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How To Get Over A Guy: 17 Steps To Not Giving A Sh*t

by Cliche Wynter ,
How To Get Over A Guy: 17 Steps To Not Giving A Sh*t© NBC

Breaking up is hard to do. Trust us, we've been there way too many times to count. But you know what? To hell with those men who can't see us for the amazing woman we are. The best thing to do is to dry our tears and keep it movin'. Need a little help? Here's how to get over a guy and reclaim your single status with dignity!

Getting over a horrible breakup is probably one of the hardest things you're ever going to have to do. It freaking sucks, and we wish there was a way to around it. Unfortunately, it's inevitable.

(*cues obligatory tiny violins*)

Luckily, you don't have to brave the cold, cold world of heartbreak alone. Since we know a thing or two about having our feelings crushed, we're here to help ya out.

Breathe, girl, breathe...

Here's how to get over a guy.

Make sure you're done for good

Is this a breakup breakup? Or is it one of those "we're just upset with each other, but we'll be madly in love tomorrow" scenarios?

Make sure this is the real deal.

Go ahead and cry your eyes out

Once it's clear that you two are truly over, don't be afraid to thoroughly embrace your emotions. Cry as long and as hard as you have to. Snot included.

Talk it out with your girls

Assemble your support system immediately! Tell the girls to bring along the breakup survival kit: wine, tissues, and tunes.

Spend some quality time with yourself

Because guess what? You're pretty darn awesome, toots!

Have a drink... or three

Champagne for pain! Guzzle it down. You'll be forgetting about him in 5...4...3...2...

Burn everything he's ever gotten you

Won't be needing any of that shit anymore, now will you?

Run down the list of why he sucked

Even if he seemed perfect, we're sure you can find some flaws.

Number 1: he's no longer with you.


Get that haircut he never wanted you to get

It's time for a makeover. Remember that crazy 'do he told you not to try? Well, here's your chance!

Shop until you literally drop


Use the extra time to hit the gym

When he sees your new smoking hot bod, he's gonna regret ever messing things up.

Ignore his calls & texts

Nice try, buddy.

When he says sorry and begs for you back, be all like...

Oh.. so NOW he wants you back? Really?

And of course he'll be all like

But you have to stay strong! No matter how cute he looks!

Put on your tightest dress and hit the town

You're still a hottie! Now hit the party scene and dance your sorrows away.

Flirt, flirt, flirt

When a cute guy makes his way over and says how gorgeous you are, don't be scared to bat those beautiful lashes.

You're single, so mingle!

Get back into the dating game

It might be hard at first. But we promise you'll get the hang of it!

...Now laugh

You're over him for good. Doesn't it feel great?

How do you get over a terrible breakup? Any horror stories? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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