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This Woman Is Trying To Make 3D Tampon Nail Art Happen And It's Bloody Brilliant

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Woman Is Trying To Make 3D Tampon Nail Art Happen And It's Bloody Brilliant© Instagram

Nail art trends come and go but rarely are they as ingenious as Annelies Hofmeyr's bloody tampon variety. The conceptual artist is trying to make the dreaded time of the month all that more bearable with her 3D manicure inspired by mother nature and tbh, it's bloody brilliant.

'Yay I'm so happy to be on my period' said no women in the world ever. While the monthly unwelcome but necessary visit from mother nature is collectively dreaded by the female population, artist Annelies Hofmeyr is hoping to a bring a drop of joy to our periods.

South Africa-born Hofmeyr is a conceptual artist with her own jewellery line but she's turned her hand to nail art to inspire period pride in women everywhere with her 3D bloody tampon creation. It's unclear exactly how she created the bloody brilliant look as she's yet to release a tutorial but from a close study of the Instagram photo she recently shared we've concluded the process goes a little something like this: paint your nails white and drip a red shade over the top, leaving some of the white colour showing. The finishing touches are mini, makeshift tampon strings, shaped into hoops and attached under the nail tip and voila!

She curated this look earlier in the month but has yet to see anyone else follow suit, writing: "I really don't understand why my tampon nails never became a trend," in the caption of the Instagram post. We're afraid to report that after in-depth research (a quick scout of Instagram, Pinterest and Google images), it seems Hofmeyr is the only one championing this take on period nail art but it we reckon it's only a matter of days (28 maybe?) before everyone's Instagramming their DIY versions, period.

Will you be trying bloody tampon nail art at home? Let us know your thoughts on this emerging trend @soFeminineUK

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