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I Tried DermaTx's At-home Microdermabrasion System And This Is What I Thought
Spa facials are one of the many luxuries I wish my disposable income would stretch to every month but we live in testing times and I'm forced to accept the fact my hard-earned cash is for keeping a roof over my head and not weekly pampering appointments...
Tried & Tested: The Innovative Exfoliator
Cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate twice a week. These are the steps we've always been told to follow for clean, baby soft skin. Thankfully, gone are the days of scouring away at your face with harsh, abrasive scrubs that leave your skin red raw...
The Full Body Charcoal Face Mask Challenge Is Making Us Freak Out
Face masks are great at removing nasties from the face, but in exchange for that glowing result comes the (sometimes excruciating) process of peeling it off to remove the mask. Now just imagine that but over your entire body...
A Vaccine That Cures Acne Is Coming But There's A Catch
If you've tried every cream, tablet and cleanser on the acne-fighting market and you're still left with problem pimples, you're not alone. But don't give up all hope on spot-free skin just yet because there's a new treatment in the pipeline that could spell the end of applying concealer every hour...
Emoji Face Masks Are Set To Take Over Your Instagram
Our love for sheet masks cannot be repressed and neither can our love for Emojis. So praise the lord hallelujah because someone has finally made these two become one.
This Photo Series Shows Growing Old Is A Beautiful Part Of Life
Fun fact: All the people in Karsten Thormaehlen's new photo series 'Ageing Gracefully' are over 100 years old. And if we looked half as happy and gorgeous as these folks when we reach our hundredth year, then we'd be a lucky bunch...
Turns Out You Really, Really Shouldn't Wear Makeup To The Gym
If you had to make a decision between the gym and your makeup, what would you choose? Because this is a real dilemma you may need to face up to right now. See, no matter how tempting it is to keep your makeup on when going to the gym, it turns out it's kind of really bad for your skin...
'Slush Facials' Are Reportedly The Secret To Kendall And Kylie's Perfect Skin
Acetone and dry ice don't sound like items you should be including in your skincare regime, but the slush facial is the new treatment that combines the two to make your skin soft and spot-free. But please, for the love of god, do not try this at home...
Tried & Tested: The 5 Minute Facial In A Bottle
Hey dull skin, howya holding up there hunz? We thought as much. If you're anything like us, storm Doris (or Ellis, whichever one we're on now) has wreaked havoc with our skin. One minute it's raining, the next it's glorious spring sunshine and the pancake situation didn't help matters either...
This Chocolate Bar Is Proven To Improve Your Skin
So far we've been led to believe eating our way to perfect skin involves stuffing ten different types of greens into your NutriBullet and guzzling them down your gullet quicker than you can say 'five a day' but forget all that because now beautiful, glowing skin can be yours by eating chocolate...
The Complete Guide On How To Pick The Perfect Moisturiser For Your Skin Type
Just like you wouldn't put diesel in your petrol car, you shouldn't put the wrong moisturiser on your face - it's certainly not a case of one size fits all. The moisturiser market needn't be such a minefield...
This Bubble Clay Mask Was Made For Your Face AND Your Instagram
We once thought that all we needed from a face mask was for it to clean our face. How naive we were. It wasn't until we saw irresistibly Instagrammable bubble clay masks that we realised what we really need from our home facials is something that makes our skin silky soft...
Tried & Tested: B. Effective Stubborn Makeup Remover
Putting makeup on is great and everything, but nothing beats that feeling of getting in after a sweaty tube ride and taking it all off again. There's just something about fresh clean pores, complete with a messy topknot and pjs of course, that just fills our hearts with utter joy...
Shea Perfection! Our Top Ten Uses For Shea Butter
We don't mean to sound dramatic, but we have to tell you that the benefits of shea butter are unbound. They are boundless. There's a ridiculous amount of pros to using shea butter and basically like, no cons...
We Tried A Red Carpet Facial Loved By Celebs And It Made Us Feel Hella Glamorous
Well, it's official - we are well and truly in the thick of awards season. Which means only one thing: we're constantly swooning over all the red carpet beauty looks. But what does it really take to get that red carpet ready skin...
I Tried Derma FNS To See If It Would Banish My Acne Scarring
Facial scarring is the bane of anyone who's ever had the displeasure of suffering from acne's life. But thanks to advances in medical technology and some willing professionals, there's all manner of treatments...
What Is Hyaluronic Acid? We Ask The Experts!
Beauty trends come and go, but hyaluronic acid is a cosmetic staple that has managed to stand the test of time. But beyond simply being 'good for the skin', what do we really know about the must-have skincare product...
Does Toothpaste Really Work On Spots? We Asked The Experts
Gigi Hadid swears by it. Amanda Seyfried is a fan. But does putting toothpaste on your spots really rid your skin of those pesky blemishes? We spoke to two expert dermatologists to determine once and for all if there's any truth behind one of the most commonly perpetuated beauty rumours...
This Non-Surgical Boob Lift Is Everything Your T*ts Could Ever Want
When it comes to skincare, we moisturise our legs, scrub our lips, treat our oily T-zones. But what about our breasts? Don't they deserve some love too? We decided to give our boobs some well-deserved TLC with a bust contouring treatment from Cellcosmet...
Hairy Fairy February! Why Women Everywhere Are Ditching The Razor For A Whole Month​
The weekly shaving session is a monumental occasion for us all but a group of body-positive women in Australia are saying to hell with the routine ritual by ridding themselves of their razors and letting their hair run riot in an effort to de-stigmatise body hair...
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