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Shea Perfection! Our Top Ten Uses For Shea Butter
We don't mean to sound dramatic, but we have to tell you that the benefits of shea butter are unbound. They are boundless. There's a ridiculous amount of pros to using shea butter and basically like, no cons...
We Tried A Red Carpet Facial Loved By Celebs And It Made Us Feel Hella Glamorous
Well, it's official - we are well and truly in the thick of awards season. Which means only one thing: we're constantly swooning over all the red carpet beauty looks. But what does it really take to get that red carpet ready skin...
I Tried Derma FNS To See If It Would Banish My Acne Scarring
Facial scarring is the bane of anyone who's ever had the displeasure of suffering from acne's life. But thanks to advances in medical technology and some willing professionals, there's all manner of treatments...
What Is Hyaluronic Acid? We Ask The Experts!
Beauty trends come and go, but hyaluronic acid is a cosmetic staple that has managed to stand the test of time. But beyond simply being 'good for the skin', what do we really know about the must-have skincare product...
Does Toothpaste Really Work On Spots? We Asked The Experts
Gigi Hadid swears by it. Amanda Seyfried is a fan. But does putting toothpaste on your spots really rid your skin of those pesky blemishes? We spoke to two expert dermatologists to determine once and for all if there's any truth behind one of the most commonly perpetuated beauty rumours...
This Non-Surgical Boob Lift Is Everything Your T*ts Could Ever Want
When it comes to skincare, we moisturise our legs, scrub our lips, treat our oily T-zones. But what about our breasts? Don't they deserve some love too? We decided to give our boobs some well-deserved TLC with a bust contouring treatment from Cellcosmet...
Hairy Fairy February! Why Women Everywhere Are Ditching The Razor For A Whole Month​
The weekly shaving session is a monumental occasion for us all but a group of body-positive women in Australia are saying to hell with the routine ritual by ridding themselves of their razors and letting their hair run riot in an effort to de-stigmatise body hair...
5 Fail-Safe Ways To Rid Your Skin Of Blackheads
Is there anything more annoying than blackheads? They're stuck in your skin for weeks before developing into the worst spots ever. And they're so temperamental: rarely does squeezing one have a happy ending...
These Are The Must-Have Beauty Products For 2017
When it comes to January, most people make ambitious aims for the year ahead. Travel the world, tone up, try new foods. Our resolution is a lot simpler: try all of these gorgeous beauty products. Yes, predictions are in for what's going to be huge this year...
Kendall Jenner Reveals The Simple DIY Face Mask That Cured Her Acne - Here's How You Can Make It
We all want selfie-ready skin, right? But there's a common problem that's standing in the way, and that's acne. It may be hard to believe now, but Kendall Jenner was once a victim of the condition too...
I Tried Yoga For My Face And It Made My Skin Feel Five Years Younger
Just when you thought we'd exhausted all types of yoga, along comes the facial kind - or the so-called 'Benjamin Button of facials'. While you may not be convinced that stretching in a room full of sweating strangers (Bikram yoga) is good for your mind...
The Ultimate Men's Christmas Gift Guide: What to Buy Every Man in Your Life
It's a fact: when it comes to Christmas, buying gifts for guys is hard. How many times have you asked your bae/dad/uncle/grandad what they want only for them to respond with a helpful 'socks?' But this year is different as we're here to make male shopping a doddle...
8 Natural Skin Quenching Masks You Can Make At Home
For a peachy AF complexion, gorgeous rosy cheeks and smooth to the touch skin, there's no need to break the bank with super pricey lotions and potions. Great skin can be achieved with a combination of all-natural products you've already got hanging around in your kitchen cupboards...
10 of The Best Moisturisers That Will Give Your Skin Life This Season
Ah, winter... one whisper of a chilly wind and our skin is in need of desperate rehydration. Yes, judging by the fact that everyone in the UK has a cold and that our skin is quickly becoming dryer than Aubrey Plaza's sense of humour, it's officially winter in Britain...
8 of The Best Sheet Masks To Save You From A Winter Skin Meltdown
It took a while for the UK to catch up with Asia on the sheet mask trend, but now we're in on the beauty secret we're never looking back. Because nothing makes your pores happier than a tissue with eye and mouth holes...
Why Women Everywhere Are Getting Mini Crown Tattoos
If you've never declared one of your female heroes (be this your best friend or Beyoncé) a queen, you're lying. It's one of the biggest buzz words of the year and women everywhere are having mini crowns inked on various body parts as a permanent reminder of their royal allegiance...
A-Listers With Ink! Our Fave Celebrity Tattoos
If you're looking for ink-spiration for some permanent body art then look no further than these glorious celebrity tattoos. Those famous folk sure are a creative bunch!
This Magical Japanese Rose Cleanser is All Of Your Beauty Dreams Come True
Every beauty junkie on the planet is losing their sh*t on Instagram over this Japanese rose cleanser, including me. Just watch this beauty whip in action and you'll be as mind blown as the rest of us...
We Tried An Anti-Ageing Facial And It Made Our Skin Feel Fresh AF
Up until last week I had never had a facial before. Despite this, I had certain expectations. I expected there to be plinky plonky music, cucumber slices over my eyes, a relaxing cheek massage that I could fall asleep to...
Happy Feet: Get Pedi Ready For Summer!
You wouldn't know it from the rain, but summer is finally upon us. Holiday season is here. We've got our sh*t hot bikinis, we got our lob did, we got our romcom reading already in our suitcase. But there's one thing we haven't sorted: our feet...
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