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Honest, Adventurous And Positive? 12 Signs You’re A Total Sagittarius

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Honest, Adventurous And Positive? 12 Signs You’re A Total Sagittarius© WeHeartIt

Born between November 23rd and December 22nd? So laid back you may as well be lying down? Take crazy risks to scare your entire family? Love telling people exactly what you think? Yep, you're definitely a Sagittarius.


You are forever looking on the bright side of life! The glass is half full! Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team! If you can dream it, you can do it! (Sorry, we’ll stop, but then again you’re so bloomin’ happy and positive you probably don’t even care!).

Honesty is your best policy

You can’t stand sidestepping around the truth or adding flourishes to your stories. If you have something to say you say it straight, and you are pretty much respected and admired by everyone around you because of it.

You are an unemotional mess

We’re not saying this is a bad thing, it’s just not too great either. It’s not that you keep your feelings inside, it’s more that a lot of stuff simply does not faze you whatsoever. Sounds good, but the downside is that sometimes it can make you a little hard to reach.

You can be really quite careless

Although you pride yourself on your honesty, sometimes you can go a little too far and hurt people’s feelings. Trust us, a little caution before you speak wouldn’t go amiss!

You have Captain America levels of morals

You may as well be stuck in Gryffindor house on your strong sense of morals. You have a black and white view of what is right and wrong and people always know to go to you if they need to know if they are in the right or the wrong.

You can be over-confident

You know you are very fair and honest, but unfortunately this can make you pretty self-righteous and, as a result, annoying. It doesn’t hurt to try to see things from other people’s perspective sometimes and avoid immediately judging them with your moral compass!

You are quite the philanthropist

You know how important it is to be a good person, and you exhibit this every single day. You will always leave a big tip at restaurants, you’ll always chip into every charity box that comes your way and you love doing little things for charity. Let’s face it, you’ve probably got both a charity bake sale and a 5K under your belt!

You have a keen sense of adventure

You know you need to leave your backyard as often as you can, and as such you have managed to see much of the world. It’s never quite enough though – bungee jumping in Australia? Sounds good! White water rafting in shark invested waters? Sign us up! This can cause problems though…

You are a careless Carrie

Although your ‘I’ll-try-anything’ nature is part of what makes you you, sometimes a strong argument can be made that you take unnecessary risks. You think it’s funny, but you often worry your family and friends with your antics.

You are fairly impatient

You wouldn’t do too well with a desk job. Since you like adventure and to be on the go all the time, this can make you irritable and impatient if you have to wait too long for what you want. Just chill out, okay?

You have a cool head

You’re the best kind of partner as you don’t get jealous or possessive, and are confident in yourself to trust your instincts and therefore your partner. Basically you are the magical unicorn that any SO would be lucky to have!

You get easily bored

You’re not what people would call dedicated. You have a spattering of different interests and flit from one to the other, getting bored almost too easily. This means it can be pretty hard to get enthused towards things at times, which is probably why you’re such a risk-taker!

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