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This Woman's Optical Illusion Makeup Is Straight Up Insane
There's no denying it: Mimi Choi is an artist unlike any other. The 31-year-old makeup artist from Vancouver has been creating optical illusion beauty masterpieces since leaving her job as a teacher and Instagram is loving it - and so are we...
3D Chrome Eyeliner Has Arrived And We Can't Wait To Try It
Time to throw out the black liner because it seems in 2017 we just can't get enough of the silver stuff. First it was chrome nails, now comes chrome eyeliner and we're one step closer to being the most glamorous robots the world has ever seen...
Tried & Tested: Got2b Volumanic Mousse
There's no denyin the words 'hair mousse' would fill some beauty lovers with dread. We all love a throwback Thursday but we don't want to go as far as to emulate Madonna's Like A Virgin days or even back to the early 00's when 'scrunch-drying' was suddenly all the rage...
Ciate Have Created The First Chrome Nail Polish And It Looks Amazing
Let's get real: chrome nail varnish is not easy, and it's basically impossible to do yourself. If you wanna get chrome nails done properly - i.e. not using some tin foil and PVA glue - then you need to go in-salon, and we all know how expensive a good mani can be, especially the ambitious ones...
#TreatYoSelf Pay Day Haul: Beauty, Fashion & Everything In Between
Goodbye March, hello April! Pay day is here and it's time to treat yourself. And if you're looking for an excuse to justify your splurging, you've just treated your mum for Mother's Day so now it's time to spend a little (or lot) on yourself too...
Vampire Fang Nails Are In And They Are Giving Us The Heebie-Jeebies
Goth chic has never really gone out of fashion, but now the mani parade have taken this obsession to new, dark heights. The vampire fang nail trend is exactly what it sounds like: sharp pointy nails that look like the terrifying teeth of a vampire...
Cute Curls Are Back! Here's How To Rock A Perm
Important PSA: Perms are back, and they're bigger and better than ever. Yes, the corkscrew curl has been brought back from the 80s and given a new lease of life thanks to the likes of Gigi and Bella Hadid...
Pravana's Blonde Wand Turns Lightens Your Hair In Seconds
I don't think I'm being dramatic when I say that there's a revolutionary product has just entered the burgeoning hair market. If you've ever wanted to lighten your locks but don't have all that time to wait around at the hairdressers to make the transition to the blonde side...
This Peel-Off Lip Stain Trend Looks Both Satisfying & Disgusting All At Once
We all know how satisfying it is to peel off a face mask, maybe not one of those rip-your-face-off charcoal bad boys, but the kind you used to do round a pal's house while you were watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch...
Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Red Lip
The hunt for the perfect red lipstick is a task that for most beauty lovers and lipstick obsessives will seemingly never be complete. For some, a classic red lip is an everyday staple and a confidence...
People Are Rubbing Their Bums In Glitter 'Cos Festival Season
Glitter trends come and go but we reckon sticking sparkles on your bum cheeks will have some staying power this summer. Prepare yourself for the incoming mass of shiny bottoms that'll clutter your Instagram feed and obstruct your real-life view of X headline act at Y festival come June...
People Are Using Bath Bombs As Highlighter And Our Cheeks Are Weeping
In the same week that a YouTuber wiped an egg on her face instead of using her Beauty Blender, people are now stroking bath bombs on their face to make... highlighter. Oh yes, in a big up yours to the chicken's humble makeup hack...
The Best Beauty Tips Given To Daughters By Their Mothers
When it comes to life advice, there's no one we'd trust more than our lovely mums, they are the ones who know us best after all. But a new survey also shows we trust them best when it comes to beauty tips too...
Graphic Eyeliner Is The Makeup Trend You Need To Master In 2017
Forget what you know about the humble cat eye and burn the rulebook on traditional liner looks, because this is 2017 and we're taking those lids to a new level. Ladies and gents, a warm welcome to the year of graphic eyeliner, please...
Can We Stop Using Weird Objects To Put On Our Makeup Now Please?
I can get on board with almost anything social media has to throw at me. Memes, sure. Hashtags, fine. But nothing makes me want to curl up into a ball on the floor and beg for the days of yore more than a pointless beauty trend...
Turns Out You Really, Really Shouldn't Wear Makeup To The Gym
If you had to make a decision between the gym and your makeup, what would you choose? Because this is a real dilemma you may need to face up to right now. See, no matter how tempting it is to keep your makeup on when going to the gym, it turns out it's kind of really bad for your skin...
This Before & After Photo Of A Woman Suffering From Depression Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons
Depression doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if you're a lovely person and it doesn't care if you're a successful business woman with 3 kids and a happy marriage. It can take over your life, making the easiest day-to-day tasks seem like impossible obstacles...
You Can Now Get A Perfume That Makes You Smell Like Cat Fur
Cat fans, welcome! Come in, grab a fleece. We have some news that could potentially make you very happy: forget your Chanel No. 5, throw away your YSL Opium, because there's a new scent in town - and it smells just like your favourite feline, apparently...
Nail Varnish That Tastes Like Prosecco Is Coming And We're Bulk-buying It
Prosecco fans listen up cos this innovation in alcoholic beauty is a real corker. Allow me to introduce the world's first prosecco-flavoured nail varnish - a product so exciting we could pop with excitement...
This Nail Salon Is Charging 'Overweight' Customers More For Pedicures And People Are P*ssed
Welcome to 2017: the year beauty salons can justify charging 'overweight' people more than 'non-overweight' customers, apparently. One American nail salon is being rightfully trolled after one customer spotted a sign in its window which detailed the controversial policy...
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