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Turns Out, Pizza Is Actually A Pretty Decent Makeup Remover
Ahh pizza: the solution to most of life's problems. Well, maybe all of them now that we've discovered that pizza grease is actually super effective at removing our makeup.
Jeffree Star Just Admitted He Contours His Erect Penis
In today's the beauty-industry-knows-no-bounds news, I bring you a 'handy' hack that'll help men everywhere fake the size of their manhood without a viagra prescription. Enter: Jeffree Star i.e. the flamboyant singer-songwriter turned makeup artist and now, purveyor of penis contouring...
The Disturbing Reason Why Women Are Putting Glitter In Their Vaginas
While it's encouraging our vaginal health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly less of a taboo, it's given birth to some questionable - and dangerous - trends. We've come a long way since the days of...
This Woman Asked For Round Nails & Immediately Regretted It
We've all heard our fair share of nail bar horror stories: the pedi blade that's never changed, the foot bath that's never disinfected and, of course, the woman who caught a toe infection and had to throw out all her shoes...
You Can Now Match Your Mani To Your Jeans With Denim Nails
Some of us love to match our manis to our outfits. A summery yellow sundress needs an equally bright nail to complete the mood, whereas a dreary winter's day requires a coat of sleek grey. But what if you're one of those people who just loves to live in jeans? Well, these manis have got you covered...
Girls As Young As Nine Want Cosmetic Surgery On Their Vaginas
Worryingly, it seems even children aren't immune from the pressure to look picture-perfect from head-to-toe as a leading gynaecology specialist has revealed GPs are referring a rising number of young girls who want their vaginas cosmetically enhanced because they 'hate' its natural appearance...
Paws Up! You Can Now Get Matching Manicures With Your Pets
If you love getting your nails done but dread the thought of having to leave your pet behind while you do so, now you can take them along to get a matching manicure with you - because pets deserved to be pampered too, right...
People Are Getting Nipple Tucks To Make Them More Protruding
Just when you thought we'd reached peak cosmetic surgery with designer vaginas, a top registered doctor has revealed women are becoming increasingly conscious about the appearance of their nipples. So...
Rosé Wine Deodorant Is Here So Now You Can Raise Your Pits To Happy Hour
We're all aware of the popularity of boozy brunches right now, but what if you can't wait until 12pm to get your rosé fix? What if you could satisfy your craving even earlier in the day - say during your morning shower routine...
NARS Aren't A Cruelty-Free Brand Anymore
NARS fans, it's a sad day. A very sad day indeed. Because whilst our love for the brand was a culmination of their gorgeous lippies and rather err... original product names (Orgasm blusher, we're looking at you), the real reason we were hopelessly devoted was their commitment to cruelty-free beauty...
People Are Getting Fake Rainbow Freckles Tattooed On Their Faces To Celebrate Pride
Last year Topshop's freckle pencil burst onto the scene, allowing those of us who haven't been naturally blessed with cute beauty spots to replicate the look. But a temporarily drawn on freckle is one thing, getting them permanently inked on your face is another...
#TreatYoSelf Pay Day Haul: Beauty, Fashion & Everything In Between
The end of June is nigh and what a month it's been! We've had one hell of a heatwave, a crazy election and eaten our body weight in ice cream but while it's felt like the longest month yet, you and your purse strings can breathe a long sigh of relief because pay day is finally here...
I Tried The Latest In Cellulite-removal Technology And This Is What Happened
Cellulite is just one of the many characteristics we women are made to feel is something we should be ashamed of throughout our lives. This common insecurity isn't helped by the fact our social media...
Tried & Tested: The Tan That Tones Your Skin
If there's one beauty product we love it's a multi-tasker. Our lives are becoming busier than ever before and when it comes to our beauty routine, time is of the essence. Sunkissed's new Rapid Tan & Tone Mousse from their Bronze Professional range not only promises to give you a gorgeous glow...
Margot Robbie Has Just Given Some Rather Interesting Beauty Advice
If you've ever looked at Margot Robbie's flawless face, you've probably wondered what her big beauty secret it. But this is Margot, she's not just going to tell us to drink plenty of water and always take our makeup off, is she? That's not what goddesses do...
Fidget Spinner Lip Gloss Is Now A Thing Because Hey, This Is 2017
This is 2K17, and is a fad really a fad if it hasn't taken over every corner of your life? Millennials, may we introduce to you: the fidget spinner lip gloss - also known as the only beauty product you need if you truly want to be down with the kids...
Celebrate Pride Month With These Awesome Rainbow Pits
Hairstylist Caitlyn Ford doesn't mess around when it comes to colouring. The St Louis-based 'dresser has got her customers covered for Pride Month with vivid and flamboyant rainbow pits to get right in the pride spirit...
People Are Hella Mad That Smith & Cult Have Named Their New Eyeliner 'Wax Spastic'
Have you ever looked at a product and wondered just how someone managed to create something so tone deaf, so out of touch, so off kilter that you simply can't get your head around the fact that it somehow managed to make it through all company checks and into the world...
Tried & Tested: The Pollution-Proof Serum Saving Our City Skin
Being exposed to polluted air on a daily basis can leave skin congested, irritated and can even accelerate signs of ageing. We swan around London with our juices and Whole Foods salads thinking we are the epitome of health but what lies beneath our pores is a very different story...
People On Instagram Are Prettifying Their Pits With Tattoos
If it's not festival goers rubbing their bums and boobs in glitter, it's brave souls prettifying their pits with tattoos - beauty knows no bounds in this day and age. Barely a day goes by without a new trend emerging from our Instagram feeds and today is the turn of armpit tattoos...
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