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17 Relationship Hang-ups You Need To Let Go Of

by Maria Bell ,
17 Relationship Hang-ups You Need To Let Go Of© The Break-Up

Unfortunately in this crazy old world there's a lot of pressure for your relationship to be 'perfect'. As a result, a lot of us end up scrutinising our relationships for the things we think we 'should' be doing and feeling, rather than things we actually want. It's messed up. Here's 12 relationship hang ups you NEED to get over before they destroy you. Just kidding, but seriously, let them go, you'll feel better for it.

What we all need to do is take a deep breath.

The majority of us tend to live in a perpetual state of panic. Panic over our jobs, over our bank balances, over our future and perhaps most importantly, our relationships.

Whether it's things you can't let go of from sucky past relationships, expectations from society, your friends or yourself, there are ideals we hold on to that aren't all that healthy. So in the spirit of getting rid of the bulls**t in your life, here's 17 things you should stop being so hung up about in your relationship.

It might be hard to let them go, but it'll be SO worth it.

So what if he's a mummy's boy?

A boy with respect for his mum is the ultimate jack-pot - so stop making it a competition.

So what if he's got female friends?

It doesn't mean he's tearing off their clothes with his teeth every time they go to the pub. If anything he will just be able to relate to you better! Bonus.

So what if he doesn't get jealous

If he's not the jealous type (unlike your ex) stop trying to play mind games with him to make yourself feel better.

So what if he isn't the person you pictured you'd end up with

Chances are you have no idea what is best for you and if this guy fits in with you, flaws and all, that's pretty special.

So what if he's in touch with his ex

Unless they're texting and calling EVERY damn minute then stop obsessing over it. It'll only bite you in the ass later, trust us.

So what if he isn't 'your soul mate'

Things like that grow so give him a chance!

So what if he's nowhere near as brilliant as your Pa

If you're a Daddy's girl, just stop comparing. They'll never win.

So what if he's slept with more people than you

A number doesn't necessarily mean anything about the person at all. If it's just a pride thing you've got a hang up about, then ditch it. If anything, use his skills to your advantage.

So what if you don't have the chemistry you and your ex had

Be real, he was an douche. That's where the chemistry came from. You don't want a f*cked up relationship masquerading as 'passionate' over something that could be great for you.

So what if he's never been in a committed relationship before

It doesn't mean he isn't capable.

So what if he doesn't like EVERY one of your friends

Sadly in life we don't get on with everyone. As long as he's polite and makes an effort for you then that's what matters.

So what if you aren't his 'first love'

It doesn't mean he doesn't love you any less. Just concentrate on the present and not on the past.

So what if you're not having sex ALL the time

The average amount for couples to have sex is four times a month. FOUR. In between stressing about your job and friends and stuff, you don't need to be stressing about your sex life. It's normal. Think quality not quantity.

So what if he doesn't do the 'champagne and roses' deal

Not every guy is into that stuff - nor is every girl. So think about how much you actually want the 'rushed off your feet' romance or if you just think he should be doing it.

So what if he occasionally watches porn?

You can try to stop this, but you'll fail and you'll both feel like crap. Sexuality is a minefield of emotions but as long as he isn't harming you, who are you to tell him to stop acting on his fantasy. Would you give up your vibrator if he demanded you to? No, it would be weird and totally unnecessary. Set your limits but stop trying to be in his head all the time.

So what if he doesn't want to be with you every second of the day

People need space. Not just guys, people. Be strong enough to spend time without each other, it doesn't mean you like each other any less.

So what if he's scared about moving in

Most people will be! As long as the excitement he has outways the terror minor concerns then you're all set!

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Maria Bell
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