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QUIZ: Why Am I Still Single?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
QUIZ: Why Am I Still Single?

You're funny, charming, and intelligent - so WHY on earth are you still single? Although being single isn't a bad thing AT ALL, you're ready to be in a relationship and dammit, you have NO gentleman callers! So what's the problem?! There's nothing like seeing all your mates coupled up to drive you a little stir-crazy, but stay calm. We think we can help. Take our quiz to find out why you're still single...

You've enjoyed being a singleton for so long that, although you are completely blissfully happy spending time by yourself and love the freedom that goes with it, you don't love being known as the 'single friend'. When your friends and family start settling down around you, it does pile on the pressure and maybe even makes you realise you wanted something when you didn't before.

However, getting into a relationship is never easy (unless you're Romeo and Juliet but seriously, look where they ended up), so take our quiz to find out if you're playing it the right way and what you could be doing differently...

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