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A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender And It's Low-key Nuts
What's a girl to do when her beauty blender is nowhere to be seen? The normal, logical thing is to use anything that closely resembles your make-up bag staple. Rather than ruining one of her precious bras and using the silicone pad to apply her make-up or you know using an old foundation brush...
Tried & Tested: The World's Finest Top Coat
Who really has time to give themselves a full manicure? Cuticle oil, file, base coat, top coat - it's too much. Really we just want to make our fingers look presentable without worrying about our nail varnish smudging when we get in to bed or chipping by the time we get to work the next day...
This Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Hair Is All Our Fantasies Come True
You may be used to getting hairstyle inspo from Instagram, Pinterest or the catwalk, but have you ever considered the Starbucks menu for ideas? We haven't either tbh, but that was before the launch of their tres colourful Unicorn Frappucino...
This Red Lipstick Has Replaced MAC's Ruby Woo As The Make-up Artist Favourite And You Need It
There's no denying a punchy red lip is the ultimate finishing touch to any look and when it comes to the most popular product, MAC's Ruby Woo rules them all, well until now that is. Pucker up ladies, because there's a new product about to pack a whole load of punch to your pout...
This Beauty Blogger Wants The Internet To Stop Makeup Shaming
In 2017, body-positive activism is at an all time high. We call out fat shamers, we clap back at those who hate on us for what we wear. But when it comes to makeup, I think we've all been guilty of pointing out when we think a gal's got too much makeup on...
This 'Lit' Makeup Hack Is As Dangerous As It Looks
When it comes to getting experimental with new makeup tips and tricks, beauty bloggers are forever at the forefront - no matter how crazy - but hasn't anyone ever told this brave lady that if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned...
I Tried DermaTx's At-home Microdermabrasion System And This Is What I Thought
Spa facials are one of the many luxuries I wish my disposable income would stretch to every month but we live in testing times and I'm forced to accept the fact my hard-earned cash is for keeping a roof over my head and not weekly pampering appointments...
Tried & Tested: The Innovative Exfoliator
Cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate twice a week. These are the steps we've always been told to follow for clean, baby soft skin. Thankfully, gone are the days of scouring away at your face with harsh, abrasive scrubs that leave your skin red raw...
Bird Feather Brows Are Here & They're Taking Over Instagram, Obviously
When it comes to our eyebrows, there are no limits to what we can do with them. We can make them better, we can make them worse, we can rub soap on them, or microblade them and now we can even turn them into very true to likfe feathers...
The Full Body Charcoal Face Mask Challenge Is Making Us Freak Out
Face masks are great at removing nasties from the face, but in exchange for that glowing result comes the (sometimes excruciating) process of peeling it off to remove the mask. Now just imagine that but over your entire body...
Move Over Hidden Rainbow Hair, Glitter Undercuts Have Arrived
Got a festival lined up for summer? The new and improved undercut could be the style you call upon for the occasion but only if you're ready and willing to hear the dulcet tones of shears in your ears...
Beauty Blogger Waxes Her Nose Hair And It's Making Our Eyes Water
First legs, then armpits, then bikini line, moustache, b-hole, fingers, toes, eyebrows. You'd think that after all those areas were 100% hair free there would be nothing left on your body to wax and by that time your body would be as smooth as a damn Barbie...
This New Eyebrow Stamp Will Give You Fleeky Brows In 3 Seconds Flat
The Sugababes may have sang about pushing the button but when it comes to getting brows to make Cara Delevingne weep, it's all about pushing the stamp. Meet the innovative '3 Second Brow Stamp' that's...
Tried & Tested: The Kink-Free Hair Bobble
The humble hair bobble - the everyday essential that's always there in abundance when you don’t need one and never there when you do. They snap when you try and force them round your plentiful ponytail...
Leopard Print Hair Is The Latest Colour Trend You're About To Go Wild For
They say a leopard never changes its spots, but that was before Bleach went and blew us away with this fancy feline art work. Leopard print hair is here, making the leap from the jungle to our scalps and we're more than a little inspired to hit the bottle...
This Stylist Turns Your Hair Into Works Of Art - All With A Pair Of Chopsticks
It's not likely that you've ever awoken early one morning before work and considered that what might add some pep to your step is a head full of fizzy belts, but that's the exact thought process of hairdresser Ryoji Imaizumi, and it's why he is a world-famous hairstylist and we are not...
Women Are Having Real Scorpion Manicures And We're More Than A Little Freaked Out
We enjoy 3D nail art as much as the next beauty fan (embellished jewels to make Vanesa Hudgens weep? Yes please!) but what about using real-life insects to achieve your look like once-living scorpions...
A Vaccine That Cures Acne Is Coming But There's A Catch
If you've tried every cream, tablet and cleanser on the acne-fighting market and you're still left with problem pimples, you're not alone. But don't give up all hope on spot-free skin just yet because there's a new treatment in the pipeline that could spell the end of applying concealer every hour...
Emoji Face Masks Are Set To Take Over Your Instagram
Our love for sheet masks cannot be repressed and neither can our love for Emojis. So praise the lord hallelujah because someone has finally made these two become one.
The Pastelage Trend Is Making All Our Spring Hair Dreams Come True
Balayage is back with a brand new beat and it's called... pastelage. The latest Instagram-worthy hair trend uses the natural hair colouring technique to create beautiful pastel tones. A spring revamp just in time for Coachella? It would be rude not to...
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A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender And It's Low-key Nuts
Tried & Tested: The World's Finest Top Coat
This Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Hair Is All Our Fantasies Come True
This Red Lipstick Has Replaced MAC's Ruby Woo As The Make-up Artist Favourite And You Need It
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