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This Woman's Foundation Reviews Highlight A Big Problem With The Beauty Industry
If you're in need of a new badass role model, we've got just the lady: meet Nyma Tang, whose beauty videos not only show you how to contour, but fight back against colourism in the beauty industry at the same damn time...
I Had My Brows Microbladed At Browhaus And This Is What Happened
It's a well-known fact brows hold the key to framing your face but the good news is - if you've not been blessed with bushy brows, there's all variety of make-up products and more invasive, long-lasting...
This Lego Makeup Brush Cleaning Hack Will Change Your Life
Forget splashing your cash on fancy makeup brush cleaning lotions and potions because the best thing to keep those bristles hygienic and germ-free has actually been hiding in the er, toy box all along...
This Blogger Tried To Make 'The Chocolate Challenge' Happen & The Internet Isn't Having It
Beauty bloggers making themselves look silly in online 'challenges' has quickly become one of our favourite things to follow - that is, if said challenge is harmless and inoffensive. But one blogger's...
This Man Was Told To Remove His Makeup At Work & Of Course He Clapped Back In The Best Way
If you went to a strict-ish school, you'll probably remember a certain teacher who would always carry makeup wipes on her ready to ram them under your nose and remove your slap. But that was then. And we were 15...
This Woman Transformed Herself Into Ed Sheeran And It's Honestly Insane
It's amazing what you can do with a contour stick and a steady hand. Beauty blogger Promise Tamang has an awesome knack of turning herself into any celeb under the sun, so she gave everyone's favourite singer Ed Sheeran a go...
Jeffree Star Just Admitted He Contours His Erect Penis
In today's the beauty-industry-knows-no-bounds news, I bring you a 'handy' hack that'll help men everywhere fake the size of their manhood without a viagra prescription. Enter: Jeffree Star i.e. the flamboyant singer-songwriter turned makeup artist and now, purveyor of penis contouring...
You Can Now Match Your Mani To Your Jeans With Denim Nails
Some of us love to match our manis to our outfits. A summery yellow sundress needs an equally bright nail to complete the mood, whereas a dreary winter's day requires a coat of sleek grey. But what if you're one of those people who just loves to live in jeans? Well, these manis have got you covered...
Paws Up! You Can Now Get Matching Manicures With Your Pets
If you love getting your nails done but dread the thought of having to leave your pet behind while you do so, now you can take them along to get a matching manicure with you - because pets deserved to be pampered too, right...
NARS Aren't A Cruelty-Free Brand Anymore
NARS fans, it's a sad day. A very sad day indeed. Because whilst our love for the brand was a culmination of their gorgeous lippies and rather err... original product names (Orgasm blusher, we're looking at you), the real reason we were hopelessly devoted was their commitment to cruelty-free beauty...
People Are Getting Fake Rainbow Freckles Tattooed On Their Faces To Celebrate Pride
Last year Topshop's freckle pencil burst onto the scene, allowing those of us who haven't been naturally blessed with cute beauty spots to replicate the look. But a temporarily drawn on freckle is one thing, getting them permanently inked on your face is another...
#TreatYoSelf Pay Day Haul: Beauty, Fashion & Everything In Between
The end of June is nigh and what a month it's been! We've had one hell of a heatwave, a crazy election and eaten our body weight in ice cream but while it's felt like the longest month yet, you and your purse strings can breathe a long sigh of relief because pay day is finally here...
Margot Robbie Has Just Given Some Rather Interesting Beauty Advice
If you've ever looked at Margot Robbie's flawless face, you've probably wondered what her big beauty secret it. But this is Margot, she's not just going to tell us to drink plenty of water and always take our makeup off, is she? That's not what goddesses do...
Fidget Spinner Lip Gloss Is Now A Thing Because Hey, This Is 2017
This is 2K17, and is a fad really a fad if it hasn't taken over every corner of your life? Millennials, may we introduce to you: the fidget spinner lip gloss - also known as the only beauty product you need if you truly want to be down with the kids...
People Are Hella Mad That Smith & Cult Have Named Their New Eyeliner 'Wax Spastic'
Have you ever looked at a product and wondered just how someone managed to create something so tone deaf, so out of touch, so off kilter that you simply can't get your head around the fact that it somehow managed to make it through all company checks and into the world...
Face Diving Is The Latest Korean Beauty Hack For Budge-Proof Matte Makeup
Contrary to its name, the Korean face diving technique that goes by the name of 'Jamsu' has nothing to do with smothering your face in jam and getting a woman named Su to add clotted cream. No, because that would be strange...
31 Festival Beauty Looks Every Glastonbury Girl Will Love
Summer is finally rearing its beautiful head and that can only mean one thing (well two, if you include Mcflurrys) festival season is finally upon us! Whether you're getting knee deep in mud, music or glitter...
Make Your Nails Look The T*ts With This 3D Boob Manicure
If you weren't blessed in the boob department, fear not, because now you can get the mammaries you've always dreamed of without even having to go under the knife - and it's all thanks to this 3D boob manicure...
19 Of The Weirdest Nail Art Trends Ever!
Few things on this Earth make us feel as under pressure as sitting in the nail salon ready for a fresh set, and the technician asking 'which colour would you like?'. The pressure to avoid making the wrong choice is just TOO MUCH...
Clip On Teeth Veneers Are Here To Make You Look Like A Real Life Ross Geller
Filters we get, makeup we get, temporary tattoos we get, but clip on teeth? Nope, nah-uh - not quite comprehending that one. In the latest Instagram pursuit of perfection, faux veneers are doing the rounds and making every 'grammers dream of a flawless Hollywood smile come true...
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This Woman's Foundation Reviews Highlight A Big Problem With The Beauty Industry
I Had My Brows Microbladed At Browhaus And This Is What Happened
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