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Gorgeously chic hairstyles for older women

by Charlotte Hoddge Published on 16/06/2015 at 12:00
Gorgeously chic hairstyles for older women
Hair wearing thin and lacking oomph? Being over forty doesn’t have to mean short feathered bobs, straw-dry hair and grandmother perms.

Choosing a chic style and cut for your age CAN be easy! Just take hair-spiration from some of our fave women over forty.

From Cameron Diaz’s tousled layers to Sarah Jessica Parker’s dirty blonde beach waves there’s hardly a ‘do mature women can’t rock, including long luscious locks!

It's all about making the look for work YOU.

Whether it’s by creating soft face framing waves or lightening up your mane to brighten your complexion, there are tons of styles that can do wonders for your hair AND your age.

Ladies, start taking advantage of what you've got and prove that age ain't nothing but a number...

By Vivian Kelly, May 23rd, 2014

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