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All The Mother's Day Gift Ideas You Could Possibly Need!
Even though we haven't quite got over the fact that it's 2017 and there's not a dedicated Daughter's Day in sight (we know, we know, every day is daughter's day, ahem), we're still in strong agreement that our mams need to be spoilt rotten on Mother's Day...
Emma Watson Has A Beauty Regime For Her Pubic Hair And She Isn't Scared To Give Us Some Tips
We would listen to anything that comes out of Emma Watson's glorious mouth. She is, essentially, our life guru. So when she tells us what products she uses on her pubic hair, we grab a pen and write that sh*t down...
Tried & Tested: The 5 Minute Facial In A Bottle
Hey dull skin, howya holding up there hunz? We thought as much. If you're anything like us, storm Doris (or Ellis, whichever one we're on now) has wreaked havoc with our skin. One minute it's raining, the next it's glorious spring sunshine and the pancake situation didn't help matters either...
This Chocolate Bar Is Proven To Improve Your Skin
So far we've been led to believe eating our way to perfect skin involves stuffing ten different types of greens into your NutriBullet and guzzling them down your gullet quicker than you can say 'five a day' but forget all that because now beautiful, glowing skin can be yours by eating chocolate...
This Girl Took Her Graduation Picture With Her Fave Highlighter Palette & Now She's Our New Hero
No matter what you do, your graduation photo will haunt you for the rest of your days. It's one of life's only guarantees. The whole gown/hat combo does not a fashionista make. So what happens when life gives you lemons? You make lemonade, and then you Instagram that sh*t...
Get Ready To Light Up The Room With This Neon Makeup Trend
If you want your face to light up a room - literally - then this latest beauty trend is right up your street. Think God's Own Junkyard for your face. Think eyeshadow straight outta Tron. Think Tracey Emin let loose with makeup and you'd be on the right tracks...
This Man Splashed Out £50k To Become A Genderless Alien
We've seen men become cats and women become human barbies. We've seen Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian fans splashing the cash to look like their idols. But, you ain't seen nothing like Vinny Ohh before...
Could Feet Fillers Spell The End Of High Heel Pain?
Heels: they look hella hot but that comes at a price. How many nights of your life have been cut short due to unbearable pain caused by your favourite pair of sky-high stilettos? My guess is too many...
Kanye West Is Launching A Beauty Line Dedicated To His Mum & We're Totally Ready For It
There are many strings to Kanye West's bow. He's a rapper, fashion designer, artist, soon-to-be presidential candidate (#Kayne2020), and now he's branching out into makeup. Seriously. Could his new cosmetic brand be bigger than Kylie Jenner's...
This Bubble Clay Mask Was Made For Your Face AND Your Instagram
We once thought that all we needed from a face mask was for it to clean our face. How naive we were. It wasn't until we saw irresistibly Instagrammable bubble clay masks that we realised what we really need from our home facials is something that makes our skin silky soft...
You Can Now Buy Anti-Wrinkle Tape For Your Neck
Hello, this is the future calling! And do we have something that's going to make you explode with joy. See, we've had tape for your tits and tape for your face, but how about this: tape for your neck...
It's Time Your Bath Bomb Addiction Fizzled Out As It's Ruining Your Vagina
IMHO a life without bath bombs is a life not worth living but new findings have shown that one of life's simple luxuries, while good for your Instagram page, can cause damage to your precious lady garden...
Tried & Tested: B. Effective Stubborn Makeup Remover
Putting makeup on is great and everything, but nothing beats that feeling of getting in after a sweaty tube ride and taking it all off again. There's just something about fresh clean pores, complete with a messy topknot and pjs of course, that just fills our hearts with utter joy...
French Bobs Are The Très Chic Hair Trend Of 2017
Calling all Francophiles! There's now a hairstyle to epitomise your love for all things French. Enter: The French Bob. One part Natalie Portman in Leon, another part Zooey Deschanel's bangs, this cute crop combines a jawline bob with a thick fringe and we can't get enough of it...
#TreatYoSelf PayDay Haul: Beauty, Fashion And Everything In Between
Can you smell that? It's takeaway coffee, it's lavish salmon bagels for lunch and it's new goddamn cotton fresh clothes. Zara, we've missed you and all your sexy stripy shirt goodness. That's right, it's time to hold our pay packets to ransom again in our monthly pay day edit...
Peachy Makeup Ruled The Red Carpet At The Brit Awards 2017
While bright lids and bold flicks were big at last year's Brits, this year's awards ceremony was a peachy affair: soft, delicate eyeshadows and sweet, peachy cheeks were all over the red carpet, and we're not gonna lie, the trend is just what we need to get our makeup bags ready for spring...
This Simple Hair Hack Will Instantly Reveal Which Haircut Will Suit You Best
You've finally made the commitment to try that new haircut you've had your eye on, you've got the Instagram screenshots and you've booked the appointment, but just how do you know if you've made the right choice? Enter the 2...
Now People Are Tattooing Freckles Onto Their Faces... And We Kinda Like It TBH
If you want sun-kissed skin without the exposure, then we might have found the solution for you: freckle tattoos. Montreal cosmetic tattooist Gabrielle Rainbow has reignited the trend with her semi-permanent creations, and seriously? They look so real...
A Man Has Invented A Lipstick That Glues Your Vagina Lips Together To 'Potty Train Your Period'
In today's women-are-inferior-to-men news we bring you a make-up-bag 'essential' that promises endless comfort and convenience when the time of the month strikes. A man - who goes by the name of Daniel Dopps and practises as a chiropractor in Kansas...
This Princess Crown Eyeshadow Is Makeup Fit For Queens
Calling all queens: it's time to cement your royal status - in makeup form. Your inner Disney princess is about to be freed from her imaginary kingdom thanks to this latest crown-eyeshadow trend brightening up Instagram feeds everywhere...
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