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Does your baby have a runny nose, a fever or cough, with noisy breathing? If yes, it could be bronchiolitis, a common illness in babies. In most cases it is not serious, but requires measures and precautions to be taken...
Potty training
Worried about potty training? Just remember that 8 out of 10 children take to it straight away. Here's our guide.
Baby's second month
Your baby is 2 months old and gradually opening up to and learning more about the big wide world. This month is a time for many key vaccinations during medical visits.
Weaning baby
After breastfeeding comes the fateful stage of weaning. You need to get your baby used to taking formula, gradually. Sometimes this change can distress baby and cause you stress. How do you make weaning as painless as possible? Here are the steps to follow...
Baby's room
During pregnancy, the time comes when you start preparing for a new arrival in your home. Preparing baby’s room is essential. Here is what you need to think about to welcome baby, step by step.
Bottle feeding
Bottle feeding your baby may not be as good as breastfeeding but it's still a healthy and viable choice for raising your child if you can't breastfeed for medical reasons, haven't been able to breastfeed or have just decided it's not the right choice for you...
Bathing baby
Bath time is an important measure of hygiene for little ones but it’s also a time for bonding and making baby feel happy and confident in the water. What safety measures should you take, and what do you do if your baby is afraid of water? Here's our guide...
Breastfeeding equipment
Have you chosen to breastfeed? If you have then it's good to know that specialised equipment exists to make the process of breastfeeding easier.
Recruiting a nanny
If you hire a nanny, she (or he) will have the responsibility for your baby and contribute to his/her emotional wellbeing. Choosing the right person is important, so here’s some advice to help you find candidates, prepare interviews and write the contract...
High blood pressure in pregnancy
During pregnancy high blood pressure can pose a real danger to mother and child. Here are the reasons and consequences.
The baby blues
You wanted your baby so much and bloomed throughout your pregnancy, but as soon as you leave the maternity ward you get depressed, you start feeling guilty about not jumping for joy over your baby, you get over-sensitive to remarks and comments, even the most innocent ones that your loved ones say...
The umbilical cord
The umbilical cord is cut at birth. What purpose does it serve? When and how is it cut? Is it true that the father can do it? Here are the answers to your questions about the umbilical cord.
Exercise and pregnancy
If you're an exercise junkie and you're expecting, you'll undoubtedly be asking yourself if you can still exercise during your pregnancy. This depends on the sport or exercise you want to do, your training and your health...
Choosing nappies: reusable or disposable?
Should you go for disposable or re-usable nappies? Here's our guide to choosing which type of nappy to use.
Is your baby producing liquid stools 3 times a day or more? Here's advice on how to handle diarrhoea before you panic and take your baby to the doctor.
A new arrival in the family
It’s not always easy for a youngster to become a big brother or sister and accept a new arrival into the family. From the announcement of the pregnancy to the arrival of the baby, here is some advice to help your child welcome a new baby into the family...
Dyslexia is a learning disability which involves difficulty reading and interpreting written symbols. It affects around 8 to 10% of school-aged children, of which 90% are male. If it is diagnosed early it can be treated and does not have to be a handicap...
Explaining divorce to your children
With high divorce rates today, the official end of a marriage can be trivialised, but it can still be very painful, and especially for children. Here's how to help them overcome the pain of divorce.
The Oedipus complex
The Oedipus complex was a term first used to describe a normal stage of emotional development in little boys, a series of impulses that, at around 2 to 3 years of age, drives a child to be attracted to his mother and feel hositility towards his father...
How to tell children about death?
How do you tell your children about death? Parents often tend to avoid the subject to protect young children, but there comes a point at which you can't deny the truth. How do you explain death to a child, when adults struggle to understand it themselves? Here's our guide...
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