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10 Bigger-Boob Hacks All Girls With Flat Chests Have Tried

by Lareese Craig ,
10 Bigger-Boob Hacks All Girls With Flat Chests Have Tried

We’re not saying you shouldn’t love your perfectly perky pair but the truth is every flat chested girl’s got a few hacks in the bag for those times she wants to be more than just a handful. Fancy a lesson in how to titivate those bee stings? Here's 10 bigger boob hacks girls with flat chests are all guilty of (and also massively thankful for).

  1. · Contour your chest
  2. · Wear push up bras
  3. · Work out
  4. · Double up!
  5. · Load up on deets
  6. · Make your waist look smaller
  7. · Practise good posture
  8. · Buy triangle bikinis
  9. · Or if you're Kendall Jenner just swamp them in a truth baring jumper so there'll be no confusion
  10. · And last but not least

Small boobs are beautiful and all but sometimes us flat chested girls suffer from a little syndrome called boob envy. Luckily for us when an episode strikes we know exactly how to deal with it.

Pick up a contouring palette and push 'em high, here's 10 bigger boob hacks girls with flat chests are all guilty of.

1. Contour your chest

We all know how thankful we are that face contouring became a thing and now we’re taking those magic dustings south. Well-placed bronzer and highlighter is your answer to an irresistible décolletage.

Take a large face brush and dab it in your bronzer. Tap off any excess before brushing the product down the crease between your boobs.If you don’t have a crease then locate your breast bone and sweep the product there to create shadow and depth – they never showed us that on Blue Peter did they.

With your highlighter trace round the top of your chest in an ‘M’ shape. If you’re wearing a plunging top or dress you can afford to sweep the highlighter a little lower for a gorgeous Instagram glow. Now, trace your bronzer just above the ‘M’ to create the illusion of fuller hooters.

The end result? Two lovely rounded and radiant twins.

PS. make sure your bronzer is matte, all the shimmer you need comes from a quick sweep of highlighter. Too much glitter and you’ll risk look like a glistening salmon, albeit a busty one.

2. Wear push up bras

Don’t have a killer cleavage? Then fake it. A push up bra is a no brainer for a girl with two bee stings up top. Who cares if boys are disappointed with our modest handful when the lingerie comes off. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Invest in a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell - it claims to add 2 cup sizes. Hola hourglass oomph.

3. Work out

​Dumbbell chest presses. Really?! Yes, free weights + reps = glorious cleavage rewards.

Lie on the floor or sit on an exercise ball and walk your legs out so your knees are at 90 degrees and your head is resting on the ball. Put your arms above your chest and slowly bring them down to chest-height with your palms facing forward. Take your arms back up and meet (but don’t bang) the dumbbells together in the middle.

To further engage your chest, simply rotate your wrists when you bring the dumbbells back up so that your palms face inwards.

Get squeezing those pecs!

4. Double up!

Alright, so this one’s probs not great for your circulation/health if done all the time BUT when needs must! It could definitely spare us a few hours of sock stuffing drama and tit tantrums ahead of a night out. Double up for double Ds honey.

5. Load up on deets

Get acquainted with thrills, ruffles and neckline details – these are the holy grail for every flat chested gal. Even layered necklaces can work wonders - it’s all about the visual boost.

6. Make your waist look smaller

Applying the rules of contouring to your wardrobe will pay dividends for your breasticles so sculpt, highlight and contrast away. Make your waist look smaller by sticking to flared dresses, belts and high-waisted cuts to fake your way to a fuller bust.

7. Practise good posture

It might sound insane but practicing good posture is the making of better boobs. Hunched shoulders are a major no no as it can make you look shorter and let's face it kinda miserable.

Instead lift up your chin slightly, pin your shoulders back a natural amount (no one wants to look like a distressed bird about to take flight) raise your torso/ribcage slightly and voila! Confident cleavage owner right there.

8. Buy triangle bikinis

Triangle tops and string bikinis are super flattering on smaller chests - think Cam Diaz, surf side on a beach in Hawaii. That’s all the proof you need.

9. Or if you're Kendall Jenner just swamp them in a truth baring jumper so there'll be no confusion

If you're a flat chested girl chances are you've heard every bad mosquito bite joke in the book. But just because we don't have double Ds doesn't mean we're lacking in the kick your arse department. Or the sense of humour department. Or the self love department. You get the jist!

Our small bosoms don't define us because TBH there's more to life than small tits but for the record, ours are pretty, pert and perky as hell in a soft lace bra.

10. And last but not least

Embrace your little lady lumps. It's all about flaunting what you have and faking what you don't!

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