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Sociable, Smart And A Little Bit Vain? 16 Signs You’re A Total Libra

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Sociable, Smart And A Little Bit Vain? 16 Signs You’re A Total Libra© WeHeartIt

Born between September 23rd and October 23rd? Never found it difficult to make friends? Living in a room with at least three different mirrors? Yep, you're definitely a Libra.

You can charm your way out of anything

You are a social butterfly and know exactly what to say and do to make people feel welcome, how to deal with potential squabbles, and how to make people feel spesh.

You’re a smarty pants

You are a total Hermione Granger and people LOVE it. You’re as smart as it gets and it’s a great surprise for other people who think you’re just another pretty face (come on, you know you’re hot).

You pride yourself on your first impression

Party with a bunch of strangers? Meeting the boyfriend’s parents? Job interview? Absolutely no problem, you'll be going out for cocktails a week later.

You never show up on time

You’re notoriously unreliable and quick to change your mind about what you want to do, to the peril of your mates with their plans all mapped out. It’s lucky you’re so bloomin’ charming or people would get fed up pretty quickly!

You’re always up for a new situation

You will happily travel the world, make friends with anyone and everyone you meet rather than live a standard average Joe lifestyle.

You can’t pass a mirror without checking yourself out

Yep, you heard us. Libras are notoriously shallow. It’s not that you think looks are everything, you just think they’re really, really important.

You’re a problem solver

You can find a solution to pretty much everything and hate the idea of anyone being less than satisfied with an agreement. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?

You flirt like a champ

Your friends…every man you meet…that broom in the corner, you will flirt with absolutely anything and everyone.

Whilst everyone loves a cheeky flirt, make sure to make your true intentions clear!

You’re the ‘nice’ one of your group

Libras hate to leave people out and can’t be doing with nastiness, and so you’ll probably be the glue that holds your group together.

You drive people crazy with your indecisiveness


You can ALWAYS keep your boyfriend interested

You’ve been described as enchanting, mostly because when you aim all your charm at one man he’s powerless to it!

A lot of the time you just couldn’t give a singular sh*t

You want to please everyone and so you end up listening to a lot of stuff you really don’t care about. It means putting on a bit of a pretence, but only to keep people happy so it’s fine! Right?

You keep your feelings DOWN

Although you have a foul temper on you, you try to keep it hidden under a veneer of politeness and light-heartedness.

You see it, you want it, you buy it

Since you’re a big fan of the aesthetics, you can’t stop yourself from spending big on anything that will make you that tiny bit hotter. A snail-slime-based face cream that promises to erase the creases by your ears? PURCHASED.

You so can’t be bothered with work

You have the potential to be great, but honestly, you’re just not a fan of hard work. The best thing is do is something that doesn’t require getting your hands dirty – designing, acting, wedding planning – anything where someone else does most of the work.

You need to be loved

You’re a sociable, likeable creature, who needs a whole lot of love and TLC.

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