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This Woman Has Serious Makeup Skills

This Before & After Photo Of A Woman Suffering From Depression Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons
Depression doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if you're a lovely person and it doesn't care if you're a successful business woman with 3 kids and a happy marriage. It can take over your life, making the easiest day-to-day tasks seem like impossible obstacles...
Blonde Ambition: Here's How To Know Which Shade Of Blonde Suits Your Complexion
We have all, at one point or another, daydreamed about changing our hair colour. Whether it's a thought-out decision or just a morbid curiosity, we just wanna know what we'd look like with hair that's the polar opposite to what it is now...
Tried & Tested: Ghd Split End Therapy Treatment
Nothing quite sets us off for a disappointing morning than waking up to realise it's yet another bad hair day. Hey, for some of us it's just been a bad hair week, month and dare I say year! Thanks to straighteners...
Maya Felix Is Teaching Us To Be Proud Of Our Body Hair
Model and armpit hair activist Maya Felix recently took part in Ben Hopper's photography series 'Natural Beauty', and she has some strong words for us women on accepting our bodies as they come and ignoring the haters, and we have now accepted her as our life guru, tbh...
Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over This Video Showing What Cheap Shampoo Does To Your Hair. Eek!
We all know colouring your hair takes time, money and a hell of a lot of maintenance, so you can't blame a girl for reaching for the cheaper shampoo over the luxury salon offering. A girl's gotta eat and everything, ya know...
This Hairbrush That's Actually A Flask Will Change Your Life & Your Locks
If a revolutionary boozy beauty hybrid gets you even more excited than the newest Ryan Gosling flick then 1) you're not alone and 2) prepare to meet your latest crush: the hairbrush flask, which makes smuggling your favourite tipple a doddle...
Emma Watson Has A Beauty Regime For Her Pubic Hair And She Isn't Scared To Give Us Some Tips
We would listen to anything that comes out of Emma Watson's glorious mouth. She is, essentially, our life guru. So when she tells us what products she uses on her pubic hair, we grab a pen and write that sh*t down...
French Bobs Are The Très Chic Hair Trend Of 2017
Calling all Francophiles! There's now a hairstyle to epitomise your love for all things French. Enter: The French Bob. One part Natalie Portman in Leon, another part Zooey Deschanel's bangs, this cute crop combines a jawline bob with a thick fringe and we can't get enough of it...
This Simple Hair Hack Will Instantly Reveal Which Haircut Will Suit You Best
You've finally made the commitment to try that new haircut you've had your eye on, you've got the Instagram screenshots and you've booked the appointment, but just how do you know if you've made the right choice? Enter the 2...
Everything You Need To Know About Getting Hair Extensions
Are you tired of waiting a lifetime for your hair to grow to Rapunzel lengths? Wait no more as thanks to modern-day technology, hair extensions are better quality than ever and they do increasingly less damage to our natural tresses...
This Father-Daughter Duo Are Teaching Us A Thing Or Two About Loving Yourself - And Your Afro
If you haven't heard of Benny Harlem, you've likely seen him. He's pretty hard to miss, thanks to his amazing afro and sentimental Instagram posts with his daughter Jaxyn, who, like her pops, is also rather gifted in the hair department...
30 Girls Who Prove That Blonde Is Best
Blondes have more fun, so the saying goes. I mean, it's not wrong, is it? There are so many different types of blonde to choose from, I can imagine it is rather enjoyable choosing which blonde to be this week...
Beyonce, J-Lo & Kim Kardashian: The Celebs Loving The Rapunzel Hair Trend
Long hair: we all dream of it but the effort, time and tears it takes to actually grow it organically from our own roots makes us bored just thinking about, which is where extensions come in. But forget your standard shoulder length clip ins 'cos right now it's all about mermaid lengths...
Give Frizz The Middle Finger! The Best Hacks For Frizzy Hair
Curly girlies answer me this: is your mane impossible to disentangle, way too volumised, and takes up 90% of your selfie? Or er, all of the above? Thought so. But what if we told you that with a few simple hair hacks (aka showing your curls a bit of TLC), it doesn't have to be such a struggle...
7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Your Hair Right Now
Hands in the air if you want healthy, soft, strands that make following the latest hair style tutorial a doddle? Well what if we told you when it comes to getting selfie ready glossy locks, it's actually all about what you shouldn't be doing to your hair as much as what you should be doing...
Should I Get A Fringe? All Your Questions Answered!
While it might seem like giving yourself a spontaneous new fringe is a good idea after a Saturday night in drinking wine and watching YouTube tutorials, we can categorically tell you that it is not. There are so many things that can go wrong with a DIY fringe...
This New Hairdressing Technique Means You'll Never Have To Lose Length Off Your Hair Again
For those of us trying to grow our hair, there's nothing worse than booking yourself in for a much-needed chop. How are we supposed to get it lusciously long if we have to keep trimming it?! Well, one LA stylist has come up with the much-needed solution to all your hair woes...
30 Curly Hairstyles On Pinterest We Can't Get Enough Of
The saying, "the grass is always greener," is never more relevant than when we're comparing hairstyles. Those with wavy hair envy the ease of straight hair, whilst a wave adds character that all those with straight locks want...
5 Easy Homemade Hair Masks For Swish-Worthy Locks
When your hair is in need of a bit of TLC the first place you head to is the salon, right? Well no, actually - it should be the kitchen. Why ever would I do that? I hear you cry. There's nothing better for your locks than the everyday ingredients hiding in your cupboards: olive oil, egg, banana...
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This Woman Has Serious Makeup Skills
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