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Dream Gig A Nightmare? 8 Easy Ways To Make Your Job Less Sh*tty.

by Carla Cain Walther ,
Dream Gig A Nightmare? 8 Easy Ways To Make Your Job Less Sh*tty.© Getty

So your dream job isn’t quite a dream. Your boss is an ice-queen. Your coworkers are catty, and you’re seriously concerned about your vision because all you do is stare at Excel sheets all day. It’s frustrating when your job ends up being the least fulfilling part of your life. But all of your work woes will be easier to handle if you improve your personal life!

  1. · Read a book at lunch
  2. · Make after-work plans
  3. · Exercise
  4. · Volunteer on the weekends
  5. · Start a blog
  6. · Have sex
  7. · Cook dinner every day
  8. · Get some sleep!

If you hate your job, this routine might sound familiar: The second you wake up, anxiety takes hold. A marquee of potential excuses (“Aghh, food poisoning!!”) runs through your mind. You even stare at your phone on the nightstand, willing yourself to call your boss before finally throwing off your covers and resigning yourself to the work week ahead.

Going to a job you hate SUCKS. Yet, as the economy continues to stumble, joining the unemployed masses might be scarier than simply putting your nose to the grindstone and sticking it out for a while.

​We don’t recommend staying in a job you hate forever. Over time, that would take a major toll on your mental health, but if you need to keep your crappy 9-to-5 for the time being then there are ways to enrich your personal life so that your work isn't as soul-sucking!

Read a book at lunch

Don't spend your only hour away from the office texting friends and family about how much you hate your job. Here's a secret: They hate hearing about it!

Go to the nearest park or a quiet coffee shop, turn off your phone so you aren't hyper-aware of incoming work emails and get lost in a good book.

Make after-work plans

And no, we don't mean happy hours where other work zombies like yourself continue to complain about the assignments they have to finish or the mean things their bosses said that day. Try out unique experiences that steer you away from work stress!

Check out cool art exhibits, see a local play, catch some live music, or go to an art exhibition! If you have something to look forward to at the end of the day, you'll power through your tasks.


It's not healthy to walk into work every day already dreading your awaiting to-do list. If you're in need of a much-needed attitude adjustment, exercising in the early morning hours is key. You'll arrive at your desk feeling refreshed and accomplished before the day even started, making you less likely to get frustrated over little annoyances at work.

Volunteer on the weekends

Volunteering is a great way to gain some perspective on your "sucky job" and help others in the process! But we guarantee that once you start reading to the elderly, mentoring middle-schoolers, or sorting clothes for the homeless, you'll want to do more!

One of the other payoffs of volunteering? You start to remember all the things in your life you should be grateful for and that includes your job.

Start a blog

Feel like your voice isn't heard in the office or that your higher-ups aren't really showin' you any respect? Well, everyone gets her own personal soapbox when it comes to the Internet!

Going home and blogging about fashion, beauty, Game of Thrones, or whatever the hell you're passionate about is a great way to release pent-up tension and share your opinions with the world!

Have sex

In fact, have 7 a.m. morning sex so you can stroll into work with the biggest smile on your face and a relentless can-do attitude !

​Seriously though, sex is one of the best stress relievers so if you're working late hours or hate all the projects on your calendar, make sure you're doin' the nasty during the week!

Cook dinner every day

Cooking at home saves money. And if your money is coming from a job you're not thrilled with, your growing savings account is a positive reminder that one of the reasons you took the gig is to be financially secure!

​Also cooking is an absorbing activity when all of your senses are stimulated. You become so focused on the finished product that any annoyances from the work day subside.

Get some sleep!

Frequently not getting a good night's rest will lead to you being cranky, uncooperative, and resentful at work. If you're not totally in love with your job, do yourself a favor and get eight hours of sleep.

No, it won't make the bad parts of your job go away, but sleep will help you get through your daily responsibilities quickly and with less mistakes, so you can run out the door at 6PM to get to back your amazing personal life!

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