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Tough, Thrifty And A Bit Of A Worrier? 11 Signs You're A Virgo

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 20/08/2014 at 07:15
Tough, Thrifty And A Bit Of A Worrier? 11 Signs You're A Virgo © WeHeartIt

The 23rd August to 22nd September is the time of the Virgo, the Monica Geller of all the star signs. Practical, meticulous but constantly a little bit worried that everything won't go quite according to plan, Virgos have some great personality traits, but no one's perfect and there are definitely a couple of downsides to being the most organised star sign. So whip out your antibacterial hand gel and read all about your personality...

You can be extremely helpful

You are very organised and you hate seeing others flailing around you when your own life is pretty much together. So you do what you can to help others and they pretty much love you for it! Good going Virgo.

You can make any situation work in your favour

It's a pretty awesome skill and you definitely use it to it's fullest potential! You are very analytically minded, which means you can work out the best possible way to befriend others and generally get what you want as you can see how every situation will play out. We're seriously jel.

You know what's happening with everyone

You're incredibly observant, and always know what's going with the people around you. Someone in the office is pregnant? You're the first one to notice. You always have the edge on the latest goss' and this makes you an ESSENTIAL part of a friendship group!

If you say you're going to be there, you're going to be there

You hate letting people down and anyway, you'd never agree to something you wouldn't want to do as it is. Your friends can always rely on you to be there for them, whether it's a party or they just needed to rant to someone and you promised you'd call them.

You're a sucker for detail

Virgos are known to be extremely attentive to detail, which is both a blessing and a curse. You are determined to shoulder all of your craziness rather than just letting it go and chilling which definitely can be a good thing! You're that person who will sort everything out in your group of friends, and they love you for it. That being said, you can be a little crazy controlling at times as you feel like you can't afford one single thing to go wrong. Just try to relax and you'll see that it's not the end of the world if you make a mistake.

You're very tough on yourself

Although being organised is a wonderful thing (everyone wants you for their Maid of Honour, you could throw a bitching brunch complete with hand sewn napkins within 24 hours), you REALLY don’t know when to chill out.

If something goes wrong, or even if it goes right you are extremely critical of yourself, and unfortunately sometimes you end up redirecting that criticism away from yourself and to your friends, family and partner. They all know that's just the way you are and don't take it personally, and you need them there to give you some praise so you feel validated sometimes. You need to stop being so hard on yourself!

You are a BIG worrier

Being a Virgo must be a stressful affair, because you really don't know how to let things go. You obsess over grudges or throwaway comments, and don't do well switching off from your work life when you get home. You listen here Virgo, stress is bad for you! Let someone else do the work for once and chill the hell out.

You are DEFINITELY worth hiring

Although you can get a little stressed out and, of course, are a bit of a worrier, you're great at organisation and would thrive in any job where you get to boss people around a little bit. You would also do well in a second-in-command role, just for the sake of your blood pressure. Being the big dog might be a bit too much for you to take!

You have some brilliant job prospects

Any job that requires thoroughness and attention to detail would be lucky to have you. Whether that's an accountant, a proof-reader or a party planner, your employers would rely on your skills fully after seeing what you're capable of!

You're thrifty

You keep an eye on your cash and never let your funds drift out of your control. It's amazing that you're so practical as your finances are SO much better than most of your friends, putting you in a pretty good standing. Nice one!

You are a perfectionist in your relationship

You may not be proud to admit it, but you're always wondering whether your perfect Prince Charming is always just around the corner, rather than realising who you have already is pretty darn special. They know you're a perfectionist and they're fine with it, but you find it tricky to understand that imperfections are what improves a relationship! Virgos, NOBODY IS PERFECT!

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