetfulness and bathtime "Baby Brain" forgetfulness It's week 10 and I've developed "Baby Brain"! I keep forgetting about everything and it’s terrible...
Find out more about Mastitis and how you can get through it?
Leaking breasts
Want to know why you've got leaking breasts? It's nothing to worry about...
Epidural side effects: What are the side effects?
If you are considering having an epidural you'll want to be clued up on the possible side effects before you make a decision.
Engorged breasts
Engorged breasts can happen to any breastfeeding mum. Find out how to treat them...
Sore nipples breastfeeding | cracked nipples
Why do I get sore nipples breastfeeding? In the first few weeks of breastfeeding you might notice that sore nipples when breastfeeding and this is normal...
Breastfeeding biting and teething
Do you know what to do when your baby gets teeth and you still want to breastfeed...
Blocked ducts
Blocked ducts are often mistaken for mastitis but if left untreated can often turn into it!
Baby development week 9 | New baby blog
Naly's supposed to have her first immunisations but she's got baby eczema instead. Find out how mother and daughter are doing in week 9!
Baby development week 8 | New baby blog
Baby development week 8 - Viruses and developments 12st March - 27th March 8 weeks old and growing up so fast Naly woke up on Monday morning with a puffy right eye, the skin around it was dry and flaky...
Dr Duve Skin Lotion for little ones
We've discovered a baby and child friendly skin lotion that moisturises and soothes skin.
Too cute: Toddler accessories
We've found the cutest accessories for tots and toddlers, to make your little one even more adorable.
Ladybird chair review
When Ikea offered me one of these mega-cute inflatable ladybirds (with the catchy name of Sagosten)… well, I was putty in their hands. What can I say...
Slummy Mummy's guilty pleasures
I little while ago funny man Mr Shev tagged me in a post, asking me to write about my guilty pleasures. Mr Shev predicted mine would be ”Listening to Gary Barlow’s back catalogue and eating Wispas washed down with Blue Nun”...
Slummy Mummy's birthday blog
Today my blog is one year old. For twelve whole months now I have been sharing some of the random thoughts that pass through my mind, amusing you with my dating horror stories...
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