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This New 'Claw Cutting' Hairdressing Technique Is Edward Scissorhands IRL
Hairstylists are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating inspired and innovated barnets but their latest trick is truly WTF. They're now taking inspo from our feline friends and ditching the scissors in favour of pointy claws to create texture and volume in their clients' 'dos...
This Woman's Foundation Reviews Highlight A Big Problem With The Beauty Industry
If you're in need of a new badass role model, we've got just the lady: meet Nyma Tang, whose beauty videos not only show you how to contour, but fight back against colourism in the beauty industry at the same damn time...
I Had My Brows Microbladed At Browhaus And This Is What Happened
It's a well-known fact brows hold the key to framing your face but the good news is - if you've not been blessed with bushy brows, there's all variety of make-up products and more invasive, long-lasting...
LED Disco Nails Are Here To Make Your Mani Lit
Another day, another new nail trend hitting our talons faster than you can say 'top coat.' And this one's a doozy. Meet LED disco nails, the disco ball nails that will make even the most boring week day feel like Saturday night...
Tried & Tested: Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask
As far as viral beauty trends go there's no denying that black peel-off face masks are the showstopper this year. They and their horror stories are right up there with other bizarre 'hacks' which have seen beauty bloggers applying foundation with everything from boiled eggs to condoms...
This Lego Makeup Brush Cleaning Hack Will Change Your Life
Forget splashing your cash on fancy makeup brush cleaning lotions and potions because the best thing to keep those bristles hygienic and germ-free has actually been hiding in the er, toy box all along...
I Tried CACI Synergy Purifying Treatment To Banish My Acne Scarring & This Is What I Thought
Scarring left from any kind of skin complaint, whether that be sun damage, acne, or a penchant for picking, is no easy feat to shift. But forget the scar smoothing lotions and potions out there, because I've tested out a treatment that can make a real difference...
This Blogger Tried To Make 'The Chocolate Challenge' Happen & The Internet Isn't Having It
Beauty bloggers making themselves look silly in online 'challenges' has quickly become one of our favourite things to follow - that is, if said challenge is harmless and inoffensive. But one blogger's...
Man With Massive 'DEVAST8' Can't Understand Why He Can't Get A Job
Tattoos and the work place are a minefield - while creative industries tend to favour artistic expression more than corporate offices, there's a limit to just how far employees will stretch their policies regarding body modifications...
This Woman Is Trying To Make 3D Tampon Nail Art Happen And It's Bloody Brilliant
Nail art trends come and go but rarely are they as ingenious as Annelies Hofmeyr's bloody tampon variety. The conceptual artist is trying to make the dreaded time of the month all that more bearable with her 3D manicure inspired by mother nature and tbh, it's bloody brilliant...
Men Are Bleaching Their Spiky Tips & We Feel Like We've Gone Back To School
If you thought the nineties revival had peaked at tattoo chokers and space buns, think again because now it's the boys' turn to take their look down memory lane. Yup, bleached spiky tips reminiscent of...
This Man Was Told To Remove His Makeup At Work & Of Course He Clapped Back In The Best Way
If you went to a strict-ish school, you'll probably remember a certain teacher who would always carry makeup wipes on her ready to ram them under your nose and remove your slap. But that was then. And we were 15...
Rainbow Carved Hair Is The Coolest Shaved Head Trend
Rainbow Carved Hair Is The Coolest Shaved Head Trend
Tried & Tested: The Magic Cleansing Cloth That Removes Makeup With Just Water
Some say disposable face wipes should be reserved only for flights and festivals while others swear by them. Either way they come with their problems - accelerating the ageing process, smearing makeup...
Model Scarlett Costello Is Making A Serious Case For The Monobrow
Wouldn't it be great if we could just throw caution to the wind and forego waxing, threading and tweezing for good, instead celebrating body hair wherever it so chooses to sprout up? One woman challenging beauty standards and leading the way for untamed fuzz is model Scarlett Costello...
People Are Burning Off Their Split Ends And It's LITerally Insane
How far would you go to avoid a haircut that means losing some of those precious centimetres you've worked so hard to grow? Would you DIY it? Or better still, would you make like Alessandra Ambrosio and swap the scissors for a candle to burn your split ends off instead...
This Woman Transformed Herself Into Ed Sheeran And It's Honestly Insane
It's amazing what you can do with a contour stick and a steady hand. Beauty blogger Promise Tamang has an awesome knack of turning herself into any celeb under the sun, so she gave everyone's favourite singer Ed Sheeran a go...
Turns Out, Pizza Is Actually A Pretty Decent Makeup Remover
Ahh pizza: the solution to most of life's problems. Well, maybe all of them now that we've discovered that pizza grease is actually super effective at removing our makeup.
Jeffree Star Just Admitted He Contours His Erect Penis
In today's the beauty-industry-knows-no-bounds news, I bring you a 'handy' hack that'll help men everywhere fake the size of their manhood without a viagra prescription. Enter: Jeffree Star i.e. the flamboyant singer-songwriter turned makeup artist and now, purveyor of penis contouring...
The Disturbing Reason Why Women Are Putting Glitter In Their Vaginas
While it's encouraging our vaginal health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly less of a taboo, it's given birth to some questionable - and dangerous - trends. We've come a long way since the days of...
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This New 'Claw Cutting' Hairdressing Technique Is Edward Scissorhands IRL
This Woman's Foundation Reviews Highlight A Big Problem With The Beauty Industry
I Had My Brows Microbladed At Browhaus And This Is What Happened
LED Disco Nails Are Here To Make Your Mani Lit
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