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Hairstyles for centre partings: Straight down the middle

by Charlotte Hoddge Published on 16 June 2015
Hairstyles for centre partings: Straight down the middle

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Wearing your tresses bang in the middle is anything but boring. This simple style has stuck around season after season and there’s more than one reason why.

Apart from being low maintenance this easy style adds symmetry and elegance to any face shape, so you don’t have to be blessed with a feminine heart shape to make this style work.

Soften a strong chin and draw attention to those wide-eyed peepers, this is one hairstyle that will leave your features to do the talking.

Whether you’re the owner of a boyish bob or a rebellious mermaid mane, there’s no bangs big or small that will come between you and this halfway hairstyle.

It’s easy to create, all you need is a comb and a steady hand.

Style your locks smooth and straight for a boho take or big up your barnet with bags of body – flat or bouffant, there’s no limit to this middle ground glamour.

Prepare for zero maintenance pampering. This is the hair trend that never goes off-track.

We got chatting to hair royalty Ben Cooke, Lucinda Ellery and Warren Holmes to find out how we should be wearing our middle partings for maximum impact.

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