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18 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 18

 - 18 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 18
Maternity bras don't have to be plain © Cake Lingerie
I went into my old maternity clothes a few weeks back, more for comfort than anything else (especially when chasing our 1-year-old son around), but this week I have felt that the stretchy trousers and maternity tops have really come in handy.

It started earlier this week when I put my normal bra on and I bent over to pick my son up and heard a seam tear. I didn’t think anything of it and carried on my normal day.

By the end of the day when I came to undress, low and behold there was a massive rip in my bra. Not only was there a rip but also my bra had rubbed my skin so much that I had a big red welt mark.

So I have had to move into my old maternity and nursing bras and although I feel so much more comfortable, I do wonder how long these will last. My husband is obviously hoping I’ll soon bust out of these as well - the extra cleavage always goes down very well!

To be fair I love it too, it’s great having big boobs for a change! It’s really important to get bras that fit during pregnancy as a good bra can help minimize stretch marks and saggy boobs! What a great excuse for underwear shopping too.

A lot of big stores do fittings but I find you need to book when you’re pregnant. I have to admit that my maternity bras are quite plain so am always on the look out and appreciate any information on where to get maternity bras that aren’t so plain.

And although I am a mummy and look like a mummy e.g. snot on all my clothes and nappies and baby sun cream in my handbags, I would like to have some sexier underwear, even if its just to make myself feel better.

Talking of feeling sexy, I had a funny conversation with a friend who is also a mum and was surprised to find that her and her partner did not have sex at all throughout her whole pregnancy. What a long nine months.

Making love

Personal preference: Having sex during pregnacy © Hemera

I know our midwife encouraged it when we were overdue with our first, it is meant to encourage labor but I think it passes the waiting time nicely.

I do recognize that some people don’t have sex during pregnancy due to miscarriage worries but all information on sex at this time does say it is perfectly safe.

I also know that some people get vaginal bleeding due to cell changes in the cervix. It is recommended that any bleeding is discussed with your midwife but do remember to tell them it’s after sex as this can be the explanation to why it occurred in the first place.

Some people I know even worry that the baby can tell what’s going on. I remember watching the film ‘Knocked Up’ and Seth Rogan’s character completes freaks out whilst they’re having sex as he thinks his penis is right in the baby’s view!

Let’s put that theory in the bin, it is impossible for your partner’s penis to penetrate beyond your vagina.

Therefore the baby has no idea what is happening, all they know is that mummy is moving a lot - jumping on the bed maybe! Where some people totally lose their sex drive during pregnancy, others find it.

Some find it uncomfortable trying to position themselves with a great big bump but others like the challenge of new positions and enjoy the new sensations a pregnant body can feel.

My top advice is to talk to your partner as they have no idea what’s going on in your mind or how you feel if you don’t share your feelings when it come to sex. Explain that your body is sore, or you have no sex drive or that you feel uncomfortable physically, emotionally or both.

If you don’t talk then a partner may feel rejected and having a baby is a stress on any couple’s relationship but sex in pregnancy doesn’t have to be, if you can talk to each other.

As for us a couple, lets just say there is no rejection on either side, but tiredness does stop both of us having the energy so although the mind is willing, the body is not and right now, my bed just seems like a great place to sleep at the moment!

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