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Tried & Tested: Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask
As far as viral beauty trends go there's no denying that black peel-off face masks are the showstopper this year. They and their horror stories are right up there with other bizarre 'hacks' which have seen beauty bloggers applying foundation with everything from boiled eggs to condoms...
I Tried CACI Synergy Purifying Treatment To Banish My Acne Scarring & This Is What I Thought
Scarring left from any kind of skin complaint, whether that be sun damage, acne, or a penchant for picking, is no easy feat to shift. But forget the scar smoothing lotions and potions out there, because I've tested out a treatment that can make a real difference...
Man With Massive 'DEVAST8' Can't Understand Why He Can't Get A Job
Tattoos and the work place are a minefield - while creative industries tend to favour artistic expression more than corporate offices, there's a limit to just how far employees will stretch their policies regarding body modifications...
Tried & Tested: The Magic Cleansing Cloth That Removes Makeup With Just Water
Some say disposable face wipes should be reserved only for flights and festivals while others swear by them. Either way they come with their problems - accelerating the ageing process, smearing makeup...
Model Scarlett Costello Is Making A Serious Case For The Monobrow
Wouldn't it be great if we could just throw caution to the wind and forego waxing, threading and tweezing for good, instead celebrating body hair wherever it so chooses to sprout up? One woman challenging beauty standards and leading the way for untamed fuzz is model Scarlett Costello...
Turns Out, Pizza Is Actually A Pretty Decent Makeup Remover
Ahh pizza: the solution to most of life's problems. Well, maybe all of them now that we've discovered that pizza grease is actually super effective at removing our makeup.
This Woman Asked For Round Nails & Immediately Regretted It
We've all heard our fair share of nail bar horror stories: the pedi blade that's never changed, the foot bath that's never disinfected and, of course, the woman who caught a toe infection and had to throw out all her shoes...
Rosé Wine Deodorant Is Here So Now You Can Raise Your Pits To Happy Hour
We're all aware of the popularity of boozy brunches right now, but what if you can't wait until 12pm to get your rosé fix? What if you could satisfy your craving even earlier in the day - say during your morning shower routine...
I Tried The Latest In Cellulite-removal Technology And This Is What Happened
Cellulite is just one of the many characteristics we women are made to feel is something we should be ashamed of throughout our lives. This common insecurity isn't helped by the fact our social media...
Tried & Tested: The Tan That Tones Your Skin
If there's one beauty product we love it's a multi-tasker. Our lives are becoming busier than ever before and when it comes to our beauty routine, time is of the essence. Sunkissed's new Rapid Tan & Tone Mousse from their Bronze Professional range not only promises to give you a gorgeous glow...
Tried & Tested: The Pollution-Proof Serum Saving Our City Skin
Being exposed to polluted air on a daily basis can leave skin congested, irritated and can even accelerate signs of ageing. We swan around London with our juices and Whole Foods salads thinking we are the epitome of health but what lies beneath our pores is a very different story...
People On Instagram Are Prettifying Their Pits With Tattoos
If it's not festival goers rubbing their bums and boobs in glitter, it's brave souls prettifying their pits with tattoos - beauty knows no bounds in this day and age. Barely a day goes by without a new trend emerging from our Instagram feeds and today is the turn of armpit tattoos...
Apparently We Need To Be Removing Our Blackheads With Silky Balls Now
Blackheads are the grossest of the gross. The way they worm their way under your skin and set up shop - they are rude and they are damn right plucky and we are done. But rather than squeeze at our faces so hard that we leave semi-permanent thumb imprints there for a good week...
The £3.99 Cleanser That's A Dead Ringer For The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
News flash: a hot cloth cleanser exists just like Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanse and polish, only this one's just £3.99. To confirm, that's under £4. Supermarket giant and beauty guru Aldi have launched...
Tried & Tested: The Ultra Fine Hydrating Mist
Cleanse, tone and moisturise - the three steps hammered into us as teens with the promise they'll bless you with a life of flawless, youthful skin. Flash forward 10 years and things aren't so simple. Now on top of the basic...
The Korean Hanacure Face Mask Is The Creepy Skin Saviour Celebrities Are Loving
We're always on the hunt for new beauty solutions to give us that #nofilter selfie ready skin we see on our fave celebs, but now you can get it without hiring your own glam team a la the Kardashians....
'My Vagina Was On Icy Fire!' This Woman's Account Of Using Mint Shower Gel Is Relatable AF
There's nothing like a long, hot shower to wash away the stress of the day, is there? Well, unless you're using Original Source Mint shower gel and your lady flaps feel like they're on fire, that is....
This Blogger Has The Best Solution To Summer Thigh Chafing
As much as we love summer, it does bring up a few unfortunate beauty faux pas. Shiny face, sweaty pits, and, the worst of the lot, the thigh chafe. Yeah, the jeans come off - but the heat rub comes on...
A Man Died From A Flesh-eating Bacteria After He Went Swimming With His New Tattoo
In some cases rules are made to be broken, but when it comes to tattoos you should probably follow the advice you're given by the professionals. This man chose to ignore warnings to avoid swimming for two weeks after getting tattooed and sadly, paid the ultimate price for it...
Tried & Tested: Skinfix Brightening Eye Cream
After a bank holiday weekend you'd expect everyone to return to work bright-eyed and bushy tailed but in reality everyone is struggling to get over three consecutive days of drinking, yawning every five minutes and using their lunch hour to take a sneaky nap...
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