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Turns Out You Really, Really Shouldn't Wear Makeup To The Gym
If you had to make a decision between the gym and your makeup, what would you choose? Because this is a real dilemma you may need to face up to right now. See, no matter how tempting it is to keep your makeup on when going to the gym, it turns out it's kind of really bad for your skin...
This Woman Has Serious Makeup Skills

This Before & After Photo Of A Woman Suffering From Depression Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons
Depression doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if you're a lovely person and it doesn't care if you're a successful business woman with 3 kids and a happy marriage. It can take over your life, making the easiest day-to-day tasks seem like impossible obstacles...
You Can Now Get A Perfume That Makes You Smell Like Cat Fur
Cat fans, welcome! Come in, grab a fleece. We have some news that could potentially make you very happy: forget your Chanel No. 5, throw away your YSL Opium, because there's a new scent in town - and it smells just like your favourite feline, apparently...
Nail Varnish That Tastes Like Prosecco Is Coming And We're Buying It In Bulk
Prosecco fans listen up cos this innovation in alcoholic beauty is a real corker. Allow me to introduce the world's first prosecco-flavoured nail varnish - a product so exciting we could pop with excitement...
This Nail Salon Is Charging 'Overweight' Customers More For Pedicures And People Are P*ssed
Welcome to 2017: the year beauty salons can justify charging 'overweight' people more than 'non-overweight' customers, apparently. One American nail salon is being rightfully trolled after one customer spotted a sign in its window which detailed the controversial policy...
How To Make Your Makeup Last All Night
Panda eyes, a forehead so shiny the glare from your iPhone flash bounces off it, and blotchy redness? Oh how we yearn for our makeup to look as good all night as it does straight after application; but dancing...
These Rose Gold Mermaid Makeup Brushes Are The Most Adorable Addition To Your Cosmetic Bag
We don't think we'll ever get enough of the mermaid makeup trend - and that extends to accessories as well as cosmetics. But forget the glitter and long hair for a minute because these marvellous mermaid makeup brushes could just be our fave ocean-inspired pieces yet...
This Plus-sized Model Has An Awesome Solution To Outgrowing Her Clothes
Sometimes it's hard to accept that our favourite item of clothing no longer fits - we go through all five stages of grief when chucking out tops that are too small and ill-fitting jeans. But not Joby Bach...
This Woman's Eyelash Extensions Gave Her A Nasty Skin Infection And It Should Be A Warning To Us All
Nothing makes you feel like a queen quite like a fresh set of falsies and the little luxury of not having to mindlessly apply layers of mascara for a few weeks is one that's underrated. But one woman...
Blonde Ambition: Here's How To Know Which Shade Of Blonde Suits Your Complexion
We have all, at one point or another, daydreamed about changing our hair colour. Whether it's a thought-out decision or just a morbid curiosity, we just wanna know what we'd look like with hair that's the polar opposite to what it is now...
Cat Ladies Listen Up: This Lip Gloss Makes You Feel Like You're Kissing Your Kitty's Nose
If the thought of leaving your cat at home while you're out raking in those dollars makes you want to bury your head into your feline-print duvet, you will be thrilled to know you no longer have to. And...
9 Things You Never Knew About The Lush Factory
We were lucky enough to take a tour round the magical Lush Factory and yes we still smell like bath bombs a week later, not that we're complaining! Allow me to bring you the low down on what goes down during a day inside the sweet smellin' Lush world...
Tried & Tested: Soap & Glory's Mother Pucker Lipgloss
Lipstick can be a bit of a let down on a night out can't it? Instead of sipping on your mojitos without a care in the world, you find yourself dabbing at the corners of your mouth and sucking at your teeth all night...
Tried & Tested: Ghd Split End Therapy Treatment
Nothing quite sets us off for a disappointing morning than waking up to realise it's yet another bad hair day. Hey, for some of us it's just been a bad hair week, month and dare I say year! Thanks to straighteners...
You Can Now Buy Lip Balm For Your Vagina 'Cos 'Your Other Lips Get Chapped Too’
We don't know about you, but we're getting a little tired of people inventing lipsticks for our vaginas. Remember Mensez? Yeah, we'd rather forget it too - shudder. But VMagic's 'Lips Stick' comes in peace - it's a soothing balm for your vulva to keep it hydrated, apparently...
This Makeup Artist Creates Art From Her Arm Swatches
Daisy Weigt is a makeup artist-cum-actual artist if her beauty swatches are anything to go by. Daisy creates works of art on her arm in lieu of the usual eyeshadow or lipstick streak on the forearm and the results are kind of magical...
Maya Felix Is Teaching Us To Be Proud Of Our Body Hair
Model and armpit hair activist Maya Felix recently took part in Ben Hopper's photography series 'Natural Beauty', and she has some strong words for us women on accepting our bodies as they come and ignoring the haters, and we have now accepted her as our life guru, tbh...
'Slush Facials' Are Reportedly The Secret To Kendall And Kylie's Perfect Skin
Acetone and dry ice don't sound like items you should be including in your skincare regime, but the slush facial is the new treatment that combines the two to make your skin soft and spot-free. But please, for the love of god, do not try this at home...
Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over This Video Showing What Cheap Shampoo Does To Your Hair. Eek!
We all know colouring your hair takes time, money and a hell of a lot of maintenance, so you can't blame a girl for reaching for the cheaper shampoo over the luxury salon offering. A girl's gotta eat and everything, ya know...
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