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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read September's Forecast For Aquarius!

by Pascale Day Published on 1 September 2017

Teamwork wins rewards you have hoped for, but it takes courage to place your faith in others.

You will re-discover long-lost gems – at work and/or at play - and find new outlets for your abilities. Just beware of making hasty moves. Family members will express surprisingly hard-line views, and these shouldn’t be totally dismissed. Surprises will have money-making potential and success may depend on breaking the mould. Whatever happens now you are in the hot-seat, and by the 19th you can overcome old, redundant anxieties. From the 25th you will shine bright and can set the pace. You desire creative challenges and this will take you far, especially when a partnership changes your fortunes profoundly.

Sex and Relationships

It may well be time to review recent developments, as a relationship will intensify. Issues you thought were dead and buried could reappear, but a dazzling connection will not be tarnished- whatever you may have feared. You will understand the depth of someone’s mind, which is addictively erotic and almost overwhelming. Have courage…

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