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Breaking up at a glance

When to end a relationship: 10 signs it's really over

Breaking up is hard to do. Our guide to the signs it's really over should help you to see if your relationship is just going through a rough patch or if it really is over.

Seven signs your partner is cheating

Getting tetchy around his phone? Started disappearing with no explanation? If you think your partner might be playing away here's the top seven signs he could be cheating...

Falling out of love - what to do when you think it's over

Relationships can be hard but nothing can be worse than realising you're falling out of love with your partner. Here's some advice for this tricky situation.

Can you ever be friends with your ex?

Can you ever be friends with your ex? We investigate.

Learning how to trust again: Relationship advice

It can be hard to trust when you've been hurt in the past, but what can you do to get back to a more positive mindset?

How to know when a relationship is over

Everything was going great, but now - well, now it's not. Is it time to end things? We look at the signs that your relationship is well and truly past its best...

How to end a relationship

On the road to Mr. Right, you're bound to come across a few Not Quites. Here's how to let them down as gently as possible...

Emotional Affair | What is an emotional affair

Affairs don't have to my physical to have a devasting affect on your relationship. Find out more about emotional affairs, how to spot, how to stop and what to do if your partner...

Lesbian love - could you fall for a woman?

I have never left a partner for someone else.


When your other half starts eyeing up a pretty girl in the street, you automatically feel an attack of the old green-eyed monster coming on. It this a normal reaction? How can...

Divorce: a cause for celebration?

Divorce parties originated in the US, and sure enough they're now making headway on our side of the Atlantic. Special report.

My cheating other half: Your stories

It's impossible to know how you react to being cheated on until it happens. When can you forgive, and when is breaking up inevitable?

Breaking up and moving on

With help from our psychologist, learn how to deal with anger and disbelief, heal your wounds, move on, live life and love again.

Dealing with a break-up

Conflict in your relationship? Lost that loving feeling, or suffering from a lack of communication? Sometimes there is no other solution than to go your separate ways. No one wins...

Are you stuck in a relationship rut?

Are you making the same mistakes over and over? To find out if you're stuck in a rut, take our test.