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Child stars grown up: Then and now

by Charlotte Hoddge Published on 16/06/2015 at 14:00
Child stars grown up: Then and now
What was the most impressive thing you achieved as a child? Was it an Oscar nomination or global notoriety? No nor us.

There are some special folk out there who, by a twist of fate and often some very pushy parents, land themselves in the spotlight from a very young age.

So what becomes of them when they're no longer a child?

Some appear to make a fairly smooth transition from acting tot to fully fledged thespian, like Jodie Foster.

Others have a very bumpy road to adult stardom - Drew Barrymore we mean you.

There are some who seem to drop of the radar as they lose what made them so adorable and realise fame is not for their grown-up selves.

And then there are the train-wrecks - with no structure, too much money and attention from such a young age, some famous children go well and truly off the deep end.

Sadly, the most recent example of this has to be Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes.

Check out these photos of child stars when they were young - and find out what they're doing now.

Charlotte Hoddge