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10 Game Changing Products For New Parents

by Ursula Dewey ,
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Becoming a parent for the first time is kind of intimidating, but there's nothing like retail therapy to make you feel prepared for the unknown. That's why we've put together the ultimate list of sworn-by products that mums and dads have depended on to get them through those first few months, when every second of sleep and peace and quiet counts.

Time to warm up that credit card...

1. Ewan The Dream Sheep

What kind of parent wouldn't jump at the chance to get their little one off to sleep more quickly? Ewan The Dream Sheep may look like any other cuddly toy but this unsuspecting wool bag is actually the secret weapon of choice for mums and dads who want to get their babe sleeping for longer (and more soundly).

Ewan plays soothing womb-like sounds to your little one and the red glow also reminds them of that blissful, need-free time inside your uterus, mimicking the environment they used to love so much. Apparently, it works like an absolute charm.

2. PacaPod Changing Bag

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Changing bags don't have to be ugly and bulky or patterned with cringeworthy cartoons and bold colours. For sophisticated parents the PacaPod Hastings Changing Bag is a much more subtle choice and has SO much space inside it you can literally put all your changing essentials (and mummy essentials) in one place.

With a changing mat and two additional zip up pods for feeding and changing items (great for hygiene), the PacaPod is practical and dynamic and can be worn over one shoulder or on both shoulders as a back pack. Anything to save you from back ache is seriously worth the investment.

3. UPPABaby Vista 2015

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The UPPABaby Vista 2015 is the new buggy of choice for modern mums and dads. A new release for 2015 this model has got parents up and down the country going beserk - and for a good many reasons. With a huge storage basket for starters the Vista 2015 will ensure you're not wasting time rejuggling and repacking to fit to a small basket space - with the Vista you can bring all your essentials.

It can be easily converted to a double or twin pushchair (with tons of different combinations) and it also works with two carry cots, two Rumble Seats for toddlers, two car seats or any combination of these. And if your brood stretches to three little ones the PiggyBack board will mean they can also grab a ride on the Vista. This makes it a great investment buggy as it can grow with your family.

We're mostly obsessed with how easy it is to manoeuvre and the fact it folds down right down with a single action. It's also easy clean and you can select whether you want your little one or ones, facing you or facing outwards. The Rumble Seats are also tiered so both little ones can look outwards or inwards at the world around them, rather than the back of their siblings chair. All in all, a true game changing pushchair. Well done UPPABaby.

4. Knuma 4-in-1 High Chair

This award-winning high chair from Knuma 4-In-1 High Chair is a winning product for new parents as it grows with your baby. Suitable for use from 6 months to 6 years, it can be used as a full size high chair with a feeding tray, a mid size highchair, a lower chair for toddlers or as a table and chair to use for playtime - with a range of accessories.

Any product that goes the distance and can adapt with your child is always worth the investment rather than having to replace things constantly. What's more the Knuma is a well designed piece of kit - easy to assemble and adapt and looks rather lovely too!

5. Perfect Prep Machine

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine is the ultimate new product for formula-feeding parents who want to save time, save stress and simply feed their crying infant more quickly. This revolutionary product is basically on the lips of mums and dads the nation over, singing its praises for changing their lives (and their nights).

So what's so brilliant about it? It makes a fresh bottle of formula at the perfect temperature in less than 2 minutes. That's pretty special. The system has an in built filter which removes any impurities in the water, the initial hot shot of water kills any bacteria that may be present in the formula and it dispenses the perfect amount of water for the exact dilution. See why parents love it now? Life just got much less complicated.

6. Sleepyhead

This baby sleeping solution by Sleepyhead can be used in all kinds of ways - when co-sleeping, in their Moses basket or cot etc. The bumper surround cushions your new baby and makes them feel oh-so-cosy easily sending them off into a happy, comforted slumber. For more peaceful nights it's a must.

7. Wallaboo Sling

Mums and dads can get obsessional about slings, but Wallaboo Sling advocates take it to a new level. This is a life changing parenting product. Easy to use with no fiddly straps, buckles or fastenings, it can be simply adapted to mummy or daddy and is comfortable for you to wear and for baby to be carried in.

Getting things done can be made a lot harder when you have to juggle a little one on your hip all day. One handed tea-making, bed-making, hair-brushing, can get old - fast, Wallaboo lets you get on with it all by helping you to wear your baby. Made with 100% cotton it's gentle on skin, comfortably padded and can be used on babies from 7lb 7oz to 28lbs.

8. Your Baby Week By Week

The closest thing parents have to a baby bible, Your Baby Week By Week by Simone Cave and Dr Caroline Fertleman is the sworn by guide to parenting. Simply read weekly to know what behaviours and stages to expect - for both you and your baby. With helpful suggestions on how to deal with each progression milestone and a reassuring tone this book gives confidence and knowledge where others might take it away. Well worth a read.

9. Angelcare Bath Support

When you've got a little slippery new baby to bath it can become quite stressful. You don't want them to hurt themselves, slide into the water or get into trouble. What you need is the Angelcare Bath Seat which keeps baby supported and in the same place - meaning mum and dad can bath baby with both hands. So simple, but so necessary.

10. Hot Water Bottle

The humble hot water bottle. It's not an obvious game changer, but thousands of mums recommend warming up the Moses basket with a warm (not boiling) hot water bottle before placing baby in there - babies hate being put onto anything chilly. (Safety first - Remember to remove the hot water bottle once baby is in there!)

11. Stokke Baby Bouncer

Comfortable and adaptable the Stokke Steps™ Bouncer is a ergonomically designed baby seat which is part of the Stokke Steps™ collection. Parents love this product because it can be used from birth and is designed to always support your little one's developing spine.

Bouncing babies will literally do just that on this little seat - it allows your baby to use their own weight to bounce themselves independently. There's also space for a toy hanger to keep your little one entertained with their favourite toy.

What's more it can be attached to the Stokke Steps™ Highchair to elevate your baby off the floor and to your eye-level which is perfect for mealtime fun and interaction. Versatile, practical and fun? Parents have a lot to thank Stokke for.

12. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used for everything - for cradle cap, as moisturiser for you and for baby, on stretch marks, on hair, hands and nails, if you run out of all other beauty products just invest in some coconut oil and you'll soon be using it on everything.

13. Philips Avent Bath Thermometer

Bath time is a lot less stressful when you know the water is the perfect temperature. This simple looking flower by Philips is a clever thermometer which quickly and efficiently tells the room and water temperature. It can float in the bath, is fully waterproof and gives mums and dads that all important peace of mind - priceless.

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