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10 Ways To Tell You're In A Happy Relationship With Your Body

by Lareese Craig Published on 21/09/2015 at 00:00
10 Ways To Tell You're In A Happy Relationship With Your Body

Us girls waste way too much time focusing on our flaws and not enough time acknowledging our individual hotness. Here's to accepting compliments and appreciating ourselves once in a while. We give you 10 ways to tell you're in a happy relationship... with your body.

1. You don't compare yourself to others

Sure, you might admire a girl who can lift more than you down the gym, or Jen Selter’s shamazing superhuman butt cheeks but it doesn’t make you hate on your own bod. It’s the only one you’ll ever have after all, so why waste time slamming it?

You’re too busy concentrating on being the best possible version of yourself to worry about whether your body shape fits the cookie-cutter or not.

Remember: ​There’s only one person you’re in competition with and that’s YOU.

2. You respect your body

NB: Cheesy (but totes empowering) stuff coming up.

Instead of focusing on appearances you focus on the gratitude and respect for everything your body enables you to do. A healthy, active body is a healthy mind and that's the mantra you live by.

3. You count your blessings not your blemishes

So what if you wake up one day and you have a planet-sized spot? In the grander scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter. How about the fact that you got out of bed, moved your legs, walked, planned your day, spoke to your mum... That’s what counts.

4. You're friends not enemies

You don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make it to the gym one night, if anything that will just generate more hatred towards working out. As long as you reschedule that date with the treadmill and give your body what it craves you’ll be forgiven.

5. You know it works from the inside out

Body confidence starts way before the ab crunches and squats. You know you’ve got to believe you're worth it from the inside out. Appearances? They’re always going to be secondary to nurturing that inner strength.

6. You’re not afraid of rest

We put our bodies through a hell of a lot without even realising it, which is why rest and rejuvenation are key. Working out is important but equally so are your rest days. Use them wisely and your body will thank you for it.

7. You want to be healthy

Forget trying to lose weight and hating on your body hang-ups, you just want to reward your body with what it deserves. Exercise should be challenging but it’s not about fighting against your bod. Do it because it makes you healthy and strong not because it’ll earn you brownie points on Insta.

8. You say no to scales

Your self worth shouldn’t be determined by a set of numbers. Trust your instincts. You’ll know when you’re in a happy relationship with your body because you’ll feel it. It's a woman's prerogative!

9. You think outside the box

This is your body and you’re in control of it. To conform to anyone else’s beauty standards is not only undermining your own unique sense of beauty but going against your essence. Own who you are.

10. You can take a compliment

Girls are terrible at taking compliments. Fact. But there’s nothing arrogant about appreciating someone’s kindness. Just smile, say thank you and enjoy the confidence boost!

And hell, have a doughnut once in a while - nobody should deny themselves of a Krispy Kreme!

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