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Seeing Double! 10 Celebs And Their Doppelgängers
Some people have all the luck, in that they get to share an almost identical face with the likes of Brad Pitt and Rihanna. Just imagine it, looking like Rihanna - but without any of her money or singing voice...
Everything You Need To Know About Getting Hair Extensions
Are you tired of waiting a lifetime for your hair to grow to Rapunzel lengths? Wait no more as thanks to modern-day technology, hair extensions are better quality than ever and they do increasingly less damage to our natural tresses...
This Father-Daughter Duo Are Teaching Us A Thing Or Two About Loving Yourself - And Your Afro
If you haven't heard of Benny Harlem, you've likely seen him. He's pretty hard to miss, thanks to his amazing afro and sentimental Instagram posts with his daughter Jaxyn, who, like her pops, is also rather gifted in the hair department...
30 Girls Who Prove That Blonde Is Best
Blondes have more fun, so the saying goes. I mean, it's not wrong, is it? There are so many different types of blonde to choose from, I can imagine it is rather enjoyable choosing which blonde to be this week...
Shea Perfection! Our Top Ten Uses For Shea Butter
We don't mean to sound dramatic, but we have to tell you that the benefits of shea butter are unbound. They are boundless. There's a ridiculous amount of pros to using shea butter and basically like, no cons...
We Tried A Red Carpet Facial Loved By Celebs And It Made Us Feel Hella Glamorous
Well, it's official - we are well and truly in the thick of awards season. Which means only one thing: we're constantly swooning over all the red carpet beauty looks. But what does it really take to get that red carpet ready skin...
This Wine Inspired Makeup Line Is Exactly What We Need
If makeup and wine top the list of things that drain all of your wages each month, first of all: snap! and second of all prepare to meet your newest obsession combining both of those life pleasures. Intrigued? Us too! Bottoms...
The Best Makeup For Blue Eyes: How To Make Your Baby Blues Pop!
Blue eyed beauties listen up and listen good, 'cos we're here to give you a lesson in exactly how to accentuate those gorgeous peepers you've been blessed with - Who else can get away with orange eyeshadow I mean really...
Beyonce, J-Lo & Kim Kardashian: The Celebs Loving The Rapunzel Hair Trend
Long hair: we all dream of it but the effort, time and tears it takes to actually grow it organically from our own roots makes us bored just thinking about, which is where extensions come in. But forget your standard shoulder length clip ins 'cos right now it's all about mermaid lengths...
I Tried Derma FNS To See If It Would Banish My Acne Scarring
Facial scarring is the bane of anyone who's ever had the displeasure of suffering from acne's life. But thanks to advances in medical technology and some willing professionals, there's all manner of treatments...
What Is Hyaluronic Acid? We Ask The Experts!
Beauty trends come and go, but hyaluronic acid is a cosmetic staple that has managed to stand the test of time. But beyond simply being 'good for the skin', what do we really know about the must-have skincare product...
From 19 To 29: Adele's Amazing Beauty Evolution
Last night Adele won her, like, millionth Grammy and, as usual, she looked gorgeous whilst doing so. Only Adele could convey such grace whilst simultaneously yelling that she "f*cking adore[s]" Beyonce in her cockney twang...
This Is Why You Should Be Mixing Sugar In Your Shampoo
It turns out Mary Poppins wasn't far off when she sang about 'a spoonful of sugar' making all the difference because apparently a bit of the sweet stuff is actually good for us. But just hold on a second...
20 Nail Art Designs On Pinterest That Are Getting Us Excited For Spring
We don't wanna go and jinx it but, have you noticed what's happening lately? It's gradually getting a little bit lighter outside every evening, which means Spring is on its way. Hallelujah. Pinterest is many things to many people...
Does Toothpaste Really Work On Spots? We Asked The Experts
Gigi Hadid swears by it. Amanda Seyfried is a fan. But does putting toothpaste on your spots really rid your skin of those pesky blemishes? We spoke to two expert dermatologists to determine once and for all if there's any truth behind one of the most commonly perpetuated beauty rumours...
This Non-Surgical Boob Lift Is Everything Your T*ts Could Ever Want
When it comes to skincare, we moisturise our legs, scrub our lips, treat our oily T-zones. But what about our breasts? Don't they deserve some love too? We decided to give our boobs some well-deserved TLC with a bust contouring treatment from Cellcosmet...
L'Oréal Are Launching A Beauty And The Beast Makeup Collection And Naturally, We're Hyped!
Listen up Disney fans 'cos we've got a reason that's finally good enough to make you quit your daily Pret habit and save those pennies, and it comes in the form of a Beauty And The Beast makeup collection courtesy of L'Oréal...
Why Oh Why Are Beauty Vloggers Using CONDOMS To Apply Their Makeup?
Condoms - the sheath-shaped rubber sock used during sex to reduce the probability of pregnancy and STIs - are the latest must-have make-up bag item, according to a handful of beauty vloggers anyway. Yes...
From Jo To Joanne: The Many Faces Of Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga's fashion sense knows no bounds, and we can't knock her for it because, let's be honest, she's the only one who could wear a dress made entirely of the meat you'd find at a deli counter. Even though she has remained the same eccentric Gaga we all know and love...
No, You're Not Going Crazy - Thigh Makeup Is Now A Thing
Thought makeup trends couldn't get any more pointless? Think again, my friend. Because this is 2017, and as this year has already shown us, anything - literally anything - is possible. And this trend may be the most insane one yet: Thigh makeup...
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