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There's Finally A Mean Girls Bath Bomb & It Is As Fetch As It Sounds
No matter what madness the world throws at us, we can always find comfort in the fact that Mean Girls - aka the best movie of all time - exists. And now, we can take our obsession with Regina George and co to the bath tub with us because a Mean Girls bath bomb is finally here...
Barbed Wire Brows Are The Next Eyebrow Trend Blowing Up On Instagram
Hands up if you can't get enough of creative, new eyebrow trends to style up your furry eye framers? Well you're in for a treat, because we've found it in the form of barbed wire brows: the spiked, edgy AF look that's sweeping our social feeds...
A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender And It's Low-key Nuts
What's a girl to do when her beauty blender is nowhere to be seen? The normal, logical thing is to use anything that closely resembles your make-up bag staple. Rather than ruining one of her precious bras and using the silicone pad to apply her make-up or you know using an old foundation brush...
Tried & Tested: The World's Finest Top Coat
Who really has time to give themselves a full manicure? Cuticle oil, file, base coat, top coat - it's too much. Really we just want to make our fingers look presentable without worrying about our nail varnish smudging when we get in to bed or chipping by the time we get to work the next day...
This Red Lipstick Has Replaced MAC's Ruby Woo As The Make-up Artist Favourite And You Need It
There's no denying a punchy red lip is the ultimate finishing touch to any look and when it comes to the most popular product, MAC's Ruby Woo rules them all, well until now that is. Pucker up ladies, because there's a new product about to pack a whole load of punch to your pout...
This Beauty Blogger Wants The Internet To Stop Makeup Shaming
In 2017, body-positive activism is at an all time high. We call out fat shamers, we clap back at those who hate on us for what we wear. But when it comes to makeup, I think we've all been guilty of pointing out when we think a gal's got too much makeup on...
This 'Lit' Makeup Hack Is As Dangerous As It Looks
When it comes to getting experimental with new makeup tips and tricks, beauty bloggers are forever at the forefront - no matter how crazy - but hasn't anyone ever told this brave lady that if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned...
Bird Feather Brows Are Here & They're Taking Over Instagram, Obviously
When it comes to our eyebrows, there are no limits to what we can do with them. We can make them better, we can make them worse, we can rub soap on them, or microblade them and now we can even turn them into very true to likfe feathers...
Beauty Blogger Waxes Her Nose Hair And It's Making Our Eyes Water
First legs, then armpits, then bikini line, moustache, b-hole, fingers, toes, eyebrows. You'd think that after all those areas were 100% hair free there would be nothing left on your body to wax and by that time your body would be as smooth as a damn Barbie...
This New Eyebrow Stamp Will Give You Fleeky Brows In 3 Seconds Flat
The Sugababes may have sang about pushing the button but when it comes to getting brows to make Cara Delevingne weep, it's all about pushing the stamp. Meet the innovative '3 Second Brow Stamp' that's...
Women Are Having Real Scorpion Manicures And We're More Than A Little Freaked Out
We enjoy 3D nail art as much as the next beauty fan (embellished jewels to make Vanesa Hudgens weep? Yes please!) but what about using real-life insects to achieve your look like once-living scorpions...
This Woman's Optical Illusion Makeup Is Straight Up Insane
There's no denying it: Mimi Choi is an artist unlike any other. The 31-year-old makeup artist from Vancouver has been creating optical illusion beauty masterpieces since leaving her job as a teacher and Instagram is loving it...
3D Chrome Eyeliner Has Arrived And We Can't Wait To Try It
Time to throw out the black liner because it seems in 2017 we just can't get enough of the silver stuff. First it was chrome nails, now comes chrome eyeliner and we're one step closer to being the most glamorous robots the world has ever seen...
Ciate Have Created The First Chrome Nail Polish And It Looks Amazing
Let's get real: chrome nail varnish is not easy, and it's basically impossible to do yourself. If you wanna get chrome nails done properly - i.e. not using some tin foil and PVA glue - then you need to go in-salon, and we all know how expensive a good mani can be, especially the ambitious ones...
#TreatYoSelf Pay Day Haul: Beauty, Fashion & Everything In Between
Goodbye March, hello April! Pay day is here and it's time to treat yourself. And if you're looking for an excuse to justify your splurging, you've just treated your mum for Mother's Day so now it's time to spend a little (or lot) on yourself too...
Vampire Fang Nails Are In And They Are Giving Us The Heebie-Jeebies
Goth chic has never really gone out of fashion, but now the mani parade have taken this obsession to new, dark heights. The vampire fang nail trend is exactly what it sounds like: sharp pointy nails that look like the terrifying teeth of a vampire...
This Peel-Off Lip Stain Trend Looks Both Satisfying & Disgusting All At Once
We all know how satisfying it is to peel off a face mask, maybe not one of those rip-your-face-off charcoal bad boys, but the kind you used to do round a pal's house while you were watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch...
Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Red Lip
The hunt for the perfect red lipstick is a task that for most beauty lovers and lipstick obsessives will seemingly never be complete. For some, a classic red lip is an everyday staple and a confidence...
People Are Rubbing Their Bums In Glitter Because Instagram Says It's The Next Hottest Trend
Glitter trends come and go but we reckon sticking sparkles on your bum cheeks will have some staying power this summer. Prepare yourself for the incoming mass of shiny bottoms that'll clutter your Instagram feed and obstruct your real-life view of X headline act at Y festival come June...
People Are Now Using Bath Bombs As Highlighter *And Our Cheeks Are Weeping*
In the same week that a YouTuber wiped an egg on her face instead of using her Beauty Blender, people are now stroking bath bombs on their face to make... highlighter. Oh yes, in a big up yours to the chicken's humble makeup hack...
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There's Finally A Mean Girls Bath Bomb & It Is As Fetch As It Sounds
Barbed Wire Brows Are The Next Eyebrow Trend Blowing Up On Instagram
A Girl Used Her Boyfriend's Balls As A Beauty Blender And It's Low-key Nuts
Tried & Tested: The World's Finest Top Coat
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