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People Are Applying 100 Coats Of Nail Polish And It's Weirdly Satisfying To Watch

by Rose Adams ,
People Are Applying 100 Coats Of Nail Polish And It's Weirdly Satisfying To Watch

In 2017 when we'll accept nothing less than one hundred percent, beauty bloggers are taking this to unnecessary extremes, if the '100 layers of nail polish challenge' is anything to go by. Just as barmy as it sounds, but totally mesmerising to watch, it involves painting your talons an eyewatering 100 times to produce *magical* results. Better stock up the snacks guys, we're going to be here a while.

Beauty bloggers are known for entertaining us with their crazy beauty challenges and unusual 'hacks' designed to make our lives simpler (setting your make up on fire anyone?) and it seems each new idea is crazier than the last. But if you thought the insanity had peaked at the entire body charcoal face mask challenge, then I'm afraid you were way off the mark. Yup, they've now brought the '100 layer nail polish challenge' into our conscious because go big or go home, right?

​If you thought this was the challenge you never thought you needed, er, you were probably right:


Outdoing themselves once more, bloggers are taking the mundane task of painting your nails to extreme levels by applying one hundred coats of polish. They're using every hue on the colour spectrum, from bright lime to pearly nude and glittery gold, the results are magical; like bubble nails but amped up to the max. If you've got a 100-bottle- strong nail polish collection knocking around, then why not try it at home?

We may be baffled by the bonkers concept, ​but one thing we can't deny is that it actually looks pretty cool. And unlike say, waxing the insides of your nostrils, this is one blogger craze that's completely pain free - and that's something us wimps can totally get on board with. Although I am slightly afraid to find out how long it takes to remove all those layers.

If you fancy giving this a go, our advice is to block out your diary for the day and schedule in regular nap breaks, because surely this will take all day. Here's hoping this look doesn't take off because I'm already fed up with the ten minutes it takes to paint my nails once every two weeks.

Do you think the 100 layer nail polish challenge is cool AF or just a waste of nail polish? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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