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Is Studded Makeup The Edgiest Beauty Trend Of 2017 Or Ever?
They say eyes are the window to the soul, so with that in mind why not stick some spikes on your lids and mesmerise everyone you meet? That's what the make-up artists of Instagram anyway, and where the 'gram goes we (attempt to) follow...
This Woman's Eyelash Extension Horror Story Is The Stuff Of Nightmares
If you're booked in to get eyelash extensions any time soon, you might want to sit this one out. This horror story of one woman's experience - at the hands of an unknown salon in Perth, Australia - is enough to persuade you never to mess with your looks again...
Upside Down Lashes Are The Latest Loony Instagram Craze We Hope Doesn't Catch On
You can barely bat an eyelid these days without a bizarre beauty trend making itself known. In the world of beauty bloggers and Instagram, we're constantly 'blessed' with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to mix up our makeup routines...
McDonald's Brows Is The Perfect Response To Extreme Eyebrow Trends And We're Lovin' It
Rarely a day goes by without a new bizarre brow trend 'blessing' our Instagram feeds with its presence but it's not just us non-bloggers who are sick of the sight of these creative and often downright stupid fads...
Celebrities Wearing A Red Lip
Celebrities Wearing A Red Lip
U-Turn Brows Are The Grossest Eyebrow Trend Yet
Just when you thought we'd reached peak eyebrow trends with the arrival of braided brows, brace yourselves for what's quite possibly the worst eyebrow evolution in the history of beauty blogging. Enter: u-turn brows...
The Barmiest Brow Trends Of All Time
The Barmiest Brow Trends Of All Time
People On Instagram Are Dipping Their Tongues In Glitter And It Looks Cool AF
If you've already shocked your nan with that nipple piercing and tattoo, meet your next daring beauty venture to make her choke on her tea: the glitter tongue. Just as out there as it sounds, people are literally covering the insides of their gob with glitter...
Braided Eyebrows Are Here Because 2017 Is Officially The Year Of The Barmy Brow
While braids have long been championed for their ability to hide our four-day-dry-shampoo-stint sins, it's usually the hair on our heads we opt to plait rather the hair on our eyebrows - but that's all about to change according to this makeup artist...
Penis Brows Is The Latest NSFW Makeup Trend Blowing Up Instagram
Make sure you've finished your breakfast because nothing is sure to make you spit out your avo on toast quite like a phallus to the face. Yep, the Internet glam gang is back with another eyebrow trend that we really weren't prepared for, and frankly probably never will be tbh...
Full Squiggle Make-Up Is The Next Beauty Trend Wriggling Its Way Onto Your Face and Instagram Feed
Make-up trends come and go but it seems this latest one has more staying power than most. August 2017 will forever be remembered as the month of squiggle make-up thanks to the bizarre creation of wavy...
Squiggle Lips Is The Latest Trippy Makeup Trend Taking Over Your Instagram
Everyone knows you can't call something a trend until Instagram says so and where our feeds go we follow - no matter how extreme the look, it's all about the likes. And it's fair to say they don't come much crazier than squiggle lips, the wonkiest make up trend we ever did see...
Harry Potter Quill And Ink Liquid Eyeliner Now Exists And It's Magical AF
What if I told you it's high time to ditch the liquid eyeliner pens and applicators you've been using since time began and replace them with a quill instead? No, I've not had too much caffeine, I'm serious...
#TreatYoself Pay Day Haul: Fashion, Beauty And Everything In Between
Nothing makes us happier than seeing that number in our bank accounts go from minus to positive when that pay cheque hits - so before all the boring stuff like bills and rent come out, why not spend a little (or a lot) on yourself...
Squiggle Eyebrows Are The Latest Instagram Trend Heading For Your Face
Another day, another bizarre trend heading for our brows thanks to a talented Instagram make-up artist - meet squiggle brows. Reminiscent of our GCSE-art days, this whimsical design is guaranteed to puzzle...
A Beauty Blogger Has Created Snake Eyeliner Just As Taylor Swift Drops New Music
2017 has spawned all variety of weird, wonderful and NSFW trends but this beauty blogger's reinvention of the infamously impossible-to-perfect eyeliner flicks may just be the most timely of them all....
Meet The Man Who's Spent £35K Transforming Himself Into A Real-Life Elf
After being bullied as a child, Luis Padron, from Buenos Ares, became fascinated by the fantasy world of elves and angels as a form of escapism. Now, years on, the 25-year-old has spent £35,000 on various surgical procedures to turn himself into an elf in real life...
15 Budget Beauty Products That Are Actually Really Good
Budget beauty buys are hard to come by and budget beauty buys that actually work are an even rarer breed. With that in mind, we've rounded up our top pick of purse-friendly beauty products that are just as good to our bank balances as they are to our skin...
You Can Now Buy Blusher For Your Vagina To Stop It Going Grey
I don't know if you know but your labia - the most visible bit of your bits - loses its fleshy-pink shade as we get older. Good news then that one make-up brand is here to do away with such vaginal insecurity, one pigmented pot of blusher at a time...
This Make-Up Artist Creates Trippy AF Face And Body Art Illusions And We're Shook
While the majority of us are still yet to master the humble eyeliner flick, this fierce female is taking the term 'transformation' to trippy new heights, using her body as a canvas to bend our minds with her bizarre body-art designs...
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