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Hairy Fairy February! Why Women Everywhere Are Ditching The Razor For A Whole Month​
The weekly shaving session is a monumental occasion for us all but a group of body-positive women in Australia are saying to hell with the routine ritual by ridding themselves of their razors and letting their hair run riot in an effort to de-stigmatise body hair...
5 Fail-Safe Ways To Rid Your Skin Of Blackheads
Is there anything more annoying than blackheads? They're stuck in your skin for weeks before developing into the worst spots ever. And they're so temperamental: rarely does squeezing one have a happy ending...
This New Hairdressing Technique Means You'll Never Have To Lose Length Off Your Hair Again
For those of us trying to grow our hair, there's nothing worse than booking yourself in for a much-needed chop. How are we supposed to get it lusciously long if we have to keep trimming it?! Well, one LA stylist has come up with the much-needed solution to all your hair woes...
30 Curly Hairstyles On Pinterest We Can't Get Enough Of
The saying, "the grass is always greener," is never more relevant than when we're comparing hairstyles. Those with wavy hair envy the ease of straight hair, whilst a wave adds character that all those with straight locks want...
5 Easy Homemade Hair Masks For Swish-Worthy Locks
When your hair is in need of a bit of TLC the first place you head to is the salon, right? Well no, actually - it should be the kitchen. Why ever would I do that? I hear you cry. There's nothing better for your locks than the everyday ingredients hiding in your cupboards: olive oil, egg, banana...
You Can Now Buy Glittery Penis-Shaped Soap To Clean Your Makeup Brushes With
Just when you were thinking there's too many dicks in the world, along cum Bitch Slap Cosmetics and their 'swell' phallic-themed line of make-up brush cleaners. But are they up to the job?
Kim Kardashian Is Rocking Pierced Nails And We Don't Know How To Feel
It's not like we've never heard of piercings in, ahem, odd places before but Kim Kardashian has taken the trend to a whole new level with a very interesting type of manicure...
These Are The Must-Have Beauty Products For 2017
When it comes to January, most people make ambitious aims for the year ahead. Travel the world, tone up, try new foods. Our resolution is a lot simpler: try all of these gorgeous beauty products. Yes, predictions are in for what's going to be huge this year...
#TreatYoSelf PayDay Haul: Beauty, Fashion And Everything In Between
Here's the good news: we've almost made it to the end of January. Now here's the great news: pay day is in sight! In celebration of both those facts we've rounded up a bucket load of delicious delights for you to feast your eyes on...
Kendall Jenner Reveals The Simple DIY Face Mask That Cured Her Acne - Here's How You Can Make It
We all want selfie-ready skin, right? But there's a common problem that's standing in the way, and that's acne. It may be hard to believe now, but Kendall Jenner was once a victim of the condition too...
People Are Buzzing Over Wire Nails Because 2017 Has Sent Everyone Barmy
This is metallic nail art but not as you know it. The humble gel/acrylic manicure has been pushed off its Instagram throne only to be replaced by a DIY equivalent - 'wire nail art' - and the people of the Internet are suitably buzzing...
Beauty On A Budget: Cheap Alternatives To Your Favourite Luxury Makeup Brands
As many of us with a penchant for makeup will know, putting our faces on everyday isn't a cheap affair. That's why if there's one thing we could save in a fire, it would be our makeup bags - it's the most expensive thing we own...
Your Gel Nails Could Give You Cancer, No Kidding
Nothing makes you feel fancy AF quite like a fresh set of gel acrylics but what if we told you your religious twice-monthly trips to the salon are a cancer risk? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...
The SoFeminine Experts Club Beauty Product Reviews: How To Get Involved!
Hold up. Free beauty products? Erm, hell yes to that. The SoFeminine product reviews are all about putting the latest beauty must-haves and cult favourites to the test, to see if they really do match up to our expectations...
The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide: What To Buy Yourself Whether You're Single Or Taken
Valentine's Day as a singleton can be dire. Couples are being cute and romantic and sharing their food and we're just not into it. As a single person on V-Day you can feel like a total pariah. Well, not this year girlfriend...
Gwen Stefani's Beauty Evolution: Her Most Memorable Looks!
If there's one thing you need to know about Gwen Stefani, it is this: Gwen Stefani is a beauty chameleon. Doesn't matter when, doesn't matter how, Ms Stefani can completely change her look using just a curling tong and a smattering of red lipstick...
Alison Brie Is Rocking 2017's Hottest Haircut & Now We Want To Be Her
When someone gets a haircut straight after their birthday it's assumed they're in the mids of some kind of life crisis. But not when you're actress Alison Brie - just weeks after turning 34 she's bagged herself what's set to be the trendiest 'do of 2017 and damn, retro never looked so fresh...
Tiger Eye Tie-Dye Is The Latest Hair Trend To Rock Our Tresses
Ladies, the time has come to embrace your Jungle Book roots, because tiger eye tie-dye hair (mouthful or what?) is taking over our tresses. In less fanciful terms though, it's basically balayage but we get it, the tiger thing does have more of a ring to it...
QUIZ: Which MAC Lipstick Best Suits Your Personality?
Know thyself. It's one of the most important aphorisms that we must abide by in this life. But you can't know thyself, not really, not truly. UNTIL. You have taken this quiz. That's right. It's a question we've been asking ourselves for years now: "Am I a Ruby Woo...
41 Beautiful Lip Art Designs You'll Want To Try RN
Lips ain't just for talking and kissing ya know, they also make the best makeup canvas too - and these beautifully intricate designs are all the proof we need. From delightful Disney designs to sassy sparkles and crystal prints...
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